Sunday, March 6, 4th Sunday of Lent

7:00 Margaret McHale (living) requested by Ryan Spelman

9:00 Mrs Salazar requested by Mr & Mrs Lago

9:00 For Our Beloved Dead

9:00 Jean Castelluzzo requested by

The Divone Family

10:30 For an End to Abortion requested by

Respect Life Committee

10:30 Noel Catala requested by

Robert & Doreen DeSoto

10:30 For the Intentions of the Celebrant

12:00 For the People of the Parish

12:00 Mary & Agnes Moscato requested by Loving Family

12:00 Elizabeth DeMaio requested by Loving Husband

5:00 Lena Mead requested by Mr & Mrs Robert Bizzaro

5:00 Lucas Marrero requested by Norma & Arthur Owen

5:00 For the Intentions of the Celebrant

Monday, March 7, Sts Perpetua & Felicity

7:00 Anna Cullen requested by Gloria Benitez

7:00 Rev David Clifford requested by Loving Mom

12:10 For the Intentions of the Celebrant

Tuesday, March 8, St John of God

7:00 Irene Riolo requested by Lori Schoeller

8:45 Christine Silecchia requested by the Antonucci Family

8:45 John Buckley Jr requested by Anne & John Johnson

12:10 For the Intentions of the Celebrant

Wednesday, March 9, St Frances of Rome

7:00 George Dereta Sr requested by Loving Family

9:00 Augusta Croce requested by Loving Family

12:10 Helen Schweit requested by Mr & Mrs Suli

Thursday, March 10

7:00 For Our Beloved Dead

9:00 Morita Martinez requested by Fran Signorello

12:10 Michael Sollazzo requested by

Albert & Jenine Yannucciello

Friday, March 11

7:00 For our Holy Father, Pope John Paul II

9:00 Everett Wolpert requested by the Binger Family

12:10 For the Intentions of the Celebrant

Saturday, March 12

8:00 Rose Filangeri requested by Janet Kramer

Anticipated Mass for Sunday

5:00 Rose Marie McGivney requested by the Kutch Family

5:00 Marie Antonucci requested by the Kutch Family

Sunday, March 13 , 5th Sunday of Lent

7:00 Margaret Hiscock requested by Roseann Horn & Family

7:00 Barbara Barone (living) requested by Meredith Milana

9:00 Deceased Members of St Regis

Knights of Columbus & Columbiettes

9:00 For Our Beloved Dead

10:30 Antonia Lobrutto requested by Loving Children

10:30 Jean Castelluzzo requested by Fritz Yannotti

10:30 Intentions of the Celebrant

12:00 Gilbert Aquila requested by Loving Wife & Children

12:00 Anthony Alfieri requested by Loving Wife & Family

12:00 Intentions of the Celebrant

5:00 Paul Shadlich & Rita & Bill Hubbard requested by

Loving Family

5:00 For the People of the Parish

5:00 Dagney Lang requested by Debbie Lang





Catherine Schutz, Anna Arpino, Joanna Polanco, Doris Derleth,

Kathleen Curran , our deceased soldiers and all of our deceased

relatives and friends.


For this week, please pray for the sick, especially:

Michael Ambrosio Rob Barello Susan Bateman

Frank Belsito Maureen Berdon Oliver Bouchard

Emmanuel Coby Regina T Cohen Maggie Errico

Robert Filce Catherine Gracey Andrea Griffin

William J Guthrie III Raymond Harold Mary Hayes

Warren Johnson Gail Karcher Jack Kelleher

Georgiana Lopez Joan Marten John McGarry

Juliana McLarney Rita Meehan Maureen Melchiona

Timothy M Nigro Edward Percesepe Valerie Perruzza

Grace C Peshkur Joseph Poirot Nicole Ramaglia

Mark Recine Thomas Rigney Jr Frances Romagnuolo

Salvatore Romagnuolo Barbara Rooney Rose Russo

Joyce Ryan Leticia Schilt Lori Slack

Antonina Sturiano Kathleen P. Taylor Joan Teaney

Stacie Tizzard Henrietta Varon Keith Vasak

Stephen Walsh Patrick Woods Danny Yezzo

Brandon Zartler

PLEASE NOTE: To keep our prayer list current, we will keep names on the

sick list for two months. We ask families to return the bulletin cut-out to

include names of those who are ill for another two months.


Saturday This Sunday Next Sunday

5:00 pm Fr Butler 5:00 pm Fr Boyle

7:00 am Fr Butler 7:00 am Fr Boyle

9:00 am Fr Boyle 9:00 am Fr Maffeo

10:30 am Fr Maffeo 10:30 am Fr Thomas

12:00 pm Fr Thomas 12:00 pm Fr Butler

5:00 pm Fr Maffeo 5:00 pm Fr Thomas

Page 2 St. Joseph’s Roman Catholic Church


The gifts offered at our Masses this


Are Donated in the Memory of

Kenny & Bradley Families

Requested by

Loving Family


Today’s Gospel follows the exquisite development of the

journey to faith in Jesus of the man born blind. At the word

of Jesus he goes to the pool, washes, and returns able to

see. As this man, who stands for every believer, realizes

how Jesus has given him sight, he grows in self assurance

and boldly professes: “I do believe, Lord”.

Sunday, March 6, 2005 Page 3


Today’s reading tells us about light, judgment, being

sent, and an anointing that changes a person’s life the

second it happens. Samuel with the horn of oil in hand

anoints David and from that day on, the Spirit of the Lord

is upon him and the rest is history. After Samuel’s

anointing, David can no longer be the simple shepherd

from Bethlehem. He soon gets involved with King Saul,

the war against the Philistines, and the slaying of Goliath.

All of these events will lead him to become Saul’s enemy

and eventually Saul’s successor as the King of Israel and

the forerunner of the Messiah.

The man born blind is anointed by Jesus with the mud

paste, and behold he can see, and his life would never be

the same! Immediately he gets caught up in controversy,

but filled with the power of the Spirit of the Lord he does

not give in. In fact, he offers the Jewish Leadership a

challenge that is worthy of Jesus Himself. Like Jesus, he

points out to them their own blindness, a blindness that

prevents them from seeing that Jesus is the Messiah.

David becomes the King and the man who gains his

sight now becomes a disciple and does his part to spread

the Gospel. Neither one of them can go back, they are

sent by God to do what they can to serve God - each

according to their gifts and station in life. Christ will not

let the man, or any of us, stay in the darkness, “While I

am in the world, I am the light of the world.” Never

forget that Christ is indeed still in the world - present

in each and every one of us who is Baptized. Through us

the Church, the Living Body of Christ, the light of Christ

shines brightly. Like David and the man born blind, we

have been anointed in Baptism and have been sent to

preach the Gospel, to die to sin’s darkness, and to fulfill

the words from Paul’s Letter, “Awake, O sleeper and

arise from the dead and Christ will give you light.”

Let us keep in our prayers: Alison Dusset, Ron Dabach,

Nikoletta Misciagna, and Nora Moraitis who are making

their way to becoming one with Christ and the Church

during this Easter Season. Keep them and their sponsors

in your thoughts as they remind each of us of the richness

of our faith and the gifts God gives us in Christ.

Remember next Sunday March 13th, two great events

will be happening. The 1st is during the Afternoon with

the Saint Patrick’s Day Parade, sponsored by the St.

Regis Council of The Knights of Columbus - please come

out and show your support as well as having a grand ole

time. The 2nd, at 7 PM in the Church is the Creative

Ministries’ presentation of the Journey, Cross and

Crucifixion. Please come out and be moved by this faith

filled presentation. Also mark your calendars for

Saturday Morning March 19th, The Feast of Saint

Joseph, Husband of Mary and Patron of the Universal


celebrate a special Mass at 10 AM followed by a Festive

Breakfast in Carew Hall at 11 AM. While all are invited,

we do need to know how many people will be attending

and this information must be in by the end of this week.

Please fill out the form in the bulletin and return it to the


We are still praying the Stations of the Cross on the

remaining Fridays of Lent at 7:30 PM, and on Good

Friday Evening at 7:30 PM, please come out and make

this special journey with Jesus and your brothers and

sisters in Christ.

St. Joseph’s Home School Association presents its 11th

Annual Spring Fashion Show! This great event will be

held at Villa Lombardi’s on Wednesday April 20, 2005

from 7-11 PM. This year’s theme brings us to Hawaii,

just think for only $50 a person you can go to Hawaii

(well at least for one night). You can have a great meal,

see some new fashions, and just relax and have a great

time. Chances for some really great prizes will be

available (which you also can buy at the doors of the

church starting this weekend), a 50/50 cash prize and the

ever-popular Chinese Auction - thank God Fr. Liu is in

Florida he might start getting worried again. This is the

school’s largest fund-raiser and it is worthy of all of our

support, because all of the proceeds go to helping the

parish support the school.

Enrollment for St. Joseph’s School is going on as you

read this letter and this year we are hoping to offer a fullday

Pre-K Program. Please call the school for more

information and consider our beautiful school for your

children’s secular and faith education.

All of us at St. Joseph’s School and Parish would like

to thank the Moloney Family Funeral Homes for their

extremely generous gift of $5,000 to the St. Joseph’s

School Library. This gift will be separated over a two

year period so we can provide for the best Library

Resources for our beautiful school - now and for the

future. Thank you to all at Moloney’s for support of

Catholic Education in St. Joseph’s Parish.

God bless you always.

Fr. Mike


The blind man was willing to let Jesus

minister to him and willingly did all

Jesus asked of him. The Pharisees were

more resistant to His message, spending

their time and energy to disprove the

miracle. Which am I more like, the man

born blind or the Pharisees?

Weekly Offering

697 envelopes $14,034

Loose collection 2,758

Total Last Sunday $16,792

Weekly Operating Expenses 21,250

Same Collection Last Year 17,492

Poor Box last weekend 546

Parish Outreach

Free employment counseling is now being offered by a

retired business executive. Sessions will be held at the

Outreach office by appointment only. If you are

interested, please call Outreach between 10am and 3pm

Monday through Friday, at 981-6888. You will then be

contacted for an appointment date and time.

Fienstein Matching Grant - This foundation will match

all donations made to the Outreach Program during the

months of March and April. This is a great way to make

your contribution dollar go farther. The need is great but

the supply is low.

For the month of February we serviced 179 clients.

Financial assistance amounted to $4382.61. There were

15 new clients added and total services and referrals

provided were 438. This included food, living needs,

Health Care information, advocacy and housing. Your

continued support of the Outreach Program makes all of

this possible. Thank you.

PREGNANCY CRISIS HOTLINE - We are here to help

you. Please call 981-6888.

Apostolate for Family Consecration

Invites you to bring your family and friends for a

Lenten opportunity to pray with your parish family.

We meet on Mondays at 7:30 PM in the church for a

holy hour which includes: Listening to some of our

leading theologians, Praying the Rosary using

meditative music video images of the life of Christ

and Fellowship (coffee & cake). All are welcome.


The next Defensive Driving course will be held on

March 12th from 8:30 am to 3 pm in Carew Hall. The

cost is $45 per person. Call the Rectory at 588-8456 to

register for the class.

Religious Education

Office hours are Monday 9 to 4:00

Tuesday and Wednesday 10 to 3:30

Thursday from 9 to 3:30.

If you need to reach us after 3:30 pm on Tues, Wed or

Thurs please call the school number 588-4760.

The office is closed on Fridays.

Level 6 students are scheduled to go to Temple Beth Chai

today March 7th. Please arrive at the Temple at 4:15.

Level 6 Students do not have classes the week of March

7th. They are to go to the Seder on Thursday, March 10th

at 7 pm in Carew Hall.

Level 2 Parent meeting in Auditorium during class times

on Tuesday, March 8th, 9th, and 10th. Please bring your

child to class then come over to the Auditorium.

Sacrament for Teens 2 – March 8th Parent meeting with

students in Room 14 during their class time at 7:15.

Reminder - Level 7, Reconciliation on Monday, March


Reminder - Level 1 Activity on March 14th at 4 pm and

6:30 pm in the Auditorium. You may choose your time.

Entertainment Books are on sale in the Religious

Ed Office and the Rectory at a cost of only $20.

Page 4 Sunday, March 6, 2005


Please continue to remember them in your prayers.

CPL Jason Bertran PFC Justin Browne

CPL Michael Bruno PC Michael Dean Cantley

CAPT Kevin Connolly SPC Thomas E. Corcoran

CAPT Edward Cuevas COL Stephen Czerwinski

SGT Ryan Delaney SGT Stephen DiGirolamo

PVT Matthew DiNardo Lt John Kenneth DiNero

Lt Nancy DiNero CPL Keith Flick

SFC Raymond Fulton RCT Michael Gabriellini

SSG Jeremy Garcia CAPT Jennifer Gotkin

SPC Daniel Heuman SGT Steven Knight

1SGT John Krumholz SSG Stephen LeGrady

GM2 Gerard McGarity PFC Edward McGinn

SGT Patrick McNally PFC William Meyer

Andy Mezador SGT Daniel Montville

SSGT Brian Moran SGT James Munro

SSG Joey Napolitano LCPL Thomas Napolitano

LCPL Michael Napolitano LCPL James Neubauer

COP Jonathan Norris PFC Anthony Notaroberta

N/Seal Paul Padro Ens3 Lucy Padro

PFC Christopher Reid SGT Edwin Rivera, II

SR/SA Jason Schiavo RCT Brian Schildt

SPC James Stanek SSG Thomas J Valentino

SSG Nick Vicale SGT John Thomas Vogt

CPL Mark Ward Maj Edward Ward

CPL Zachary Wilga SSG Dusty Williamson

(If you would like to include a soldier from your family who is serving, place

their name and rank on a piece of paper and put it in the collection basket)

Respect Life

On this Tuesday, March 8th, at the Empire State Plaza

Convention Center in Albany, if you’re lucky enough to

be there, you will see and hear that extraordinary person,

Detective Steven McDonald. He will be the featured

speaker at the Public Policy Forum. Detective McDonald

will join with Edward Cardinal Egan and the Bishops of

New York State and more than 1,000 Empire State

Catholics for the advocacy day sponsored by the NYS

Catholic Conference. The annual Public Policy Forum is

an opportunity for Catholics to show their political

strength in Albany, and the Bishops are encouraging all

concerned Catholics to attend.

Despite his paralysis, Det. McDonald rejects the use of

human embryos for medical experimentation and instead

favors ethical research involving adult and umbilical cord

stem cells. (By the way, umbilical stem cells must be

collected at the moment of birth. Ask your doctor or call


The Bishops have identified seven issues of priority for

the Public Policy Forum, among them adequate Medicaid

reimbursement and reforms to ensure health care

coverage; affordable housing for low and moderateincome

families and individuals; and promotion of ethical

stem cell research and a ban on embryonic stem cell

research and cloning.

Cardinal Egan will be principal celebrant and homilist at

1 pm Mass concelebrated by the state’s Bishops. Register

online at or call 518-434-6195 .

With all this talk about stem cells, you may ask, What is

a stem cell? – the answer is that a stem cells are cells

which have the ability to divide for indefinite periods in

culture, which is the broth that covers cells in a culture

dish, which contains nutrients to feed the cells .

Pluripotent is a term which refers to the ability of a single

stem cell to develop into many different cell types of the

body. CELL-based therapies refers to the treatment in

which stem cells are induced to differentiate into the

specific cell type required to repair damaged or depleted

adult cell populations or tissues.

Page 5 Sunday , March 6, 2005

Mark Your Calendars

Mar 11,18 Stations of the Cross 7:30 PM

March 13 Creative Ministries

Journey, Cross & Crucifixion

Mar 19 Feast of St. Joseph

Mass 10 AM Brunch 11AM

Mar 24 Holy Thursday 7:30 PM Mass

Mar 25 Good Friday

12 noon Reflections on The Seven Last Words Of Christ

3PM Communion Service

Creative Ministries Presents

The Journey, Cross & Crucifixion

Sunday, March 13

7:00 PM

A live dramatic presentation of

the Stations of the Cross. Join us as we experience

the trial of Jesus, His journey through the streets of

Jerusalem, and His final moments on the cross.


Court St. Joseph #975 will meet in Fr. Carew Hall on

Tuesday, March 8, at 7:30 p.m. for their regular monthly

meeting. Please remember to bring a baby gift for the

baby shower, unwrapped. C. West, Regent, 585-1719.

School News

The fourth grade students raised over $200 through bake

sales, during the month of January. The students were

happy to learn that Father Peter Devaraj will donate the

money toward a fishing net for a village in India that

suffered great loss during the tsunami disaster.

Feast of St Joseph Brunch

Saturday, March 19, 2005


Everyone is welcome to come and

celebrate our parish feast day. Please fill out

and return to rectory as soon as possible.


Number of People_________

Welcome to the Newest Members of Our Parish Family

Alessandra Dimaria Alyssa Beatrice Fiene

Jack Robert Leary

Gianna Arlene Lord Kayla Rose Makinen

Jack Ryder Ponzio

Grace Benedicta Saravia Gianna Marie Vaccaro

Kyle Raymond Varuolo

Page 6

Penance/ Reconciliation/ Confessions:

After 7:00 & 9:00 Mass Monday, March 21 Diocesan Day of Reconciliation

4:00 to 5:00 PM

7:00 to 8:30 PM

After 7:00 & 9:00 Mass Wednesday, March 23

10:00 to 12 Noon Holy Saturday (for those unable to attend other services)

Holy Thursday

9:00AM Morning Prayer

7:30 PM Mass of the Lord’s Supper followed by Solemn Procession

with the Blessed Sacrament to the Repository

11:00 PM Closing of Repository

Good Friday

9:00AM Morning Prayer

12:00 to 1:00 PM Reflections of the Seven Last Words

3:00 PM Commemoration of the Passion and Death Of the Lord Jesus

(Holy Communion distributed)

7:30 PM Stations of the Cross followed by Sermon & Veneration of the Cross

Holy Saturday

9:00 AM Morning Prayer

9:30 AM Blessing of Easter Food (in the Church)

7:30 PM Easter Vigil Liturgy (with Reception & Adult Baptism) 2 hrs.

Easter Sunday

Masses in the Church at 7:00, 9:00, 10:30 and 12:00 Noon

Masses in Carew Hall at 11:00 and 12:30

****There is no 5PM Mass on Easter Sunday****

Page 7

Heather is one of five siblings who

spent much of their young lives

moving from one welfare motel

room to another before they were

placed in foster homes. When

Heather became pregnant, she was

put out of her foster home and had

nowhere to turn for help until she

entered Regina Residence. She is

now the mother of a very active,

eight-month-old daughter she loves

very much. Heather finds that being

at Regina Residence, as a new

mother, gives her the opportunity to

give her baby and herself a warm,

safe place to live and thrive. A

bright student, Heather has written

poetry and was a finalist in this

year’s Respect Life contest. She

hopes to receive her high school

diploma in 2005 but that will not be

easy for her with her new

responsibilities. Along with having

her daughter to care for, she needs

to double up on many courses

because she was not always able to

attend school during the years that

she lived in welfare motels. She

wants to continue her education

after graduating and would like to

become either a registered nurse or

a fashion designer. She wants to be

able to give her daughter the

privileges and security she did not

have when she was growing up.

Regina Residence runs a wonderful

program for expectant or new

mothers and their babies. In a

meticulously kept, ten-bedroom

house in Merrick, six new mothers

and their babies are presently living

along with three young women

expecting babies. The all-female

staff, headed by Kathleen Ryan,

program administrator, share the

duties of caring for these residents,

24 hours a day, making sure they

keep all their appointments and

overseeing the teen-age mothers

and mothers-to-be as they cook,

clean and do laundry, and learn the

parenting and homemaking skills

they will need once they are on

their own. Every evening they sit

down together to a dinner they have

prepared. This event is one that is

somewhat unusual for many of the

residents; most of whom come from

broken or foster homes and may not

have experienced family life before

coming to Regina Residence.

All the residents and their children

attend the Nassau County BOCES

TAP program (Teenage Parenting

Program) in Seaford, where they

continue their high school

education and learn to become

responsible, competent mothers. If

they have earned their high school

diploma, they begin vocational

training to prepare themselves for a

successful future.

There is almost always a waiting

list for this facility in Nassau

County run by Catholic Charities of

the Diocese of Rockville Centre.

We must provide a life for these

young girls who have chosen to

keep and love the young life they

now care for.

Heather and her daughter, as well as

the other young mothers, are

grateful for the assistance they

receive. This is only one program of

Catholic Charities that the Catholic

Ministries Appeal helps to fund

through your generous support of

the diocese’s annual appeal.

© Copyright The Long Island Catholic

Catholic Ministries Appeal 2005

St Joseph R C Church, Ronkonkoma, NY

Diocese of Rockville Centre

PO Box 4000, Rockville Centre, NY 11571-4000

516 379-5210 ext 2 Fax 516 379-5043 email:

Pledge: $ _________ Initial Payment: $ ________ Balance: $ _______

Thank you for your support. Please make checks payable to: Catholic Ministries Appeal


Address: ____________________________________________________

City_____________________________ State____ Zip __________

A Guide to Giving

Pledge 10 Payments

$ 300 $ 30

500 50

1,000 100

1,500 150

2,500 250

Catholic Ministries Appeal 2005

St. Joseph’s Home School Association

11th Annual Spring Fashion Show

Hawaiian Style

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

7PM - 11PM

At Villa Lombardi’s

877 Main Street

Holbrook, NY

$50. Per ticket - Includes salad, dinner, dessert, coffee/tea, beer/wine/soda

Chinese Auction Give-A-Ways 50/50 Cash Prize Raffles

Tickets can be ordered by filling out the form in the Church Lobby by April 13,2005

Page 8

Catch the Wave

…..And a Chance to Win

Annual Fashion Show Raffle - April 20,2005

To Benefit St. Joseph’s School

1st Prize:

47” Panasonic TV or

$1500 Tuition Credit at St. Joseph’s School

2nd Prize:

A Night on the Town: Dinner for Two

Tickets to a Show at the Smithtown Arts Council

Overnight Stay at the Holiday Inn Express

3rd Prize:

Zenith Home Theater System

Donation: $25 Return this form with your payment to the Rectory by April 18, 2005 or

stop by our table after Sunday Mass. Tickets will also be available at the Fashion Show.

I want to catch the wave…

Name_________________________________________ Telephone________________

Home Address__________________________________

__________________________________ Number of Tickets___ X $25 = _______Enclosed

Papal Vocation Monstrance

On November 24, 2004 the Holy Father blessed six monstrances to be utilized

throughout the various continents of the world to pray during this Year of the

Eucharist for an increase of vocations to ordained ministry and consecrated life. Our

diocese will be able to use one of these monstrances at various holy hours held

during the week of March 12th - March 19th. All are welcome to attend these

liturgies. For further information please call the Vocation Office at 631-424-9888.

Sunday, March 13th 7:00 PM Our Lady of Perpetual Help

South Wellwood Ave, Lindenhurst

Monday, March 14th 3:00 PM Chaminade High School

Adoration continues thru 6:00 AM Jackson Ave, Mineola

Tuesday, March 15th 7:00 PM Church of Our Lady of Loretto

Greenwich St, Hempstead

Wednesday, March 16th 8 AM - 3 PM Kellenberg Memorial High School

Glen Curtiss Blvd, Uniondale

6PM - 12AM St Anthony High School

Wolf Hill Rd, So. Huntington

Thursday, March 17th 12AM - 2:30 PM St Anthony High School

Wolf Hill Rd, So. Huntington

Friday, March 18th 8 PM Seminary the Immaculate Conception

West Neck Rd, Huntington

Courtesy Announcements

Catholic Singles Dance - Saturday night March 19th, 9 pm to 12:30 am at the Holiday Inn at

McArthur Airport. Admission is $20 at the door. The evening includes DJ & Band, Deli Buffet,

free snacks and raffle tickets! 200+ expected, Neat casual attire required. For ages 30’s - 50’s.

For more information call Jerry at 516-520-9385.

Natural Family Planning - Friday, March 18 at 7:30 pm at Christ the King Parish in

Commack. NFP is a holistic approach to family planning. Both husband and wife come to

understand their fertility, emotions, and family planning intention (whether to have a baby or


For further information please call 516-678-5800, ext 223.

Estate Planning and Elder Law Seminar - Wednesday, April 6 from 4-5 pm at Ronkonkoma

Cenacle. Overview if various issues will be discussed. Seminar is free, but you must call by

April 1 to reserve space - (631) 471-0024.

Fishermen Flea Market - Saturday March 12, at the Knights of Columbus, 400 South

Broadway, Lindenhurst. Open 9 - 3, Admission $4.00, (kids 12 & under & seniors free). For

Page 9


I/we would like to register as members of St. Joseph Parish.

NAME (s): ____________________________________________

ADDRESS:__________________________________ _________

PHONE: _______ - _____________ unlisted? (Yes) (No)

I/we would like become members of the parish. ( ) Yes

I/we would like to receive contribution envelopes. ( ) Yes ( )No

We make our donations each Sunday ( ) Weekly

We make our donations once a Month ( ) Monthly

( )I would like to become an usher

( ) I would like to become a lector.

( ) I would like to become an altar server.

( ) I would like to become a Eucharistic Minister.

( ) I would like to become a choir member

( ) I would like to become a Catechist

( ) I would like to help maintain the parish plantings

( ) I would like to offer my following talents to the parish

(Please return to the Church Office or place in Collection Basket)


I/we wish to pledge (or increase our pledge to)

___ $5,000 ___ $4,000 ___ $3,000 ___ $2,000 ___ $1,000

to St. Joseph’s Parish Restoration Campaign.

I/we would like to make payments

___Annually ___Semi-Annually ___Quarterly ___ Monthly

spreading the payments over

___One year ___ Two years ___ Three years ___ Four years

NAME (s): ________________________________________



PHONE: ______ - _________


(Please return this form in the collection basket or

to the Church Office)


Please include the following in the bulletin sick list:


Name of person who is ill:

_____________________________ ____________________

Person making this request: Relationship to ill person

Your Phone #: _____________________

(Please place in collection basket or return to Church Office)

One Person’s Trash, Another’s ...

BOX TOPS from cereals for Educational purposes are always

welcomed. Please drop them in the collection.

DEPOSIT BOTTLES AND CANS—Please place them in the

white trailer that is located on the school side of the Church on

weekends or behind the rectory during the week.

CELL PHONES—Please bring your no longer used or needed

cell phones and deposit them at the Scrip table in the Church


Travel Soccer:

Gene ��467-0541

Intramural Soccer:

Beth ��737-6299


Karen ��588-8636

Chairman: Henry


Gene ��588-1879

Girls Basketball:

Christine ��737-3142

Boys Basketball:

Frank ��585-6921

Melchiona ��676-6347

Sport for all Seasons



Cub Scout Pack 272

Boy Scout Troop 272

St. Joseph’s Cub Scout Pack 272 and Boy Scout Troop 272

have fun, exciting, educational, character building programs

for boys, age 7 through 17 (first grade and up).

For more information or to enroll your child,

contact Dr. Louis Scotti at 656-8428

or e-mail

Even Used Inkjet Cartridges,

Have Their Uses

We have found a way to help St Joseph and keep those

complicated pieces of plastic, metal and printed circuit

boards out of the land fill. Drop them off (in a plastic

baggie) when you come to mass. We will send them to a

company who reuses them and gives the parish a bounty for

each. One note, to clear confusion, if it is larger than a fist,

it is not an inkjet cartridge!!!

Page 10