Today we hear the treasured parable of the Good Samaritan. Jews despised Samaritans because they had diluted their worship of Yahweh with the rites of the pagans around them. Priests were expected to be law-abiding role models and levites had a special dedication to the Law. However, it is a Samaritan who proves to be the genuine neighbor.

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The gifts offered at our Masses this weekend

Are donated in Memory of Alice & John Kenny

Requested by Loving Daughters Anna & Jo


Louise M. Zunno, Richard L. Kiley, Mary Grace Maio and for our deceased soldiers,

and all of our deceased relatives and friends.

Blood Drive August 9th

3:30 to 9 pm

Carew Hall

Contact Outreach to schedule.


For this week, please pray for the sick, especially:

Angela Aponte Rob Barello Susan Bateman

Frank Belsito Maureen A.Berdon John Bickel

John Biglin Jean Boland Matthew Boland

Mary Ellen Bowers Charles Bratisax William J. Brodie

James Butler Kathy Butler John Cannizzano

Jennifer Carlisle Bob Catalano Mercedes Chipe

Emmanuel Coby Catherine Cosgrove Al Croce

Josephine D’Agostino Joan DeCicco Edward Delprete

David DeParis Rose Dicanio Dylan DiLauro

Theresa Donnelly Evelyn Lombardi Maggie Errico

Anna Esposito Louis Fava Keith Ferraro

Robert Filce Mary Ellen Flynn Michael Flynn

Mary Forsythe Joseph Fortier Catherine Gracey

Ed Hansen David Hoffman Patti Hunt

Warren Johnson Wayne E. Kalish Joseph F. Koenig

Robert Lang Ashlee LaRocca Samantha LaRocca

Georgiana Lopez Kevin McCollum Richard McKenna

Juliana McLarney Brett Meyers Marie Minto

Rosann Moscato William Mytok Anita L. Nanry

Tom Nanry Sam Nettles Timothy M. Nigro

Christine Paglino Edward Percesepe Grace Peshkur

Molly Picirillo Artie Plouffe’, Jr. Eleanor Purcaro

Michelina Raia Sal Romagnuolo Rose Russo

Joyce E. Ryan Diana Sacia Robert Safarian

Cathy Savage Louise Schaaf Mario Schiano

Theresa Schiano William Schmelzer Linda Stultz

Stacie Tizzard George Tizzard, Jr. Marlene Urban

Mckayla Vilsant

PLEASE NOTE: To keep our prayer list current, we will keep names on the sick list for two months. We ask families to return the bulletin cut-out to include names of those who are ill for another two months.


(Subject to last minute changes)

This Sunday Next Sunday

Saturday 5:00 pm Fr. Boyle 5:00 pm Fr. Liu

Sunday 7:00 am Fr. Liu 7:00 am Fr. Boyle

9:00 am Fr. Boyle 9:00 am Fr. Boyle

10:30 am Fr. Thomas 10:30 am Fr. Butler

12:00 pm Fr. Butler 12:00 pm Fr. Thomas

5:00 pm Fr. Thomas 5:00 pm Fr. Butler


Sunday, July 11- Fifteenth Ordinary Sunday

7:00 Ann Gregory requested by Les

7:00 For The People of the Parish

9:00 Richard Soyka requested by The Savage Family

9:00 Kenny & McQuillan Families requested by Claire & Jim

9:00 Mark Kurmatowski, Jr. requested by Loving Family

10:30 Mary Aiello requested by Mr. & Mrs. Jack DeMauro

10:30 Adam A. Pitka requested by Loving Friend

10:30 Dorothy Stiefel requested by St. Joseph Choir

12:00 Larry Williamson requested by Loving Friends

12:00 Margas and Midura families

5:00 An End to Abortion requested by the Respect Life Committee

5:00 In Thanksgiving for favors granted
requested by Thomas DuBritz & Son

Monday, July 12

7:00 Lillian Griffin requested by The Bruno’s

7:00 For Our Beloved Dead

9:00 Augusto Lucas requested by His Loving Family

9:00 Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Vigliotta (living)

requested by Paul & Patricia Butler

Tuesday, July 13- St. Henry

7:00 For The Intentions of The Celebrant

9:00 Bill Graham, Sr. requested by Lorraine, Jeff & Lauren Witt

9:00 Bruce Laloor requested by John & Nicolina Martin

Wednesday, July 14- Blessed St. Kateri Tekawitha

7:00 Gerard Burns requested by Marla & Tony Pereira

9:00 Mark Kurmatowski, Jr. requested by Loving Family

9:00 William Fehringer requested by Margaret Beyer

Thursday, July 15- St. Bonaventure

7:00 Kathy Rooney requested by loving sister Judy

9:00 Kenneth M. Kinnear requested by The Ferguson Family

9:00 Harry J. Corcoran requested by Jenny Dunne & Family

Friday, July 16- Our Lady of Mt. Carmel

7:00 Vera Cuccia requested by Tom & Patricia Brennan

9:00 In Honor of the Holy Family of Nazareth

requested by Thomas DuBritz & Son

9:00 Andrew Amarando requested by Donna Rumm Family

Saturday, July 17

8:00 Lillian Griffin requested by The Brustmeyers

8:00 For Our Beloved Dead

Anticipated Mass for Sunday

5:00 Benedetto Marulli requested by Melinda, Jen, Karen & Donna

5:00 Gerald Robinson requested by Bob & Elaine Wirtenson

5:00 Harry J. Corcoran requested by Eileen & Harvey Panitz

Sunday, July 18- Sixteenth Ordinary Sunday

7:00 Robert J. & Joseph C. Hennessy requested by Family

7:00 For The Intentions of the Celebrant

9:00 Julia Joyce requested by Debra Hartmann

9:00 Mary Aiello requested by The Spatola Family

10:30 Robert Christopher Ingoglia (living)

requested by Thomas DuBritz & Son

10:30 Lena Vero requested by Loving Friend

10:30 Lily Scuccimari requested by Mr. & Mrs. Restivo

12:00 For The People of the Parish

12:00 John Hale requested by Mr. & Mrs. Peter Klos

5:00 Joseph Rufino requested by the Buonpane Family

5:00 Diane Bretz requested by Joanne Sprague



Today we are given two valuable lessons regarding the Commandments and our response to them. Moses in the Book of Deuteronomy is telling us that what God wants from us is not up in the sky or so far; across the sea, that we cannot obtain what He wants or understand what God wants. No, what He wants is very near to us. God does not need special messengers to talk to us, for God speaks to every human heart, and all we have to do is be quiet open our minds and listen! This is very important to remember; because sometimes people have the mis-conception (or use as an excuse) that God is so very far away from us, we cannot possibly understand Him or carry out His will.

Jesus also tells us in today’s Gospel a great deal about the Commandments, when He is asked about which one is the greatest. After the scholar of the law gives the correct answer (the correct answer for all time and for every person), Jesus commends him, but the scholar needs more-he needs clarification. Some believe he was trying to justify himself, others say he truly wanted to know more. What does it matter? What matters more is the answer that Jesus gives him when he asks, “Who is my neighbor?” It is here that Jesus’ Lesson comes forth. One must understand that for the scholar-and according to the Law of Israel- your neighbor was understood as a fellow Israelite or a person converting to Judaism. Neighbor was never to be extended to any one outside this narrow definition, and especially not to an enemy like the Samaritan.

Now Jesus through this most beloved story from the Gospel, is telling the scholar, those gathered to hear the story, and every Christian, that everyone is our neighbor-even our enemies! God’s love and forgiveness is given freely to all (for all are made in His image and likeness), and if God extends this to all so must we. God, by the very same Commandments, which are close at hand, calls us, to act as the Good Samaritan. As Jesus acted when he took all of our sins upon Himself and died on the Cross (our 2nd Reading for today).

To extend love, forgiveness, and a helping hand to my enemies-that’s impossible! According to Jesus, no it is not! How can I do it? See in everyone me. See in others the love the Father has for everyone. See past your fears and prejudice; see others as I see you-one whom I love above all things. Yes, this is God saying this to us, yes, this is God telling us that He loves us-so we must likewise love, forgive, and help as He does. “Which of the three, in your opinion was neighbor to the robbers’ victim?” “The one who treated him with mercy.” Jesus said, “Go and do likewise.”

The Summer Family Festival is just 10 Days away. Please come out and support this wonderful Fun and Fund Raiser. All will have a great time as we have seen in previous years. But remember we cannot do it without you-please come out and support our beloved St. Joseph’s. Bring you friends, your relatives, people who you meet in the supermarket. And don’t forget the Limited Raffle and its grand prize of a Caribbean Cruise for 4, the nightly 50/50 and the Gift Basket Raffle, and so much more. So, what are you waiting for-come! We like to thank all of those individuals and business that have made this great event possible, and certainly all the members of our parish family who have volunteered their time and talents to work at the Festival. Saying thank you is not enough but it’s all we have-THANK YOU!

Remember to set aside the Monday Evenings of August for Evenings of Prayer on the Rectory Lawn. Each Monday at 7 P.M., we will gather on the Rectory Lawn to Pray the Rosary, Sing Hymns, Listen to the Word of God, and join for fellowship and refreshments. Bring your own lawn chair and a dessert-we will provide coffee and tea. What a great opportunity to join in prayer and share the joys of being a part of this great community. In the case of rain we will gather in the Church-fellowship will follow in the Church Lobby.

Let us pray: Dear Lord we are upset when we hear in the story that the Priest and Levite walked by the man who came upon robbers. We are upset for their apparent disregard for his suffering. And yet Lord I wonder how often do I pass by those in need? Fill me with your grace to see you in all, and forgive me when I have not realized that all you present to me are my neighbors. Amen.

Thank you, for all you do for St. Joseph’s

Fr. Mike


Please continue to remember them in your prayers.

Cpl. Jason Bertran Cpl. Michael Bruno

Cpt. Kevin Connolly Spc. Thomas E. Corcoran

Cpt. Edward Cuevas Sgt. Steven G. DiGirolamo

Captl Keith Flick SFC Raymond J. Fulton

SSG Jeremy Garcia Cpt. Evan Gotkin

Cpt. Jennifer Gotkin Sgt. Steven Knight

Pfc. Brian Lawson Spc. Adam Mackey

Andy Mezador Cpt. Gregory Mueller

Sg. James Munro, Jr. SSG Joey Napolitano

COP Jonathan Norris Spc. Brian Pacella

Ensign 3 Lucy P. Padro Navy Seal Paul M. Padro

PFC Christopher Reid Sgt. Edwin Rivera, II

PO2 Roger Schoverling SRA Jason M. Schiavo

Pvt. James Stanek Sgt. Rudy Schoverling

SSG Thomas J. Valentino SR Andrew J. Szynaka

SSG Dusty Williamson

(If you would like to include a soldier from your family who is serving, place their name and rank on a piece of paper in the collection basket)

Restoration Fund

Thank you to those who have upped their pledges. We received a total of $ 6,620 in increases this year.

Pledged to date $1,126,830

Paid to date 995,888

August Monday Evenings On the Lawn

Each Monday evening of August at 7PM we will pray the Rosary, sing songs of Glory & Praise, hear the word of God and share fellowship. Where? On the Rectory lawn (bring your own chair and maybe a dessert) In case of rain, we will meet in the church.

Parish Survey Feedback

We thank those of you who have completed the Parish Survey all registered families recently received in the mail. If you have not yet completed your survey, please do so and return it to the rectory at your earliest convenience.

We have noted a number of misunderstandings about the role of our DEACONS - It has been interesting to see, from a pparish that has long been in the forefront, how many parishioners do not understand the ministry and duties of the Deacon. This ministry is one of the first, predating the priesthood. The deacon is ordained by the bishop to a ministry of service. They are given the faculties (authorization and responsibility) to preach by the bishop. This they use as they lead Baptisms, Wakes, Communion Services, and during Mass. This parish has had deacons preach for almost twenty years. Please know this is not “an experiment” (as some have thought) but the proper exercise of their role as deacon.

Canon 757 “...Deacons are also to serve the people of God in the ministry of the Word in communion with the bishop and his presbyterate.” (priests).

The priest is not “doing nothing” if he does not preach at a particular liturgy. He is leading the community in their public prayer. He is the one charged with confecting the Eucharist. He also is listening and being fed by the insights from his brother in ordained ministry.

Parish Outreach

PREGNANCY CRISIS HOTLINE—We are here to help you. Please call 981.6888.

FOOD SUPPORT—Your donations of food and staple items is always appreciated. Kindly leave them in the front of Mary’s statue in the Church before or after Mass.


A month ago, in San Francisco, a U. S. District Court Judge, Phyllis Hamilton, ruled in favor of Planned Parenthood, who had challenged the partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act. Judge Hamilton is quoted as saying, “The Act poses an undue burden on a woman’s right to choose an abortion.”

She agreed with abortion rights activists that a woman’s right to choose is paramount, and that it is therefore “irrelevant” whether a fetus suffers pain, as abortion foes contend. Her ruling applies to the nation’s 900 or so Planned Parenthood clinics and their doctors, who perform about half of the 1.3 million abortions done each year in the United States.

Federal judges in New York and Nebraska also heard challenges to t he law but have yet to rule. The law, signed in November 2003 by President Bush, represented the first substantial federal legislation limiting a woman’s right to abortion. During the procedure banned by the law, the living fetus is partially removed from the womb, and its skull is punctured or crushed. Justice Department attorneys argued that it is inhumane and never medically necessary. A government lawyer told the judge that it “blurs the line between abortion and infanticide.”

Newsday, JUNE 4, 2004

Tomorrow, July 12 is the Feast Day of St. Veronica. Little is known about her life, but she lived at the same time as Jesus and was present during His trials on Good Friday. We all know the story of how she knelt in front of Jesus and used her veil to gently wipe His face. at great personal risk to herself. Her name and legend is said to have come from the words “vera icon” (true image) which is what the veil was called.

Veronica’s story is a lesson about selfless compassion, and inspires us to show love for each other.

2004 Family Festival

Ride Tickets Presale

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Available at the Rectory & after mass
until July 20th.

$25.00 buys a sheet of 50 tickets.

Tickets can be used by the whole family and are good for ALL 5 nights of the Festival.


The good Samaritan was also a good steward, giving his time and his treasure to meet his neighbor’s need. At the end of this familiar story, Jesus urges his hearers and us to go and do the same!

Weekly Offering

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Loose collection 2,067

Total Last Sunday $ 14,840 Same collection last year 16,086

Poor Box last weekend 294

Weekly Parish expenses: $21,250

We thank you for your continued and generous support!

Banns of Marriage

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Janine Devenney of St. Joseph’s and

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Scrip Corner

Scrip sales last week $14,660

Same period last year 10,670

Gross Profit 672

Calendar Club

Congratulations to this week’s winners!!!

June 27 $50 #293 Al Nunziata

June 28 $25 #672 Fred Amerino

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June 30 $25 #092 Kevin Grieb

July 01 $25 #011 Joe & Lisa Ryan

July 02 $25 #282 Catherine Gerard Leone

July 03 $25 #811 Ed & Marge Forsyth

School News

The Home School Association would like to thank everyone for their support this year.

We would also like to thank you for supporting our Golf Outing and making it the most successful to date.

Thank You

Thank you very much for the farewell party you gave me on June 27th. My special thanks to St. Joseph’s Home School Association who organized the reception. Thank you very much for all your well wishes, gifts and prayers. May God Bless you all.


Fr. Peter Devaraj

Tutoring for Summer and Fall/Spring

Experienced Social Studies teacher with K-8 experience E-mail MrDaPuzzo@aol.com

2004 Family Festival
Needs you

The Festival is the largest single fundraiser for our parish. We try every year to also make it a fun raiser. We know that many people support the parish throughout the year and we try to thank you by making special reduced price ride tickets available to you. These tickets are good every night of the festival. The sheets can be shared by more than one person (please don’t try that with the pay one price bracelets).

We need your help. You need each other’s help! Please offer your time, buy a raffle, take a ride. Please help all you can and thank you to those who have helped in the past!

Festival Special
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Golf Weekday Foursome at Fox Hollow with golf cart

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Festival Basket Raffle

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