Parish Bulletin Online - May 9th, 2004


The readings today speak of love and hope. Paul and Barnabas continue to preach to the Gentiles throughout Asia Minor. In the Book of Revelation, we hear John’s vision of a new heaven and a new earth. The message of love from Jesus is clear-love others as He has loved us.

Liturgical Commission Publishings, Diocese of Lansing, Lansing, MI

Altar Bread And Wine

The gifts offered at our Masses this weekend
are donated in Memory of:

Mary Gallagher

Requested by: Loving Family


Salvatore Pascarelli, Patricia A. Wickers, Frank Perrino, Francis A. McCabe, Alfred Stubbs, Sr., Nicholas L. Drury, Benedetto Marulli, and for our deceased soldiers, and all of our deceased relatives and friends.


For this week, please pray for the sick, especially:

Angela Aponte Rob Barello Frank Belsito

Maureen Ann Berdo John Bickel John Biglin

Jean Boland Matthew Boland Mary Ellen Bowers

Charles Bratisax James Butler Kathy Butler

John Cannizzano Jennifer Carlisle Alex Cintron

Josephine D'Agostino EmmanuelCoby Al Croce

Joan DeCicco Edward Delprete Dylan DiLauro

Theresa Donnelly Wendy Eilers Maggie Errico

Anna Esposito Louis Fava Robert Filce

Mary Ellen Flynn Michael Flynn Mary Forsythe

Joseph Fortier Catherine Gracey Ed Hansen

PattiHunt Warren Johnson Wayne E. Kalish

Robert Lang Ashlee LaRocca Georgianna Lopez

Kevin McCollum Juliana McLarney Brett Meyers

Marie Minto Rosann Moscato Anita L Nanry

Tom Nanry SamNettles Timothy M. Nigro

Salvatore Romagnuolo Michelina Raia Joyce E.Ryan

Robert Safarian Louise Schaaf TheresaSchiano

William Schmelzer Phyllis Stewart Linda Stultz

StacieTizzard GeorgeTizzard,Jr. MarleneUrban


PLEASE NOTE: To keep our prayer list current, we will keep names on the sick list for two months. We ask families to return the bulletin cut-out to include names of those who are ill for another two months.


(Subject to last minute changes)

This Sunday Next Sunday


5:00 pm Fr. Butler Fr. Maffeo


7:00 am Fr. Maffeo 7:00 am Fr. Butler

9:00 am Fr. Devaraj 9:00 am Fr. Liu

10:30 am Fr.Rieder 10:30 am Fr. Boyle

12:00 pm Fr. Devaraj 12:00 pm Fr. Maffeo

5:00 pm Fr. Liu 5:00 pm Fr. Devaraj


Sunday, May 9- Fifth Sunday of Easter- Mothers Day

7:00 Viola Johnson & Jane Canning requested by Loving Family

7:00 For the Intentions of The Celebrant

9:00 Ruth Tame requested by the Seus family

9:00 An End to Abortion requested by the Respect Life Committee

9:00 For The People of the Parish

10:30 Josephine Laurence
requested by Mickey, Missy, and Paddy Sullivan

10:30 Connie Orobello requested by Jim and Ida DeRenzo

10:30 Augusto Lucas requested by Mr. & Mrs. J. Pedra

12:00 Ann Gregory requested by Les

12:00 Lillian Dorsa requested by Cathy and Jim Foy

5:00 Mother’s Day Novena

5:00 Dotty Sulivan requested by loving family

Monday, May 10- Blessed St. Damien Joseph of Moloka’i

7:00 Mother’s Day Novena

7:00 John L. Kabak requested by John McCullagh

7:00 Antonio Dias requested by Ann & John Reynolds

9:00 Nicholas C. Romano, Jr. requested by Loving Mom and Dad

9:00 Eleanor Guido requested by Michele Karika

Tuesday, May 11

7:00 Robert Mucha

7:00 Joseph G. Miller requested by Loving Family

8:45 Mother’s Day Novena

8:45 Charles P. Guthrie requested by Margaret Guthrie

8:45 Nicholas Santo requested by Cathy & Norm West

Wednesday, May 12- St. Nereus and St. Achilleus, St. Pancras

7:00 Mother’s Day Novena

7:00 Elizabeth Mitchell requested by Edward, Linda & Families

9:00 Mary Gallagher requested by Loving Family

9:00 Joseph G. Miller requested by Loving Wife

9:00 Michael & David Clifford
requested by Mother & Loving Wife

Thursday, May 13- Our Lady of Fatima

7:00 Frank Cussen requested by 12 Noon Ushers

7:00 Millie & Frank Rega & Viola Johnson
requested by Michele Shaver

9:00 Mary McGee-Garone requested by Evelyn & Nelson Bonet

9:00 Mother’s Day Novena

Friday, May 14- St. Matthias

7:00 Mother’s Day Novena

7:00 Alfred Stubbs requested by Lawrence Hartman

9:00 Robin Amantea requested by John & Nicky

9:00 Thomas Ryan requested by the Hughes family

9:00 Candice Arena requested by her loving family

Saturday, May 15- St Isidore the Farmer

8:00 Mother’s Day Novena

8:00 Frances Schulze requested by The Affenita family

Anticipated Mass for Sunday

5:00 Bertha Scherrer requested by loving sister

5:00 Charles R. Contato requested by loving family

5:00 Frank Trapani requested by The Hartmann Family

Sunday, May 16- Sixth Sunday of Easter

7:00 Dolores Turner requested by Mary & David Robinson

7:00 Theresa D. Ferony
requested by Patricia & Enyard & Bill Brandi

9:00 Kathleen Vesting requested by Josephine and Charlie Hafner

9:00 George Buechner requested by Loving Wife

9:00 Giovanna Melomo requested by The Romano Family

10:30 Margaret Long requested by Mary Verardi

10:30 Geraldine DuBritz (living)
requested by Thomas DuBritz & Son

10:30 Nicholas Santo requested by Julia Johnson

12:00 Margaret Kolibash requested by Claire & Jim

12:00 Mother’s Day Novena

12:00 Margaret Mary Gaberil requested by The Halagarda Family

5:00 Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Considine
requested by Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Grippo

5:00 Patricia Eimer requested by The Kitterle Family

5:00 For The People of The Parish


From Fr. Mike’s Desk

Happy Mother’s Day-on behalf of Fr. Paul, Fr. Peter Devaraj, Fr. Peter Liu, Fr. Mike Rieder, Deacons James Altonji, Joseph Califano, Michael DeBellis, Michael Devenney, Joseph Dougherty, and the entire Parish Staff-we wish you and your mothers a very Happy and Holy Mother’s Day! At all of our Masses today and during the whole month of May, we will pray for all of our mothers-those living and all who have gone on before us.

This month we also honor our dear Blessed Mother Mary, just as she cared for our Lord Jesus Christ as a child, so is she here for us. Just as she spread the Gospel in the early days of the Church, so does she continually help us do the same. Just as Jesus gave her to the Apostle John while He hung on the Cross-, so has she been given to the whole Church and the world to be our mother-a mother who cares for us and offers her very special prayers of intercession for us. This indeed has made her one of the greatest gifts given to us by Jesus, and like any good mother, she is always there for the sake of her children. We will honor our dear mother with our annual May Crowning of the statue of the Blessed Mother in the Church next Sunday May 16th at the 12 Noon Mass. Our school children will crown the statue between the Church and the School on Monday May 10th (tomorrow) following the 9AM weekday Mass.

Please remember the Mother’s Day gifts for babies and toddlers, which can be dropped off in the bassinet, found at the Church’s Front Entrance- this collection is sponsored by the Saint Joseph’s Respect Life Committee. If you do not have a gift for today, but would still like to participate in this very important drive, please call the Parish Outreach Office at 981-6888 or the Respect Life Committee at 588-0168 or 724-8586.

Let us close with this Mother’s Day Poem written by Jill Lemming...

There is no love like a mother’s love,
no stronger bond on earth…

like the precious bond that comes from God.

A mother’s love is forever strong,
never changing for all times…

and when her children need her most,
a mother’s love will shine.

God bless these special mothers,
God bless them every one, for all the tears

and heartache,
and for the special work they’ve done.

When her days on earth are over,
a mother’s love lives on…

through many generations
with God’s Blessing on each one.

Be thankful for our mothers,
for they love with a higher love…

from the power of God has given
and the strength from above.

              Happy Mother’s Day and may God bless you always.

                                 Fr. Mike


Please continue to remember them in your prayers.

Cpl Jason Bertran Cpl. Michael Bruno

Cpt. Kevin Connolly Capt Edward Cuevas

Sgt Ryan Delaney Pvt. Matthew DiNardo

Capt. Keith Flick SSG Jeremy Garcia

SFC Raymond J. Fulton Spc. Tristin Mortensen

Capt. Evan Gotkin Sgt. Stephen G. DiGirolamo

Capt. Jennifer Gotkin Sgt. Steven Knight

Pfc. Brian Lane Spc. Adam Mackey

Andy Mezador Cpt. Gregory Mueller

SSG Joey Napolitano COP Jonathan Norris

Spc. Brian Pacella Sgt. Rudy Schoverling

Ensign 3 Lucy P. Padro Navy Seal Paul M. Padro

PFC Christopher Reid Sg.t. Edwin Rivera, II

PO2 Roger Schoverling Pvt. James Stanek

SR. Andrew J. Szynaka SSG Thomas J. Valentino

SRA Jason M. Schiavo SSG Dusty Williamson

(If you would like to include a soldier from your family who is serving, place their name and rank on a piece of paper in the collection basket)

RESTORATION FUND—We are always accepting pledges to our parish fund drive to carry on the work of rebuilding and restoring. To date, we have used over $960,000 to pay for various parts of the parish infrastructure. Thanks to all who are making regular payments and to those who have increased their pledges.

St. Joseph’s School News

A Mother’s Day Wish -

May our Blessed Mother, Mary,

God’s model for all Mothers

Ask Her loving Son to bless you

On this day—above all others.

Please join St. Joseph School students at the May Crowning immediately following the 9am Liturgy on May 10th. Our first communicants will crown the statue of Mary that faces the school yard.

The School Spring Concert for the Band & Chorus will be held on Thursday .May 19th at 7:30 pm in the Church. All are welcome to attend.

Religious Ed News

The Religious Ed office is open Mon. through Thurs. from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Registration forms for 2004/2005. Although our deadline for early registration has passed, we are still accepting applications. Please mail them in as soon as possible. Any child entering Grade 1 in the Fall should be registered for Level 1 this is the first year of our two year Communion prep program. Call the office for registration forms.

Reminder to all Catechists, our year end meeting will be held on Wednesday May 12 at 7:30 p.m. in Carew Hall. Please return your teaching manuals, binders, and all books pertaining to your grade level.

For those students in levels 2 and up who were on home study this year, the year end test will be held on Thursday May 13 and Wednesday May 19th at 4:15 pm. in the Auditorium. Please call our office and let us know which date you will be coming on.

We wish to thank all those who helped during the First Eucharist Masses. We especially thank our wonderful and dedicated Catechists who prepared our students to receive their First Communion.


St. Joseph’s will conduct a Vacation Bible School again, the week of July 12 to 16, from 9 AM to 12 Noon. Come join Mrs. Brenner and Ms. Razzagone for a fun filled week. If you have the time and enjoy working with kids we are in need of 8 Adults and 8 Jr. High or High School students to help us. Please call Ms. Razzagone at 981-9314 if you are able to give your time.

Banns of Marriage

(Second Time)

Jaclyn Garcia of St Joseph & Michael Lyon St. Joseph, Garden City

Melissa Crisci of Our Lady of Ostrabrama & Thomas O’Connell of St Joseph

Michele Tohill of St Joseph & Adam Connolly of St Elizabeth Ann Seton

Amy Marie Woerner of St Joseph & Joseph Rufino III of St Joseph

Allison Drew of St. Sylvester & Michael Beaudry of Sacred Heart, Bayside

Candice Ganci of the Church of the Resurrection & John J. Barry of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

Jennifer Hoos of St Joseph & Bradford Hughes of St. Thomas Moore

Marianne Laudadio of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel & Peter Muschter of St. Patrick, Bay Shore

Christine Schnepf of St Joseph & Michael R. Powell of St. Frances de Sale

Kelly Vogt of St Joseph & Brian Quirk of Lake Grove

Parish Outreach

PREGNANCY CRISIS HOTLINE—We are here to help you. Please call 981.6888.

FOOD SUPPORT—Your donations of food and staple items is always appreciated. Kindly leave them in the front of Mary’s statue in the Church before or after Mass.


In today’s Gospel, Jesus gives His disciples-and us-a new commandment: Love one another. Good stewards who spend their time and talents in service to others are well on their way to fulfilling this commandment.

Weekly Offering

Sunday’s Collection $ 16956

Same collection last year 17008

Easter Sunday’s collection 46805

Same collection last year 48097

Poor Box last weekend 289

We thank you for your continued and generous support!

Restoration Fund

Pledged to date $1,120,210

Paid to date 988,514

Music Ministry Concert

You’ve enjoyed their Christmas Concert. Our combined choirs will present a Spring Concert on Saturday June 5th at 7:30PM in the Church. Save the date.

Scrip Corner

Scrip sales last week $ 14365

Same period last year 15355

Gross Profit 670

It’s spring and time to get the yard ready. We have Loews and Home Depot scrip to help you get that fertilizer and pre-emergent weed killer. They also have the new plants and pavers for that front walk or around the patio.

How’s the lawn mower, we have Sears scrip for that new Craftsman Lawn mower you want. While you’re making your yard beautiful, you are helping St Joseph’s!

Golden Wedding Celebration

On Sunday, June 27, 2004 couples married 50 years or more who have not already been honored by the Bishop are invited to receive a special blessing and scroll from His Excellency Emil Wcela, following the celebration of the Eucharist at St. Lawrence the Martyr Church, Sayville at 3:00 pm. Please pick up your registration card at the rectory, fill it out (preferably typed) and return it to the rectory in time to reach the Office of Laity and Family no later than May 12,2004. You will receive your nametags approximately 10 days before the ceremony. Please note, that in order to accommodate all who wish to be part of the Golden Wedding celebrations, we will be holding two additional Golden Wedding Masses in the fall.

Calendar Club

Apr 25 $50 #811 Ed & Marge Forsyth

Apr 26 $25 #259 Elizabeth Mulligan

Apr 27 $25 # 743 Catherine Anello

Apr 28 $25 #101 Mary Biglin

Apr 29 $25 #540 Patricia Whitehead

Apr 30 $25 #207 John Clifford

May 01 $50 #227 James & Mary Garvey

Chinese Auction

Catholic Daughters will hold a Chinese Auction Friday, May 14th in the Auditorium. Viewing of the items available begins at 6:30 pm Refreshments will be available.

Respect Life

Today is Mother’s Day, when we celebrate all mothers, so here is a little story about a special mother. Her name is Gianna Beretta Molla and she lived in Italy, until her death in 1962. Next week Pope John Paul II will canonize her and she will join the ranks of saints of the Catholic Church.

Blessed Gianna died at the age of 39, a few days after giving birth to her fourth child. She herself was a physician in Milan who put the life of her unborn child ahead of her own. Even though she was advised to terminate her pregnancy because of a uterine tumor, she chose life for her baby. Her children attended her beatification ceremony several years ago in Rome.

American Life League, March 2004

These words from Joseph Cardinal Mindszenty pay tribute to mothers:

The most important person on earth is a mother. She cannot claim the honor of having built Notre Dame Cathedral. She need not. She has built something more magnificent than any cathedral – a dwelling for an immortal soul, the tiny perfection of her baby’s body. The angels have not been blessed with such a grace. They cannot share in God’s creative miracle to bring new saints to Heaven. Only a human mother can. Mothers are closer to God the Creator than any other creature. God joins forces with mothers in performing this act of creation….What on God’s good earth is more glorious than this:

to be a mother?

Life News May 2004

If Someone Doesn’t Plant Them,

They Can’t Grow

Over the last few years, we have all been justly proud of our colorful grounds throughout the summer. Please help us to continue the tradition. On Saturday ,May 15th, we will meet on the front lawn at 9 am. Bring your own tools if you have them and lots of energy !!

God will take care of the growing, if we take care of the planting. Please join us. Many hands make light and quick work!!

Day of Prayer for Women

The Vocation Office of the Diocese of Rockville Centre will hold a Day of Prayer for Women on Saturday, May 22, 2004. The day consists of workshops given by religious sisters who will be available to answer questions about religious life.

For information please contact the Vocation Office Phone: 631-424-9888 E-mail

St John the Baptist HS & Mercy/McGann HS:

where it goes

A good number of our teenagers attend St John the Baptist High School in West Islip. This is one of the four high schools built by the people of the diocese back in the 1960’s. Since they opened, we saw the closing of Seton Hall in Patchogue and LaSalle Military Academy in Oakdale. St Anthony’s moved from Smithtown and became co-ed. It is the Appeal that has helped to diocese maintain high schools at these sites.

Recently, Mercy High School in Riverhead , after years under the guidance of the Sisters of Mercy, became Mercy / McGann High School. A number of our parishioners also attend this high school, given new life and a bright future through the Catholic Ministries Appeal.

Won’t you consider joining your fellow parishioners in supporting this worthy ministry.