On the mountain Moses pleaded with God, and the Almighty relented of the punishment he threatened to send upon the people who made and then worshiped a golden calf. Paul acknowledges his sinfulness and thanks God for the mercy he has been shown. Jesus teaches about the mercy of God using the parable of the prodigal son and the forgiving father.

Next Sundays Readings: 1) Amos 8:4-7 2) 1 Timothy 2:1-8 3) Luke 16:1-13 or 16: 10-13

Liturgical Commission Publishings, Diocese of Lansing, Lansing, MI



Altar Bread And Wine

The gifts offered at our Masses this weekend

Are Donated in Memory of:

Dorothy Stiefel

Requested By:Loving Daughters





Muriel C. Johnston, Ruth Anderson, William Adams and for our deceased soldiers, and all of our deceased relatives and friends.



For this week, please pray for the sick, especially:

Susan Bateman John Biglin Oliver Bouchard

William J. Brodie James Butler Mercedes Chipe

Rosemary Demarest David DeParis Rose Dicanio

Maggie Errico Keith Ferraro David Hoffman

Joseph F. Koenig Samantha Larocca Evelyn Lombardi

Georgiana Lopez Richard McKenna Juliana McLarney

Gloria Miranda William Mytok Anita L. Nanry

Frank Nostro Christine Paglino Edward Percesepe

Grace Peshkur Molly Piccirillo Artie Plouffe’,Jr.

Eleanor Purcaro Thomas Purcaro Denise Rodriguez

Santo Rodriguez Annette Rodriguez Barbara Rooney

Rose Russo Joyce E. Ryan Diana I. Sacia

Mario Schiano Theresa Schiano Chris Sweeney

Edward Tedla Stacie Tizzard Adam Vaneron

Stacie Tizzard Adam Vaneron Gladys Zapata

Maureen Melchiona

PLEASE NOTE: To keep our prayer list current, we will keep names on the sick list for two months. We ask families to return the bulletin cut-out to include names of those who are ill for another two months.




(Subject to last minute changes)


This Sunday Next Sunday


5:00 pm Fr Boyle 5:00 pm Fr. Butler


7:00 am Fr Boyle 7:00 am Fr.Butler

9:00 am Fr Baccafola 9:00 am Fr Boyle

10:30 am Fr Liu 10:30 am Fr Maffeo

12:00 pm Fr Maffeo 12:00 pm Fr Liu

5:00 pm Fr.Butler 5:00 pm Fr Maffeo



Sunday, September 12- Twenty-fourth Ordinary Sunday

7:00 Bob Wirtenson (living) requested by Loving Family

9:00 An End To Abortion requested by Respect Life Committee

9:00 Ann Gregory requested by Les

9:00 Mr. & Mrs. Lobrutto & Lily requested by Loving Family

10:30 Edie Ryan requested by Clare & Paul DeRosa

10:30 Augusto Lucas requested by Joe & Grace Pedra

10:30 George Gaspar requested by Loving Daughter Anne Murtha

12:00 James Harrington requested by Ann Harrington

12:00 Demetra Vassallo requested by Loving Husband

12:00 For the People of the Parish

5:00 Leona Perez requested by Shirley Garcia

Monday, September 13- St. John Chrysostom

7:00 Eddie Smalling requested by Maryann Kunze & Family

9:00 Bernard Judge requested by Anthony & Caroline Antonucci

9:00 Edwardo Angelo requested by The Pego Family

9:00 Jose Pimentel requested by The Mawn Family

Tuesday, September 14- Exaltation of the Holy Cross

7:00 For Our Beloved Dead

8:45 Nicholas Santo requested by St. Joseph Safety Patrol

8:45 Adelaide Gerretz requested by The Stasiowski Family

8:45 Crystal Recca (Living) requested by Loving Mom & Dad

Wednesday, September 15- Our Lady of Sorrows

7:00 Richard Giampino requested by Al Kunze & Family

9:00 Deacon James Piekel requested by The Religious Ed. Office

9:00 Anthony Gryzlo requested by Loving Family

Thursday, September 16- St. Cornelius and St. Cyprian

7:00 For The Intentions of the Celebrant

9:00 Rev. John Serrano

9:00 John Zar requested by The Kapovic Family

Friday, September 17- St. Robert Bellarmine

7:00 Dennis Hegerman requested by The Helenek Family

9:00 Teresa Cipollone requested by Loving Friends

9:00 Michael O’Brien requested by Miles & Janet O’Shaughnessy

Saturday, September 18

8:00 John David Vargas requested by Loving Sister Angie

Anticipated Mass for Sunday

5:00 Raymond Dean, Sr. requested by Martin DeBobes

5:00 Michael Brunetti requested by Thomas McCarthy & Family

5:00 Eleanor Rinaldo requested by Loving Daughter & Family

Sunday, September 19- Twenty-fifth Ordinary Sunday

7:00 For The People of The Parish

9:00 Ann Neubert requested by Claire & Jim

9:00 Candy Henry requested by The 9AM Choir

10:30 Angelo Cassar requested by Loving Wife

10:30 Sam Livera requested by The Edwards & Cangro Families

12:00 Nunzio Vitale requested by Jeanne Stanick

12:00 Deceased members of the Midura and Margas Family

5:00 Michael Patanella requested by the Valcev Family

5:00 Diana Ferrara requested by Eddie & Vicki Burns





Please continue to remember them in your prayers.

Cpl. Jason Bertran PFC Justin Browne

Cpl. Michael Bruno Cpt. Kevin Connolly

Cpt. Kevin Connolly Spc. Thomas E. Corcoran

Cpt. Edward Cuevas Col. Stephen Czerwinski

Sgt. Stephen DiGirolamo Pvt. Matthew DiNardo

Lt. John DiNero SFC Raymond Fulton

SSG Jeremy Garcia Cpt. Evan Gotkin

Cpt. Jennifer Gotkin Sgt. Steven Knight

PFC Brian Lawson SPC Adam Mackey

GM2 Gerard McGarity Sgt. Patrick McNally

Cpt. Gregory Mueller SSG Joey Napolitano

L/Cpl Michael Napolitano L/Cpl. Thomas Napolitano

L/Cpl. James Neubauer COP Johnathan Norris

PFC Anthony Notaroberta SPC Brian Pacella

Ensign 3 Lucy Padro Navy Seal Paul Padro

PFC Christopher Reid Sgt. Edwin Rivera, II

SRA Jason Schiavo PO2 Roger Schoverling

SPC Rudy Schoverling PFC Stephen Stadler

SSG Thomas J. Valentino Maj. Edward Ward

Cpl. Mark Ward Cpl. Zachary Wilga

SSG Dusty Williamson

(If you would like to include a soldier from your family who is serving, place their name and rank on a piece of paper and put it in the collection basket)


You may have noticed that our Gospel Readings for the past few weeks surround a meal or a banquet, and of course, today’s Gospel is no exception. We see this both at the beginning of today’s passage and in the parable of The Prodigal Son that Jesus tells those who are gathered at the dinner (and of course the whole Church for the past 2004 years). This story is one of the best known in the Gospel; in fact, it is often called a Gospel within the Gospel. Which means that if one were just to read this story, one could know the heart of Jesus’ teaching. The teaching that tells us to forgive those who hurt us, just as the Father forgives us our sins. We see this in the action of the Loving Father in the parable. He readily forgives his younger son who greatly hurt him. That’s not to say he is happy with what his son has done, but he loves his son and he won’t let anything stand in the way of this reunion. Nothing is going to stand in their way-not even sin, hurt and deep pain! As the Loving Father forgives his son, so does God (our Loving Father) forgive us. He sends Jesus His Son to rescue and save us from our sins-Original and those sins of Commission and Omission that we commit ourselves.

Of course, the warning of the story is to try not to act like the older brother. He does not understand why or how his father can freely forgive his wayward son. It does not seem fair to him. Sometimes we feel the same about God’s ability to free and forgive everyone. Why does God forgive him or her, after what they have done? Why should this person share in salvation when I have been loyal all of this time? Why not? Does God not do the same for us-after all we have done or failed to do?

So, the Loving Father throws a banquet for his lost son who came home, and likewise the Loving Father, our God, throws us a banquet and gives us His Son so we can be forgiven. Please say THANK YOU to God, and please accept His forgiveness freely for yourself and for others. And remember, that God gives you permission to invite others to come- after all, “This man welcomes sinners and eats with them.” In short, by eating with “them” Jesus identifies with “them”, He identifies with “us”. Yes, He identifies with us, and through His Sacrifice on the Cross- in our participating in the Sacrifice of the Mass we can now identify with Him. Not in sin, but in forgiveness, peace and love. Thank you, and praise to you Lord Jesus Christ!

“The sky is falling, the sky is falling”, well not here Chicken Little! The sky is not falling and neither is the rain through the Church Roof. The New Church Roof is done, and there is much rejoicing. The gutters are also done, and the only thing that remains to be done is the soffits-the part unfortunately that we all see. As of now, we have been given an estimate of about $35,000, that’s a lot more than we expected. However, we were able to raise almost $95,000 for the Roof and all of those proceeds funded not only the Roof, but the Gutters as well. Yet, the soffits still need to be fixed, so we are going on. If you can help us, it will greatly appreciated-if not please pray that God will provide for us, and of course, we know that He will. Nonetheless, THANK YOU; all for your generousity to the Roof Appeal, we could not have gotten it done with out you. God Bless you always!

Our Parish Outreach is in desperate need of food supplies due to the renovation of the Soup Kitchen this summer. Your food donations are needed more then ever. Kindly leave them in front of the Blessed Mother’s statue in the Church. Also, on Friday September 24th, in the School’s Auditorium the Outreach will sponsor a Chinese Auction. The doors open at 6 PM; admission is $5 per person, which includes 25 tickets, coffee and cake, and a lot of fun. This is a major fun and fundraiser for the Outreach and all of the necessary work it does. Please come out and support it!

This weekend we welcome to St. Joseph’s Mr. Lee Descoteaux, as he starts his Pastoral Year with us. Lee will introduce himself at all of the Masses, and let us pray that he will have a wonderful experience with us.

For years, the 5PM Sunday Evening Mass has been a Youth Oriented Mass. In the past, it was referred to as the Youth Mass, but due to circumstances beyond our control it stopped. However, our young people have continued to frequent the Mass and still serve in the capacity of Ushers, and Lectors (and we are so thankful and very happy that they have continued in these ministries). In an attempt to revitalize this important ministry to our young people, we would like to see the young people’s ministry extend to the music area. Now, nothing is going to change about the 5PM Mass in anyway, except for the fact that we are drawing more attention to that which already exists-all of the lay ministries will be carried out by young people or with the help of slightly older young people-more details to come.

Since this is the start of another school and parish year, we would like to remind all of our parishioners of the various opportunities for prayer. The Rosary is prayed daily (Mon-Fri) after the 9 AM Mass and most Monday evenings at 7:30 PM (conducted by the parish’s Apostolate for Family Consecration). The Liturgy of the Hours is prayed 8:40 AM (Mon-Fri) and at 7:40 AM on Saturdays. Eucharistic Adoration on Monday’s (except on Legal Holidays) from 2-6:45 PM, and there is Nocturnal Adoration and Devotion to the Sacred Heart on the First Fridays of the month from 7:30-8:30PM. A whole listing can be found on the Front Cover of our Weekly Bulletin-we moved it there so people can easily see what is available at St. Joseph’s.

Thank you, for all you do for our beautiful parish.

Fr. Mike


St. Joseph School is now open . The hours are 8:30 AM to 2:35 PM. We wish all students returning to school a very successful and enjoyable school year.

The first Home School Association meeting will be Wednesday,September 15th at 7:30 PM in the Gym.


Religious Education News

The Religious Education office is now open. Our office hours are Monday thru Thursday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

A big thank you to all those parishioners who came forward and heard our plea for catechists and hall monitors. We are still in need of help. If you can teach or help please call our office at 981-1805.

Reminder to Parents of Confirmation Students, Please return your registration forms, permission slips, etc. All forms were due back by Sept. 16. It is imperative that we have these forms so preparations can be done for the Confirmation ceremony.

Confirmation Interviews will be held this week on:

Tuesday Sept. 14 in Carew Hall starting at 7:00 p.m. and

Thursday Sept 16 in Carew Hall starting at 7:00 p.m.

Check your list for your scheduled time.

Notice for September 15

Introduction Parent Meeting for Levels 3,4,5,6 7 and Sacrament Readiness I and Sacrament for Teens 1. will be held in Carew Hall at 7:15 p.m.

Late registration forms have been sent out. If you plan to register your child, please send your forms back or drop off to our office before Sept. 15th.

All children entering Grade 1 in September should be registered in Level 1 which is the first year of our two (2) year Communion prep program.

Catechist Reminder We are having a Catechist meeting and workshop on September 18th at 10:00 a.m. in Carew Hall. Reminder notices are being sent out.

Catechetical Sunday will be celebrated on Sunday September 19th at the 12 noon Mass.



(Second Time)

Kimberly Iorio & Marc Torinese both of St. Joseph’s

Lizbeth Schnepf of St. Joseph’s and

Frank J. Weisenberger of St. Patrick’s

Shannon McDonough of Our Lady of Hope and

Gary Ambrosiano of St. Joseph’s

Jennifer Rand of St. Joseph’s and

Dennis Ferrerr of Our Lady of Lourdes

Danielle McNaughton of St. Joseph’s and

Christopher Acosta of Our Lady of Lourdes

Deborah Bovino of St. Joseph’s and

David Galligan of St. Margaret of Scotland

Aileen Patrice McGinn of St. Joseph’s and

Michael Patrick Varley of St. Edmond’s


Parish Outreach

For the month of August we serviced 188 clients. Financial assistance amounted to $3,686.40. There were 12 new clients added and total services and referrals provided were 516. This included food, living needs, Health Care information, advocacy and housing.

Your continued support of the Outreach Program makes all of this possible.

Thank you.

FOOD SUPPLIES due to the renovation of the Soup Kitchen this summer, our food supplies have been greatly depleted..Your food donations are needed more then ever. Kindly leave them in the front of Mary’s statue in

the Church before or after Mass.

CHINESE AUCTION Friday September 24th, 2004 in St. Joseph’s School Auditorium, doors open at 6:00PM, admission is $5 per person includes 25 tickets plus coffee and cake .Auction starts promptly at 7 PM For further info. contact Outreach at 981-6888.

PREGNANCY CRISIS HOTLINEWe are here to help you. Please call 981.6888.



We can hear God speaking to us today in the words of the father to his elder son. “You are with me always, and everything I have is yours.” What is my response to such remarkable generosity” Do I give joyfully and generously as God gives to me?


Weekly Offering

712 envelopes $12,188

Loose collection 2,836

Total Last Sunday $ 15,024

Same collection last year 16,890

Poor Box last weekend 355



Restoration Fund


Thank you to those who have upped their pledges. We received a total of $ 6,620 in increases this year.

Pledged to date $1,126,830

Paid to date 1,003,351


Scrip Corner

Scrip sales last week $10,940

Same period last year 14,945

Gross Profit 523


Calendar Club

Congratulations to this week’s winners!!!

Sept. 01 $25 #555 Ben Scannella

Sept. 02 $25 #097 Roger & Marie Koferl

Sept. 03 $25 #771 Ed & Kay Ward

Sept. 04 $25 #049 Maureen & Kevin Delaney


St. Regis Knights of Columbus


St. Regis Council is hosting a trip to the:



Saturday, October 9th

$30.00 per person

No Refunds

($8 or $10 Back To You From Casino)

Breakfast @ 8 A.M. (Cake & Coffee)

Depart @ 9 A.M. Money due by September 24th

Call: Mo Moloney (63l) 981–7759 or Gene Monetti at (631) 981-4295



Here are some items of interest, taken from the September issue of LIFE NEWS.WOULD Blimpie’s subs and salads taste good to you if you knew part of what you paid for the food might go to the coffers of Planned Parenthood” Life Decisions International has added Blimpie’s to it’s The Boycott List.

Blimpie’s denies that this is so, but PP of Portland, Oregon claims it is a supporting organization. You may find more information at Idi@fightpp.org. PROUD of having having had an abortion? Planned Parenthood has a T-shirt for you! These shirts were “designed” by an artist from the East Village in NYC and were sold on the PP Federation of America website. They are proclaimed by PP as “a powerful message in support of women’s rights.” They proclaim “I had an abortion” and according to Gloria Feldt, PP President, the shirts let women “stand up for choice”. She admits that abortion is a “heart-wrenching decision, but women don’t need to be ashamed of it”. She just won’t acknowledge the suffering of women who have had abortions.

UNICEF—that friendly Halloween companion—is no friend of life, and has fooled many good people into collecting for their projects. The Health and Science page of LIFE NEWS, October 200l, documented UNICEF’s involvement in anti-life activity, and the millions of U.S. taxpayer dollars given annually to UNICEF programs. Send a stamped, self-addressed envelope to LICL-UNICEF—a Halloween Trick,

P. O. Box 223, Ronkonkoma, NY 11779 for a copy.

STAND UP FOR LIFE—On Sunday, October 3rd, from 2:00 PM to 3:30 PM, you are invited to stand, holding a sign which will say either Abortion Kills Children, or Mother and Child. Love Them Both. You will stand with hundreds of other pro-life people along Route 110 or along Route 25, where they meet, in Huntington. The group from St. Joseph’s will stand in front of Saks Department Store on Rte. 110. For more information please call 588-0168.

YOU ARE also invited to attend the L.I. Coalition for Life monthly meeting on Sept. 27th which will be held at St. Regis Council, K Of C, on Pond Road and Rosevale Avenue. It will start at 7:45 PM and the speaker will be George Frost, co-chair of the LICL education Committee. He is Professor Emeritus of Economics and Political Philosophy at Suffolk County Community College. His topic will be “Abortion and Captial Punishment: Is There a Moral Distinction” All are welcome to attend.




Cook/Housekeeper needed for Good Shepherd Parish, Holbrook Monday to Friday. Excellent working Conditions & Benefits Please Call Mary at 588-7689.