The wisdom of God existed before creation and assisted the Lord as a craftsman in the creation of the world. Romans teaches us that through the Holy Spirit the love of God has been poured into our hearts. In the Gospel, Jesus tells his disciples that the Spirit will speak to them and will guide them in the way of all truth concerning the Father and the Son.

Lturgical Commission Publishings, Diocese of Lansing, Lansing, MI


Frank DeGiglio, Michael Patanella

and for our deceased soldiers,

and all of our deceased relatives and friends.


For this week, please pray for the sick, especially:

Angela Aponte Rob Barello Susan Bateman

Frank Belsito Maureen A. Berdon John Bickel

John Biglin Matthew Boland Jean Boland

Mary E. Bowers Charles Bratisax Kathy Butler

James Butler John Cannizzano Jennifer Carlisle

Alex Cintron Emmanuel Coby Al Croce

J. D’Agostino Joan DeCicco Edward Delprete

Rose Dicanio Dylan DiLauro Theresa Donnelly

Wendy Eilers Maggie Errico Anna Esposito

Louis Fava Keith Ferraro Robert Filce

Mary Ellen Flynn Michael Flynn Mary Forsythe

Joseph Fortier Catherine Gracey Ed Hanson

David Hoffman Patti Hunt Warren Johnson

Wayne E. Kalish Robert Lang Ashlee LaRocca

Georgianna Lopez Joseph Malatesta Kevin McCollum

Juliann McLarney Brett Meyers Marie Minto

Rosann Moscato Anita L. Nanry Tom Nanry

Sam Nettles Timothy M. Nigro Grace Peshkur

Artie Plouffe’, Jr. Michelina Raia Sal Romagnuolo

Rose Russo Joyce E. Ryan Diana Sacia

Robert Safarian Cathy Savage Louise Schaaf

Theresa Schiano Mario Schiano William Schmelzer

Linda Stultz Stacie Tizzard George Tizzard, Jr.

Marlene Urban McKayla Vilsant

PLEASE NOTE: To keep our prayer list current, we will keep names on the sick list for two months. We ask families to return the bulletin cut-out to include names of those who are ill for another two months.


(Subject to last minute changes)

This Sunday Next Sunday


5:00 pm Fr Maffeo Fr Devaraj


7:00 am Fr Rieder 7:00 am To Be Announced

9:00 am Fr Butler 9:00 am Fr Butler

10:30 am Fr Maffeo 10:30 am Fr Fr. Maffeo

12:00 pm Fr Butler 12:00 pm Fr Fr. Bob

5:00 pm Fr Boyle 5:00 pm Fr Fr. Butler


Sunday, June 6- The Most Holy Trinity

7:00 Cornelius J. Dunleavy requested by loving wife, Anne

7:00 For The Intentions of the Celebrant

9:00 Kenny & McQuillan Families requested by Claire & Jim

9:00 Edie Ryan requested by Terry & Eleanor McMurray

9:00 For The People of The Parish

10:30 Ellen & Thomas Sheridan & Family(living) requested by

Thomas DuBritz & Son

10:30 Viola Johnson requested by Cathy & Jim Foy

10:30 Nicholas Santo requested by The Tipa Family

12:00 Deceased members of Religious Ed. families

12:00 An End to Abortion requested by

The Respect Life Committee

12:00 Christopher Gilardi requested by Margie Sellitti

5:00 Catherine Agolia requested by Claudia & Frank Tantone

5:00 Victor Giancola requested by Joseph & Joyce Ando

Monday, June 7

7:00 Phyllis Stewart requested by Mr & Mrs Jeff Hartmann

7:00 Angela Valenti requested by Loving Mom

7:00 Antonio Ibarrola requested by Alvin & Family

9:00 Anthony Guglielmo (requested by Martin DeBobes)

9:00 For The Intentions of the Celebrant

Tuesday, June 8

7:00 Henry Pepino requested by Mr. & Mrs. Caronna

7:00 Millie Esposito requested by Carla Caponera & Danny DelaTorre

8:45 William Hughes requested by loving family

8:45 Nicholas Santo requested by Matthew & Daniel Terrano

8:45 John Church, Sr. requested by Jim & Jean Grunauer

Wednesday, June 9 St. Ephrem

7:00 Millie Esposito requested by Nicholas Caponera & Michael Feltman

7:00 For the Intentions of the Celebrant

9:00 Matthew P. Teofrio (requested by loving family)

9:00 Enrico Frase requested by Dilfia Munoz

Thursday, June 10

7:00 For Our Beloved Dead

7:00 For the Intentions of the Celebrant

9:00 Lola Yellico (requested by the Delta family)

9:00 Leonard Attmayer requested by

Deacon Joseph & Marie Califano

Friday, June 11- St. Barnabas

7:00 Nesam Devaraj (living) requested by Loving Family

7:00 For the Intentions of the Celebrant

9:00 Edie Ryan requested by Maureen & Joseph Bigham

9:00 Patsy DeRosa requested by Kathleen Dorch

Saturday, June 12

8:00 Marilyn Hennessy requested by Loving Family

8:00 Augusto Lucas requested by His Loving Family

Anticipated Mass for Sunday

5:00 Lena Vero requested by Loving Friends

5:00 Sophie Kramer requested by Maureen Harkins

5:00 Andreas Thomsen requested by Carol & John Sheremeta

Sunday, June 13- The Body and the Blood of Christ

7:00 For The People of The Parish

7:00 Bonserio & DeCeglie Families requested by Loving Family

9:00 Ann Gregory requested by Les

9:00 Mary Aiello requested by The DeMaino Family

9:00 Eugenia Fiore requested by Vincent Cristiano & Family

10:30 Yolanda Caramanica requested by The Riccardelli Family

10:30 Jamie Giel requested by Ed & Marilyn Cordero

10:30 William Tuhey requested by Loving Wife

12:00 Fr. Bob Kline -First Mass

12:00 Deceased members of the Margas and Midura families

12:00 Joseph & Shirley Payne, Sr. requested by Maryetta DiLorenzo

5:00 Glenn Seaman, Sr. requested by Mr. & Mrs. Louis DeMaio

5:00 Mr. & Mrs. Lobrutto & Lily requested by Loving Family

5:00 Emil Bauer requested by the Dinger Family



Last Sunday we celebrated the Great Feast of Pentecost-the coming forth of the Holy Spirit upon the Church. Pentecost is also the ending of the Easter Season, and we are again in the Season of Ordinary Time. Now that we have remembered the Church’s and our own empowerment by the Holy Spirit, it is our time to carry out Christ’s mission. It is our time to praise God from the rooftops and tell the whole world what God has done for us through Jesus Christ!

As we enter Ordinary Time, we also celebrate two great Solemnities of the Lord-Trinity Sunday and The Body and Blood of Christ. This Sunday, Trinity Sunday, we honor and celebrate God as God truly is- One God in Three Divine Persons, Father Son, and Holy Spirit. God is indeed three in one, and this is indeed a hard concept to speak about as well as understand. Throughout the centuries, many have attempted to explain the great mystery of the Trinity. The great councils of the early church (Nicea, Constantinople, and so on) worked hard to establish the teachings and creeds, which we rely on to explain the true nature of God. Later on, people like Hyppolytis of Rome and Tertullian of Africa would come up with the term Trinity (trinitas) and the concept that we know so well today. After that St. Athanasius, St. Augustine and St. Thomas Aquinas gave us more. Today modern theologians like Karl Rahaner and Bernard Lonegan have also tried to explain the mystery of the Blessed Trinity. Certainly there is a great body of knowledge about the Trinity, but this only just scratches the surface of whom and what God truly is. And of course, the more we know, the more we realize that we don’t know.

Faced with this some may ask how can I truly know God, or why should I care that God exist this way? Yes, we can truly know God and yes, we should care how God exists because we are made in the image and likeness of God. For the more we know about God, the more we know about ourselves. Besides, it is God Himself who constantly reaches out to us as Father, Son and Holy Spirit-how can we communicate with God if we do not try to understand God. As St. Julian of Norwich wrote

“We are enclosed in the Father, and we are enclosed in the Son, and we are enclosed in the Holy Ghost [Spirit]. And the Father is enclosed in us, and the Son is enclosed in us, and the Holy Ghost is enclosed in us: Almightiness, all Wisdom, all Goodness; one God, one Lord.”

Next Sunday, June 13th, at the 12 Noon Mass, Fr. Robert Kline will offer his First Mass of Thanksgiving-all are invited to the Mass and the Reception following in the Parish Hall. Fr. Kline and his classmates will be ordained this Saturday at St. Agnes Cathedral by Bishop Murphy, please pray for Fr. Bob and his classmates as they begin their priestly service for the Diocese of Rockville Centre.

Our Parish Restoration Fund is still going full steam ahead, and while we have accomplished a great deal since the beginning of the Fund we still have a great deal of work to do. And as our buildings continue to age, we know that unfortunately there will be more projects to take on. So on we go! Many of the original pledges have been completed or are being completed, and we certainly thank all of you who were a part of this worthwhile endeavor. But the work continues and if you were unable to participate when we first introduced the fund-and now you can please think about helping St. Joseph’s. We are accepting new pledges, likewise, many families who have completed their pledges have taken out additional pledges-we can’t do it without you! THANKS!

The Summer Family Festival is almost upon us, and we have already started selling the Limited Raffle Tickets. Our 1st Prize this year is a 1Week Caribbean Cruise for up to 4 people or $5,000 cash. Our 2nd Prize is $2,000 cash and there are 4 Early Bird Specials (a double chance to win). REMEMBER there are only a limited numbers of tickets that will be sold-so act quickly. Tickets are only $25 each and of course, it goes to a good cause our own St. Joseph’s. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank the various local businesses that have already sponsored or donated to the Family Festival. Also, thanks to all who have already volunteered to help out, if the Festival is to be a success we need help. If you can help please do and I guarantee you will have a great time too.

Don’t forget the Night at the Races to be held Saturday Night (June 13th) at 7PM in the School Gym. The proceeds will go to St. Joseph’s School and other charities. The Blessed Sacrament Council #11416 of the Knights of Columbus sponsors this event.

Thank you for all you do for St. Joseph’s and please remember Fr. Bob and his classmates in your prayers.

Fr. Mike


Please continue to remember them in your prayers.


Cpl. Jason Bertran Cpl. Michael Bruno

Cpt. Kevin Connolly Spc. Thomas E. Corcoran

Cpt. Edward Cuevas Sgt. Steven G. DiGirolamo

Capt. Keith Flick SFC Raymond J. Fulton

SSG Jeremy Garcia Cpt. Evan Gotkin

Cpt. Jennifer Gotkin Sgt. Steven Knight

Pfc. Brian Lane Pfc. Brian Lawson

Spc. Adam Mackey Andy Mezador

Cpt. Gregory Mueller SSG Joey Napolitano

COP Jonathan Norris Spc. Brian Pacella

Ensign 3 Lucy P. Padro Navy Seal Paul M. Padro

PFC Christopher Reid Sgt. Edwin Rivera, II

PO2 Roger Schoverling Sgt. Rudy Schoverling

Pvt. James Stanek SR Andrew J. Szynaka

SSG Thomas J. Valentino SRA Jason M. Schiavo

SSG Dusty Williamson

(If you would like to include a soldier from your family who is serving, place their name and rank on a piece of paper in the collection basket)

RESTORATION FUND—We are always accepting pledges to our parish fund drive to carry on the work of rebuilding and restoring. To date, we have used over $960,000 to pay for various parts of the parish infrastructure. Thanks to all who are making regular payments and to those who have increased their pledges.

St. Joseph’s School News

Kathryn Korcz, a sixth grader, has been working on her Girl Scout Bronze Award. Kathryn has completed her first three requirements, by receiving the Model Citizen Badge, the Sign of the Star and the Girl Scout Leadership Award. Her project for the Bronze Award was to collect bottles/cans and donate the refunds to the St. Joseph School Library for the purchase of books. She returned 3,777 bottles/cans for a total donation of $200.85. Kathryn would like the students to enjoy reading as much as she does. We commend Kathryn for following and living the Girl Scout Promise and Law. She was able to make a difference in her community and school.

Religious Education News

The Religious Ed office is open Monday through Thursday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Registration forms for 2004/2005. We are still accepting registration forms for the coming year. Please mail them in as soon as possible. Any child entering Grade 1 in the Fall should be registered for Level 1 this is the first year of our two year Communion prep program. Call the office for registration forms.

Reminder to Parents of Level 1 and Sacrament Readiness I students, please call the rectory and make an appointment with one of the priests for your child to recite his/her prayers. Please also remember to send in your registration forms for level 2 and Sacrament Readiness II

Congratulations to Marie Hoffman who received the Diocesan Specialist award and to Nick Morreale who received his Basic Certificate.

Banns of Marriage

(First Time)

Alison Ramos of St. Lawrence, & Colin Flinn of our parish

Barbara Keenan of our parish & Bruce Neimeth of Good Shepherd

Kathleen Cunningham of our parish & Patrick M. Panella of St. Anthony

Jennifer Jong of our parish & Michael Fair of Good Shepherd

Erin McNamara & Gregory V. Seaman both of our parish

Danielle J. DeRose & Robert Kroczynski of our parish

Frances Lucivero of St. Bridget & Christopher Pelletier of St. Joseph

Colleen Pecorella of Blessed Sacrament & Mark Riley of St. Elizabeth

Sara Turner of our Parish & Michael DiRusso

Andrea Plazas of our parish & Brian Reiser

Michele Gabrielli of our parish & Paul Marotta

Lisa Canari of St. Patrick & Keith Mitnick of Sacred Heart

Vanessa M. Monaco of our parish & Brian Sullivan of St. Patrick

Dana Smith & Michael Murphy of our parish

Parish Outreach

PREGNANCY CRISIS HOTLINE—We are here to help you. Please call 981.6888.

FOOD SUPPORT—Your donations of food and staple items is always appreciated.  Kindly leave them in the front of Mary’s statue in the Church before or after Mass.

Centennial Celebration of the

Ronkonkoma Fire Department


Come join the Ronkonkoma Fire Department

as they celebrate their 100th Anniversary

Thursday June 10th through Sunday June 13th

This is a celebration that comes around only

once every 100 years so come

and support the Ronkonkoma Fire Department.


Today’s Psalm reminds us that we have been crowned with glory and honor and given rule over the works of God’s hands. But we must be good stewards, for the Lord will surely hold us accountable for the use of those gifts!

Weekly Offering

Last Sunday $ 14,847

Same collection last year 15,504

Poor Box last weekend 304

For The Month of April the Parish paid $18,585.08 out for Insurances, Social Security and Pension Benefits. This does not include expenses for the school.

We thank you for your continued and generous support!

Restoration Fund

Thank you to those who have upped their pledges.

We received a total of $ 6,620 in increases this year.

Pledged to date $1,126,830

Paid to date 993,438

Scrip Corner

Scrip sales last week $ 16,805

Same period last year 16,035

Gross Profit 812

Calendar Club

Congratulations to this week’s winners!!!

May 23 $50 #816 Angelina DeSimone

May 24 $25 #196 Walter Poggi

May 25 $25 #147 Chuck Romano

May 26 $25 #616 Patrick & Ramon Gaudett

May 27 $25 #719 Wm. & Rosemarie Barry

May 28 $25 #225 Rosaria Caesar

May 29 $25 #724 Louis & Georgian Lopez

Respect Life

The headline reads: “New Yorker speaks at Dakota capitol” – the New Yorker” is actually a Long Islander, the Life Center’s Lorraine Gariboldi. Mrs. Gariboldi is the person behind the Life Center of Long Island, a place well known for being a refuge for troubled women and their babies.

When South Dakota lawmakers were considering a bill restricting abortions in that state, they heard expert testimony from Mrs. Gariboldi, executive director of Life Center of Long Island, an American Life League Associate group.

Because of the work that has been done at the Life Center for the past seventeen years, she was invited to testify before the legislature as an expert witness. In the brief time Lorraine had to testify, she told lawmakers, “When women who are seeking an abortion come to the Life Center, we invite them to have a free sonogram. When women see the humanity of their unborn baby, with its beating heart, fingers and toes, the overwhelming majority change their minds and carry their babies to term.”

Lorraine told the legislators that women suffering from post-abortion trauma get stuck in the grieving process, sometimes for many years. “Our culture tells her abortion is legal, it’s safe, and it’s no big deal. And she buys that lie! In her heart she knows she was pregnant and her child has died.

We all thank Lorraine Gariboldi for her strong, positive witness for life.

American Life League News, April 2004


An abortion is not controlling the woman’s body; it’s killing the baby’s body. As unpleasant as it is to use the word “kill”, that’s what abortion does. It is the deliberate ending of the life of a human being in an early stage of growth.


Installation of new officers will take place on the evening of Wednesday, June 16th. We urge ALL members to be in the Church for rehearsal at 7 p.m.

Mass will commence at 7:30 p.m. and a reception will follow in Carew Hall. Come, let’s all celebrate! All parishioners of St. Joseph’s are welcome to attend.

C. West, Regent, 585-1719


Help Wanted: Meals –On Wheels Program

We are looking for a person to help with:

Putting Lunches together & Light Office Work

for 15 hours per week—Monday to Friday

(Must be 55 years or older, earn between 15,000.00/year single or 20,000.00/year jointly) If interested, call Suzette @ 467-8948.