Today’s reading from Wisdom reminds us that we barely understand the things of earth. Only with the help of the Spirit of God can we even begin to grasp the things of heaven. Paul urges Philemon to accept Onesimus, once a slave, as a brother and a fellow believer. In the Gospel, Jesus explains the high cost of discipleship.

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Altar Bread And Wine

The gifts offered at our Masses this weekend

Are Donated in Memory of:

The Murtha & Gaspar Families

Requested By: Anne G. Murtha






Patricia McNamara, Michael O’Brien and for our deceased soldiers,

and all of our deceased relatives and friends.



For this week, please pray for the sick, especially:

Susan Bateman John Biglin Alice.Boyle

William J. Brodie James Butler Mercedes Chipe

Rosemary Demarest David DeParis Rose Dicanio

Maggie Errico Keith Ferraro David Hoffman

Joseph F. Koenig Samantha Larocca Evelyn Lombardi

Richard McKenna William Mytok Anita L. Nanry

Frank Nostro Christine Paglino Edward Percesepe

Grace Peshkur Molly Piccirillo Artie Plouffe’,Jr.

Eleanor Purcaro Thomas Purcaro Denise Rodriguez

Santo Rodriguez Annette Rodriguez Barbara Rooney

Rose Russo Diana I. Sacia Mario Schiano

Theresa Schiano Chris Sweeney Edward Tedla

Stacie Tizzard Adam Vaneron Gladys Zapata

Oliver Bouchard

PLEASE NOTE: To keep our prayer list current, we will keep names on the sick list for two months. We ask families to return the bulletin cut-out to include names of those who are ill for another two months.




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This Sunday Next Sunday


5:00 pm Fr Liu 5:00 pm Fr. Boyle


7:00 am Fr Thomas 7:00 am Fr.Boyle

9:00 am Fr Maffeo 9:00 am Fr Baccafola

10:30 am Fr Baccafola 10:30 am Fr Liu

12:00 pm Fr Boyle 12:00 pm Fr Maffeo

5:00 pm Fr Maffeo 5:00 pm Fr Butler




Sunday, September 5- Twenty-third Ordinary Sunday

7:00 For Our Beloved Dead

9:00 Bernard Gerretz, Sr. requested by the Gelderman Family

9:00 Thomas Hardy requested by Mr. & Mrs. Lucivero & Family

10:30 John H. Murtha requested by Loving Wife Anne

10:30 For The People of the Parish

12:00 Nicholas Post requested by the Rainone Family

12:00 Patricia Wickers requested by Loving Friends

5:00 Thomas Koleszar requested by John, Carol & Johnny Sheremeta

5:00 Adelaide Gerretz requested by Barbara

Monday, September 6- Labor Day

7:00 For All Laborers

9:00 Nora & Mary Richardson requested by Marge & Ed Forsyth

9:00 Joseph Palumbo requested by Carmen Cali

9:00 Special Intentions requested by Anonymous

Tuesday, September 7

7:00 Amelia Gonzalez requested by Loving Daughters

7:00 Franciney Q. Recca (living) requested by Angelo Recca

9:00 Nicholas C. Romano, Jr. requested by Loving Mom and Dad

9:00 Bernard Gerretz, Sr. requested by the Affenita Family

9:00 Teachers of St. Joseph’s School requested by Fr. Mike

Wednesday, September 8- Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary

7:00 Honey Ahrens

9:00 Mary Ferrara requested by the Binger Family

9:00 Thomas Hardy requested by Lucretia, Ida, & Rose

Thursday, September 9- St. Peter Claver

7:00 Helen Pachilakis requested by The Helenek Family

9:00 Teresa Cipollone requested by Loving Friend

9:00 Kimberly Marie Joann Ruscito requested by Ann Wood

Friday, September 10

7:00 For Our Beloved Dead

9:00 Lucy Serica requested by Carol Aurecchione

9:00 Nina Oechsner (Living) requested by Mr. & Mrs. Suli

Saturday, September 11

8:00 For the Victims of 9-11

8:00 Colleen A. Chamberlain requested by Joseph Pisani

Anticipated Mass for Sunday

5:00 Frederick C. Brace, Jr requested by His Loving Family

5:00 For the Victims of 9-11

Sunday, September 12- Twenty-fourth Ordinary Sunday

7:00 Bob Wirtenson (living) requested by Loving Family

9:00 An End To Abortion requested by Respect Life Committee

9:00 Ann Gregory requested by Les

9:00 Mr. & Mrs. Lobrutto & Lily requested by Loving Family

10:30 Edie Ryan requested by Clare & Paul DeRosa

10:30 Augusto Lucas requested by Joe & Grace Pedra

10:30 George Gaspar requested by Loving Daughter Anne Murtha

12:00 James Harrington requested by Ann Harrington

12:00 Demetra Vassallo requested by Loving Husband

12:00 For the People of the Parish

5:00 Leona Perez requested by Shirley Garcia





What cost are you willing to pay for Heaven? And I am not referring to your weekly or monthly contributions to the Church or other charities, but the cost of your very self! What are you willing to give to God so you may truly follow Jesus? Maybe this question should be worded, what are you willing to give up in this life-so that you can have eternal life? That is what Jesus is asking us in this week’s gospel. He does it in a round about way, and not in the form of a question, but in a series of statements. “If anyone comes to me without hating his father and mother, wife and children, brothers and sisters, and even his own life, he cannot be my disciple.” And likewise, when He says, “In the same way anyone of you who does not renounce all his possessions cannot be my disciple.”

In short, Jesus is telling us that if people and things are standing in our way from truly embracing Jesus, and His call to a new way of life, it is far better for us to get them out of our lives. While family members may not be the problem for most of us today, this was not the case during Jesus’ time as those who followed Jesus were separated from their families. And we most remember that even today people face problems with their families for following Jesus, and that’s not just in other parts of the world its happening right here in our parish. Family loyalty is a wonderful thing (even Jesus would agree), but not when it stands in the way of a person accepting everything Jesus gives us.

Of course, we all know too well how possessions and other aspects of this material world can interfere with our fully accepting the gospel and Jesus’ call. However, possessions and the sins of the flesh are not the only things of this life that can stand in our way. Sometimes it’s ideas, attitudes, and the holding on to the old status quo. Which of course is what St. Paul is asking Philemon to go against when he writes to him about freeing his slave Onesimus. This is something that is most likely very hard for Philemon to do, but Paul is asking him not to think as a person living in the Roman Empire, but as a Christian being called to the new life! The other great thing that stands in our way from fully accepting Jesus and the Kingdom of Heaven is taking the whole thing for granted! We can see this with statements like- I have a right to Heaven, or Jesus loves and forgives everybody, so I know I’ll get to Heaven. Yes, Jesus does love and forgive everyone, but that does not mean we have a right to Heaven or that it is automatic. For we must remember that we do not merit salvation on our own, yet God gives it freely to us. So, you may ask, what’s the difference? The difference is, while God gives it to us freely, we must freely choose to accept it. That means not just taking Heaven for granted, but amending our lives to follow the gospel to the best of our ability. We see this in the gospel, when Jesus talks about the person who is about to build the tower or the king ready to march upon another king. In each example, Jesus tells us that a calculation of the cost was done, and each was well planned out. So must our response be to Heaven, it is not something we don’t have to think about, nor is it something, which is a one shot deal. Heaven must be our life’s goal and something, which we think about and pray about everyday.

It’s hard to believe, but this is the last (unofficial) weekend of Summer-which of course means that School is Starting, Sorry Kids! With the local public schools and our own school opening on Wednesday, September 8th, we ask you once again to please be careful driving on the local roads and near the church grounds. This is also true during the late afternoon and evening hours as our Religious Education and Confirmation, programs will be starting shortly. Let us pray that this a wonderful, productive, and holy year for all of our students-from per-K to Graduate School. Also, this Wednesday we welcome to St. Joseph’s Mr. Lee Descoteaux as he begins his Pastoral Year with us. Again, special thanks to the St. Regis Knights of Columbus and the St. Joseph’s Court of the Catholic Daughters of America for their generous help in housing and feeding Lee during this year.

Next Saturday September 11th at 12 Noon, we will celebrate a Special Memorial Mass for the victims of the Terrorist Attacks of 2001. We also will be praying for the victims’ families, ourselves, our nation, our soldiers fighting now against terror, and for the peace of the world-please join us or al lease set aside some part of the day for pray. Also next weekend, on Sunday the 12th at the 12 Noon Mass, we will honor several members of our Boy Scout Troop for receiving the Ad Altare Dei and Pius XII awards for the practice and understanding of their faith and the role of God in their lives. We invite all those involved in Scouting (Boys, Girls, Cub, and Brownies Kids and Adults) to attend this Mass in uniform as a wonderful sign of support and as a sign of how important Scouting is to St. Joseph’s.

On Saturday September 25th, our Daughter Parish of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton will sponsor a trip to the Shrine of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton in Emmitsburg, MD. This will be a one-day trip, which will leave at 5:45 AM and return about 10 PM. The cost is $45 and the price includes the bus, lunch, tour, and Mass. The deadline for this trip is this Wednesday-September 8th. All are invited, for more information please call Mrs. Michele Hahn at 737-4388 for more details.

God Bless you always and thank you for all you do for St, Joseph’s.

Fr. Mike



Please continue to remember them in your prayers.

Cpl. Jason Bertran Cpl. Michael Bruno

Cpt. Kevin Connolly Spc. Thomas E. Corcoran

Cpt. Edward Cuevas Col. Stephen Czerwinski

Sgt. Stephen DiGirolamo Pvt. Matthew DiNardo

Lt. John DiNero SFC Raymond Fulton

SSG Jeremy Garcia Cpt. Evan Gotkin

Cpt. Jennifer Gotkin Sgt. Steven Knight

PFC Brian Lawson SPC Adam Mackey

GM2 Gerard McGarity Sgt. Patrick McNally

Cpt. Gregory Mueller SSG Joey Napolitano

L/Cpl Michael Napolitano L/Cpl. Thomas Napolitano

L/Cpl. James Neubauer COP Johnathan Norris

PFC Anthony Notaroberta SPC Brian Pacella

Ensign 3 Lucy Padro Navy Seal Paul Padro

PFC Christopher Reid Sgt. Edwin Rivera, II

SRA Jason Schiavo PO2 Roger Schoverling

SPC Rudy Schoverling PFC Stephen Stadler

SSG Thomas J. Valentino Maj. Edward Ward

Cpl. Mark Ward Cpl. Zachary Wilga

SSG Dusty Williamson

(If you would like to include a soldier from your family who is serving, place their name and rank on a piece of paper and put it in the collection basket)



St. Joseph School will open on September 8th to a full day. The hours are 8:30 AM to 2:35 PM. Opening day offers excitement and promise for educators and students alike. Our goal is to establish a rich and stimulating environment for the students.

Teacher Aid

St. Joseph’s School is seeking a Teacher Aid for the Primary Level. The position is 5 days per week from 10am to 1:30pm. If interested, please contact the Main Office of St. Joseph’s School at 588-4760.


Religious Education News

The Religious Education office is now open. Our office hours are Monday thru Thursday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The students in level 6 and 7 who have been working on the Liturgy packets during the summer please remember they were due back last week.

Reminder to Parents of Confirmation Students, Please return your registration forms, permission slips, etc.

Late registration forms have been sent out. If you plan to register your child, please send your forms back as soon as possible, classes are starting the last week of September.

All children entering Grade 1 in September should be registered in Level 1 which is the first year of our two (2) year Communion prep program.

Catechist Reminder We are having a Catechist meeting and workshop on September 18th at

10:00 a.m. in Carew Hall. Reminder notices are being sent out.


Kimberly Iorio & Marc Torinese both of St. Joseph’s

Lizbeth Schnepf of St. Joseph’s and

Frank J. Weisenberger of St. Patrick’s

Shannon McDonough of Our Lady of Hope and

Gary Ambrosiano of St. Joseph’s

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Dennis Ferrerr of Our Lady of Lourdes

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Christopher Acosta of Our Lady of Lourdes

Deborah Bovino of St. Joseph’s and

David Galligan of St. Margaret of Scotland

Aileen Patrice McGinn of St. Joseph’s and

Michael Patrick Varley of St. Edmond’s


Parish Outreach

FOOD SUPPLIES due to the renovation of the Soup Kitchen this summer, our food supplies have been greatly depleted..Your food donations are needed more then ever. Kindly leave them in the front of Mary’s statue in the Church before or after Mass.


CHINESE AUCTION Friday September 24th, 2004 in St. Joseph’s School Auditorium, doors open at 6:00PM, admission is $5 per person includes 25 tickets plus coffee and cake .Auction starts promptly at 7 PM For further info. contact Outreach at 981-6888.


PREGNANCY CRISIS HOTLINEWe are here to help you. Please call 981.6888.



Jesus tells the crowd that only those who renounce all of their possessions can be His disciples. Is He truly asking us to give up everything? Perhaps instead he is trying to help us see that everything we think we own is really a gift from God. Good stewards know that and strive to be accountable for these gifts.


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St. Regis Knights of Columbus C & B Fundraiser

Is hosting a trip to New York Radio City Music Hall for the Christmas Spectacular on November 4, 2004 the 3PM show The cost is $65 per person.

This includes breakfast at the Knights of Columbus hall 2850 Pond Road, Ronkonkoma, NY. The breakfast will be at 9AM and consist of coffee and a bagel. Departure at 10AM from the Hall. Call

Nick Crismali 648-3964.


While pro-life groups and religious organizations say embryonic stem cell research (ESCR) is never morally justified, as it involves taking an innocent human life, there are still some who are pushing and pushing hard, for this research.

Case in point: Billionaire Ebay founder Pierre Omidyar and his wife Pamela, donated $1 million for California’s ballot campaign, Proposition 71. This proposition, if passed, would make available $3 billion of taxpayer funds for research involving destruction of live human embryos at state universities and biotech companies, which conduct ESCR.

Those opposing Proposition 71 accurately report that this destructive research has never effectively treated any disease. Some feminist groups also oppose this research, fearing that it would exploit women (researchers seeking eggs for embryonic experiments.)

If passed, this proposition would allow cloning embryos for stem cell research. It is ironic, though, that it is adult stem cell research, involving NO destruction of life, that has shown promise combating diseases from diabetes to Alzheimer’s. The California Pro-Life Council Executive Director Brian Johnston supports non-life-destructive stem cell research, e.g., cord-blood, muscle, bone marrow, pancreatic, corneal and neural stem cells which have had success in transplants. He referred to success “…where cells from one’s own body have had a marked impact in transforming damaged tissue” and usage with especially spinal cord damage. He fervently wishes for media coverage of such successes.

Maria Gallagher, LifeNews.com 7/20/04

May we remind you that the next Rosary Procession for Life will take place in Southhampton on Saturday, September 11th, at the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary Church, immediately following the 9 a.m. Mass.

For more information please call 588-0168.

Also, here at St. Joseph’s Church on September 12th the intention for the 9 a.m. Mass will be FOR AN END TO ABORTION.


Court St. Joseph #975 will begin its 2004-05 year with a meeting on Monday,September 13th, at 7:30 p.m. in Fr. Carew Hall.






Religious Ed—Part-Time Secretary 28 hours—Monday—Thursday 9:00—4 PM. Computer literacy a must, good communication and interpersonal skills very beneficial. Please calL Loretta at 265-2200 for more information, or to arrange an interview.

Suffolk Catholic Singles Dance

Saturday September 11th, 9 PM to 12:30 AM

Place is the Holiday Inn at MacArthur Airport, 3845 Veterans Memorial Highway. Admission $l5 at the door. Call Jerry at 516 520-9385 for more info.


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Tiger Cubs—entering First Grade in September

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