Paul tells us that God calls each of us to be an instrument of salvation to the ends of the earth. In the Gospel, Jesus reminds us how well the sheep know the shepherd, so familiar are they with his voice. Thus, we are challenged to give voice to the teachings of Jesus in today’s world.

Liturgical Commission Publishings, Diocese of Lansing, Lansing, MI

Altar Bread And Wine

The gifts offered at our Masses this weekend
are donated in Memory of:

Louis DeLisio

Requested by: Loving Wife & Family


Kathryn Lehigh, Dolores Seus and for our deceased soldiers, and all of our deceased relatives and friends.


For this week, please pray for the sick, especially:

Angela Aponte Rob Barello Frank Belsito

Maureen Ann Berdon John Bickel John Biglin

Matthew Boland Jean Boland Mary Ellen Bowers

Charles Bratisax Kathy Butler James Butler

John Cannizzano Jennifer Carlisle Alex Cintron

Emmanuel Coby Josephine D'Agostino Al Croce

Joan DeCicco Edward Delprete Dylan DiLauro

Theresa Donnelly Wendy Eilers Maggie Errico

Anna Esposito Louis Fava Robert Filce

Mary Ellen Flynn Michael Flynn Mary Forsythe

Joseph Fortier Catherine Gracey Ed Hansen

Patti Hunt Wayne E. Kalish Robert Lang

Ashlee LaRocca Georgianna Lopez Kevin Mc collum

Juliana McLarney Brett Meyers Marie Minto

Rosann Moscato Anita L Nanry Tom Nanry

Sam Nettles Timothy M. Nigro Michelina Raia

Salvatore Romagnuolo Joyce E. Ryan Robert Safarian

Louise Schaaf Theresa Schiano William Schmelzer

Phyllis Stewart Linda Stultz Stacie Tizzard

George Tizzard, Jr. Marlene Urban Mckayla Vilsant

Patricia Wickers

PLEASE NOTE: To keep our prayer list current, we will keep names on the sick list for two months. We ask families to return the bulletin cut-out to include names of those who are ill for another two months.


(Subject to last minute changes)

This Sunday Next Sunday


5:00 pm Fr.Maffeo Fr.Butler


7:00 am Fr.Maffeo 7:00 am Fr.Butler

9:00 am Fr.Reider 9:00 am Fr.Devaraj

10:30 am Fr.Devaraj 10:30 am Fr.Rieder 12:00 pm Fr.Butler 12:00 pm Fr.Devaraj

5:00 pm Fr.Devaraj 5:00 pm Fr.Maffeo


Sunday- May 2- Fourth Sunday of Easter

7:00 Cornelius J. Dunleavy requested by loving wife, Anne

7:00 Edie Ryan requested by MaryAnn & Teri

7:00 Pasqua Carola requested by The Console Family

9:00 Michelle Vormitag requested by the Schaffer family

9:00 Rosemary Whalen requested by Gil & Rosemary Balkam

9:00 CDA Court of St. Joseph 975 requested by The Court

10:30 Victoria Dynia requested by Cathy & Norm West

10:30 Connie Filosa requested by

Mr. & Mrs. P. Riccardelli & Family

10:30 Laura Jean Dunn requested by Loving Aunt Anne Murtha

12:00 Megan Filosa (child) requested by Robert & Lisa Steffens

12:00 Francis Kurtz requested by Mike & Geri Devenney

12:00 Joseph & Shirley Payne, Sr. requested by Maryetta DiLorenzo

5:00 Maria Sip requested by Loving daughter

5:00 Janet O’Brien requested by Mary Verardi

5:00 For The People of the Parish

Monday- May 3- St. Philip and St. James

7:00 Pearl Zaccheo requested by John & Ken Brundage

7:00 Angelo Avena requested by Jean & Joe Lazzaro & Dawn McGay

9:00 Joseph Rinaldo requested by Michael Giglio

9:00 Karen Kolyer requested by Karen Paider

Tuesday- May 4- Blessed St. Marie-Leonie Paradis

7:00 Christopher Gilardi requested by Michael & Geri Devenney

7:00 Millie Giordano requested by Virginia Buccellato

8:45 Anthony Pieroni Sr (Living). requested by Liz & Sam Monteleone

8:45 Nicholas Santo requested by the Meola Family

8:45 Joseph & Theresa Kelly & Family requested by James Kelly

Wednesday- May 5

7:00 Lauren Troiano requested by Irene Oggioni

7:00 For Our Beloved Dead

9:00 Sylvester Greaney requested by Nick Biscotto

9:00 Matthew Cody requested by Robert & Doreen DeSoto

Thursday- May 6- Blessed St. Francois de Laval

7:00 Mr. Cortlang requested by Michael & Geri Devenney

7:00 Frank Lucivero & Parents requested by Lucreta & Family

9:00 Lorraine Valdez requested by t Roseann & Bill Horn & Family

9:00 Mary Bonavia requested by Loving Family

Friday- May 7- First Friday

7:00 Arthur Samuelson requested by Martha Sconfierza

7:00 For the Intentions of the Celebrant

9:00 Juhani Uitto requested by Victor Pisani

9:00 Dorothy Stiefel requested by The Mawn Family

Saturday- May 8- Blessed St. Catherine of St. Augustine

8:00 Jean Kent requested by the Walsh Family

8:00 For Our Beloved Dead

Anticipated Mass for Sunday

5:00 Joseph Fallon requested by Janet Kramer

5:00 Angelo Cassar requested by Loving Wife

5:00 Angelo Iorio requested by Loving Friends

Sunday, May 9- Fifth Sunday of Easter- Mothers Day

7:00 Viola Johnson & Jane Harrigan requested by Loving Family

7:00 Jane Canning requested by Loving Family

7:00 For the Intentions of The Celebrant

9:00 Ruth Tame requested by the Seus family

9:00 An End to Abortion requested by the Respect Life Committee

9:00 For The People of the Parish

10:30 Josephine Laurence requested by Mickey, Missy, and Paddy Sullivan

10:30 Connie Orobello requested by Jim and Ida DeRenzo

10:30 Augusto Lucas requested by Mr. & Mrs. J. Pedra

12:00 Ann Gregory requested by Les

12:00 Lillian Dorsa requested by Cathy and Jim Foy

5:00 Mother’s Day Novena

5:00 Dotty Sulivan requested by loving family


From Fr. Mike’s Desk

“Jesus said: ‘My sheep hear my voice; I know them, and they follow me…My Father, who has given them to me, is greater than all, and no one can take them out of the Father’s hand. The Father and I are one.’” In today’s Gospel passage, Jesus once again reminds us that He is the Good Shepherd and we are His sheep. But, we are not His sheep alone; no, we are in reality the Father’s sheep. Just as Jesus has a unique relationship with the Father so too do we have a unique relationship with Jesus and as a result with the Father (as He and the Father are one). This fact reminds us that the Father loves us so much that He sent His only Son to save us so none would be lost! If we truly listen to the voice of the Good Shepherd, we will never be separated from the Father or the Son. God’s word and love for us is real and true, but it is something we must always be open to receive. And it is not something to be kept for one self. If this happens, we become just like Paul’s audience in the Acts of the Apostles. First, they could not believe that Jesus was the Messiah, or that His message of salvation was for the whole human race. Thus, they rejected Paul and Barnabas and Jesus the Risen Lord who sent them.

They’d rather trust in their own wisdom instead of the wisdom of God, and so they allowed themselves to be taken from the Father’s loving hand. We must try not to follow their example, but always listen to Jesus’ voice!

Again we ask you to keep in your prayers all of our boys and girls who have and will receive Jesus in the Eucharist for the 1st time, during these next few weekends. Please pray that this great moment of their lives will be the 1st of many times that they and their wonderful families may come closer and closer to God. I would like to thank Gloria Napolitano, our First Communion Coordinator, her staff, teachers (Religious Ed. and School), and all of those who helped our first Communicants prepare for this important step in their faith life.

Please remember that next weekend (May 8th & 9th, Mother’s Day Weekend) the St. Joseph’s Respect Life Committee will be accepting new gifts for babies and toddlers in need at all of the Masses. Please place your unwrapped gifts in the bassinet found at the Church’s front entrance. Some gift ideas are: diapers size #3 &#4, baby or toddler clothing, handmade baby items, bibs, crib sheets, onesies, and blankets. Also, at the Masses on Mother’s Day Weekend and during the remainder of the month of May, we will remember all of our Mothers (Living and Deceased). To have your living or dearly departed Mother(s) remembered, please fill out one of the envelopes found either in your envelope packet or found on the window ledges in the Church, and return them to the rectory or drop them in the collection basket.

We would like to draw your attention to the flyer in the bulletin about the St. Joseph’s School 5th Annual Golf Outing at the Timber Point Country Club-being held on Monday June 28, 2004. It begins with a 12 Noon Bar-B-Q Lunch Buffet followed by a Shotgun Start at 1:30 PM and then Dinner. All of this for only $135 per player- the number of Foursomes are limited so act right away to secure your spot. Where else can you go to enjoy two great meals, a great afternoon of golf and support a great cause -our beautiful School. Hope to see you there.

THE SUMMER FAMILY FESTIVAL IS ALMOST UPON US! That’s right before you know it, it will be July and that means Family Festival Time. I know you can hardly wait. After all, where else can you go for a great time, wonderful food, and so much more? Where else can you enjoy the rides, games, the nightly 50-50 Raffles, the wonderful baskets that are also raffled every night, and the very exciting Limited Raffle and its GRAND PRIZE? Where else can you do all of this and help support our wonderful Parish. Come one, come all, and come often-tell your friends and relatives too. As always, if the Festival is going to be a great success we need the help of many volunteers who can help us for all or maybe a part of the Festival. If you can help now is the time to let us know-please fill out the form found on page 6 of the bulletin and return it to the rectory.

Just a quick update on the Church Roof, at this point we are at 70% of $100,000 goal. We are so grateful to all of you and the local businesses that have contributed to this appeal. The company doing the repair has informed us that they cannot begin the repair until the end of July. While we were hoping for May, the snow and rain of the winter and early spring have thrown them off schedule (and likewise us). It should take about 3 weeks for the roof replacement to happen. While we have almost enough money for the roof itself, we still need to collect more so that we can totally do the job right. We need to repair the gutters and leaders, and the soffits that is why we need to continue the appeal and raise the remaining 30% of our goal. If you have not had a chance to take part in this campaign for this needed repair, there is still time. If you can give a little more that also would be much appreciated. What ever you can do or have already done, thank you and may God bless you.

This week is also VOCATIONS AWARENESS WEEK; please pray for an increase of vocations to the Priesthood, Religious Life and Deaconate. During this special month of May in which we honor all mothers and especially of our dear Blessed Mother we pray,

O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us.


God Bless you always,

Fr. Mike


Please continue to remember them in your prayers.

Cpl Jason Bertran Cpl. Michael Bruno

Cpt. Kevin Connolly Capt Edward Cuevas

Sgt Ryan Delaney Pvt. Matthew DiNardo Capt. Keith Flick SSG Jeremy Garcia

SFC Raymond J. Fulton Spc. Tristin Mortensen

Capt. Evan Gotkin Sgt. Stephen G. DiGirolamo

Capt. Jennifer Gotkin Sgt. Steven Knight

Pfc. Brian Lane Spc. Adam Mackey

Andy Mezador Cpt. Gregory Mueller

SSG Joey Napolitano COP Jonathan Norris

Spc. Brian Pacella Sgt. Rudy Schoverling

Ensign 3 Lucy P. Padro Navy Seal Paul M. Padro

PFC Christopher Reid Sg.t. Edwin Rivera, II

PO2 Roger Schoverling Pvt. James Stanek

SR. Andrew J. Szynaka SSG Thomas J. Valentino

SRA Jason M. Schiavo SSG Dusty Williamson

(If you would like to include a soldier from your family who is serving, place their name and rank on a piece of paper in the collection basket)

RESTORATION FUND—We are always accepting pledges to our parish fund drive to carry on the work of rebuilding and restoring. To date, we have used over $960,000 to pay for various parts of the parish infrastructure. Thanks to all who are making regular payments and to those who have increased their pledges.

St. Joseph’s School News

Everyone is invited to join St. Joseph School students for the recitation of the Rosary on Monday, May 3rd at 1pm in the school yard. If the weather is not cooperative, we will pray the Rosary in the church.

Religious Ed News

The Religious Ed office is open Monday through Thursday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Registration forms for 2004/2005. Although our deadline for early registration has passed, we are still accepting applications. Please mail them in as soon as possible. Any child entering Grade 1 in the Fall should be registered for Level 1 this is the first year of our two year Communion prep program. Call the office for registration forms.

Reminder for all parents whose child is receiving First Eucharist on May 8th.

Lottery and Rehearsal for the 12:30 p.m. Mass will be on Tuesday May 4th at 6:45 p.m. in Church.

Lottery and Rehearsal for the 2:30 p.m. Mass will be held on Thursday, May 6th at 6:45 in Church

Reminder to all Catechists, our year end meeting will be held on Wednesday May 12 at 7:30 p.m. in Carew Hall. Please return your teaching manuals, binders, and all books pertaining to your grade level.

For those students in levels 2 and up who were on home study this year, the year end test will be held on Thursday May 13 and Wednesday May 19th at 4:15 p.m. in the Auditorium. Please call our office and let us know which date you will be coming on.

Our Level 2 and Sacrament Readiness 2 students will be receiving First Eucharist this weekend, please keep them in your prayers.

Sunday School is now accepting applications for the Fall’ 04 to Spring ‘05 season. This will be for 2 1/2 year old to 5 year old kindergarten level children. Please call Maureen Ennis at 648-8025 or Michaele Zakarya at 585-2087 for more information.


St. Joseph’s will conduct a Vacation Bible School again, the week of July 12 to 16, from 9 AM to 12 Noon. Come join Mrs. Brennen and Ms. Razzagone for a fun filled week. If you have the time and enjoy working with kids we are in need of 8 Adults and 8 Jr. High or High School students to help us. Please call Ms. Razzagone at 981-9314 if you are able to give your time.

Banns of Marriage

(First Time)

Jaclyn Garcia of our parish & Michael Lyon St. Joseph, Garden City

Melissa Crisci of Our Lady of Ostrabrama & Thomas O’Connell of our parish

Michele Tohill of our parish & Adam Connolly of St Elizabeth Ann Seton

Amy Marie Woerner & Joseph Rufino III both of our parish

Allison Drew of St. Sylvester & Michael Beaudry of Sacred Heart, Bayside

Candice Ganci of the Church of the Resurrection & John J. Barry of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

Jennifer Hoos of our parish & Bradford Hughes of St. Thomas Moore

Marianne Laudadio of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel & Peter Muschter of St. Patrick, Bay Shore

Christine Schnepf of our parish & Michael R. Powell of St. Frances de Sale

Kelly Vogt of our parish & Brian Quirk of Lake Grove

Respect Life

Did you know that if Laci Peterson and her child had been murdered in New York State, the person who committed the crime would be prosecuted only for Laci’s death?

The UNBORN VICTIMS OF VIOLENCE ACT, S.403/A.7524 needs to be passed in NYS. This bill would make it a crime to kill an unborn baby during commission of a crime of violence. As of now, babies in their mothers’ wombs are not protected from an act of violence unless that act takes place in the commission of a federal crime, such as the Oklahoma City bombing and the World Trade Center disaster.

The NYS Senate has passed this bill, but the leadership of the NYS Assembly refuses to allow it to be considered.

Most of Lake Ronkonkoma is in the 5th Assembly District. The legislator is Ginny Field. Write or call her about this. Her address is

2 S. Main St., Suite 2, Sayville, N.Y. Telephone 589-8685.

May 9th, Mother’s Day Baby Shower: Please bring a gift for a needy baby/toddler and put it in the bassinet which will be in the foyer of the church Saturday after the 5 PM Mass and during all the Sunday Masses. Parish Outreach and Birthright will share. Baby formula, diapers and onesies are especially needed. All handmade items such as quilts and blankets are especially great!

Parish Outreach

PREGNANCY CRISIS HOTLINEWe are here to help you. Please call 981-6888.

FOOD SUPPORT—Your donations of food and staple items is always appreciated. Kindly leave them in the front of Mary’s statue in the Church before or after Mass.


Paul and Barnabas encountered both violent rejection and joyful acceptance of the message that they preached. We, too, may meet with mixed reactions when we use our gifts in the service of God. But, the Gospel assures us, the reward for those who follow faithfully is eternal life.

Weekly Offering

Sunday’s Collection $ 14,930

Same collection last year 15,312

Easter Sunday’s collection 46,655

Same collection last year 47,954

Poor Box last weekend 213

We thank you for your continued and generous support!

Calendar Club

Apr 18 $50 #98 Roger & Marie Koferl

Apr 19 $25 #407 Rev. Msgr. Francis Midura Apr 20 $25 # 17 Cordella & Michael Fox

Apr 21 $25 #516 Carol Napoli Petty

Apr 22 $25 #193 Andrea & Joshua Mooney Apr 23 $25 #708 Maryann Tufano

Apr 24 $25 #376 Gerry Forster

Restoration Fund

Pledged to date $1,120,210

Paid to date: 988,514

Scrip Corner

Scrip sales last week $ 19,280

Same period last year 19,035

Gross Profit 940

Golden Wedding Celebration

On Sunday ,June 27,2004 couples married 50 years or more who have not already been honored by the Bishop are invited to receive a special blessing and scroll from His Excellency Emil Wcela, following the celebration of the Eucharist at St.Lawrence the Martyr Church, Sayville at 3:00pm. Please pick up your registration card at the rectory, fill it out (preferably typed) and return it to the rectory in time to reach the Office of Laity and Family no later than May 12,2004. You will receive your nametags approximately 10 days before the ceremony. Please note, that in order to accommodate all who wish to be part of the Golden Wedding celebrations, we will be holding two additional Golden Wedding Masses in the fall.

Come Plant With Us

Please help us to beautify our church property on Saturday ,May 15th. We will be meeting on the front lawn at 9 am. Bring your own tools if you have them and lots of energy !!


Quilters / Sewers—We are finally going to begin working on our special Christmas project . There will be a meeting on Monday , May 3rd at 7:00 in the Rectory basement, Room B. If you did not attend the last meeting , you still are welcome to join us at this meeting . If you are unable to attend ,but are still interested in this project please call me, Marie Califano, at 737-1499.

Hospitals benefit from Catholic Ministries Appeal 2004

Recently the priests of the parish visited a number of our parishioners at St Catherine’s Hospital in Smithtown. One recovering from an infection, another dealing with their approaching death. That they had a hospital nearby is a result of the Catholic Ministries Appeal.

It is $10, $25, and $250 donations from people like you that allow the Diocese to fund the Catholic Hospitals of Nassau and Suffolk Counties. These donations enable the Catholic Church on Long Island to offer healing and peace of mind in a faith filled environment.

We want to thank those parishioners who have made a donation or pledge to the Appeal this year. We are presently at 37% of our goal, with slightly over $24,380 pledged or donated.



Contact me/us regarding being a volunteer for the Summer Festival

Name ____________________________________________

Address ________________________________________


Phone ________ - ____________________

AGE GROUP: Please circle your group

                            ES      JHS      HS      Adult

I would like to help with:


(Please place in collection basket or return to Church Office)


Please include the following in the bulletin sick list:


Name of person who is ill:


_____________________________       ____________________

Person making this request                       Relationship to ill person

Your Phone #: _____________________

(Please place in collection basket or return to Church Office)


( ) I/we would like to pledge to St. Joseph’s Parish Restoration

( ) I/we would like to increase our current Pledge Amount

___ $5,000 ___ $4,000 ___ $3,000 ___ $2,000 ___ $1,000

I/we would like to make payments

___Annually ___Semi-Annually ___Quarterly ___ Monthly

I/we would like to spread the payments over

___One year ___ Two years ___ Three years ___ Four years





(Please return this form in the collection basket or to the Church Office)

One Person’s Trash, Another’s ...

BOX TOPS from cereals for Educational purposes are always welcomed. Please drop them in the collection.

DEPOSIT BOTTLES AND CANS—Please place them in the blue truck that is located on the school side of the Church on weekends (when it works) or behind the rectory during the week.

CELL PHONES—Please bring your no longer used or needed cell phones and deposit them at the Scrip table in the Church lobby.