Sunday, May 8, Seventh Sunday of Easter, Mother’s Day

7:00 Cornelius J Dunleavy requested by Loving Wife Anne

7:00 For the People of the Parish

9:00 Court of St Joseph CDA 975

9:00 Marie Olivari requested by Franklin & Joan Duarte

9:00 Eileen Munch requested by Mr & Mrs Bitonti

10:30 Mothers Day Novena

10:30 Anna Supakoff requested by Carmita Paredes

10:30 Audrey Peace requested by Tracy & Patrick Brennen

12:00 Josephine Laurence requested by Her Loving Family

12:00 Irene Tedesco requested by John & Victoria Ryder

12:00 For Our Beloved Dead

5:00 Charlotte Berwind requested by Jeanne Garcia

5:00 Tracey Hushin requested by Frank Mangiacapre

5:00 For the Intentions of the Celebrant

Monday, May 9

7:00 Mother’s Day Novena Intentions

9:00 Joseph Rufino requested by The Curtin & Galindo Families

9:00 Helen Canavan requested by Mike Giama & Paul Johnson

Tuesday, May 10, Blessed Damien de Veuster of Moloka’I

7:00 Raymond Weldon requested by The Sleszynski Family

8:45 Mother’s Day Novena Intentions

8:45 Nicholas C Romano Jr. requested by Loving Mom & Dad

Wednesday, May 11

7:00 Mother’s Day Novena Intentions

7:00 Robert Mucha requested by Loving Wife & Family

9:00 Elizabeth Bohn requested by Judy Moore

9:00 Joseph Miller requested by Loving Family

Thursday, May 12 , SST Nereus & Achilleus

7:00 Fr Bill Govern requested by Fr Michael Boyle

7:00 Mary & Thomas Gallagher requested by Loving Family

9:00 Mother’s Day Novena Intentions

9:00 Rev David & Michael Clifford requested by Loving Family

Friday, May 13, St Matthias

7:00 Mother’s Day Novena Intentions

7:00 Mr. DeLuca requested by Geri & Mike Devenney

9:00 Charles P Guthrie requested by Mom & Dad

9:00 Lillian Keck requested by Geri & Mike Devenney

Saturday, May 14

8:00 Anna Arpino requested by Bridget & Vincent Corrado

8:00 Mother’s Day Novena Intentions

Anticipated Mass for Sunday

5:00 Henry & Frances Devlin & Family requested by

Timothy Cleere & Family

5:00 Harry Kenney requested by Clair Alliegro

Sunday, May 15, Pentecost

7:00 Dominick Mineo requested by Loving Wife

7:00 Angelo Cassar requested by Loving Wife

9:00 Ann Gregory requested by Les

9:00 Thomas Ryan requested by The Hughes Family

9:00 Mother’s Day Novena Intentions

10:30 For the People of the Parish

10:30 Dorothy Koenig requested by The Robert Ambrico Family

10:30 Bernard Verdon requested by Frank Scalli

12:00 Mother’s Day Novena Intentions

12:00 An End to Abortion requested by the Respect Life Committee

12:00 Margaret Kolibash requested by Claire & Jim

5:00 Charles Richard Contato requested by Loving Family

5:00 Nan Olenick requested by Scott Olenick

5:00 Samantha Harrison requested by The Dunphy Family





John J. LaVerde, our deceased soldiers and all of our deceased

relatives and friends.


For this week, please pray for the sick, especially:

Michael Ambrosio Maureen Barden Robert Barello

Anthony Bock Oliver Bouchard Mary Ellen Bowers

Robert Cipriani Emmanuel Coby Josephine D'Agostino

Allan Delgardo Anna Dorney Kristine Duschenchuk

Maggie Errico Julie Ann Farkas Howard Ferry

Robert Filce Jennifer Giuliante Catherine Gracey

William Guthrie III Raymond Harold Mary Hickey

Gail Karcher Jack Kelleher Louise LaRocca

Georgiana Lopez Anthony Maiorano Rita Maiorano

Tony Maiorano Juliana McLarney Rita Meehan

Maureen Melchiona Betty Mulligan Timothy M Nigro

Grace C Peshkur Joseph C Poirot Marco Recine

Joan Reilly Frances Romagnuolo Salvatore Romagnuolo

Barbara Rooney Rose Russo Joyce Ryan

Jeanette Schaffer Marie Schwind Linda Stoltz

Antonina Sturiano Peter Tantone Edward Tedla

Veronica Thatch Stacie Tizzard Stephen Walsh

Patrick Woods

PLEASE NOTE: To keep our prayer list current, we will keep names on the

sick list for two months. We ask families to return the bulletin cut-out to

include names of those who are ill for another two months.


This Week End Mass Next Week End

Fr Thomas 5:00 pm Fr Boyle

Fr Thomas 7:00 am Fr Boyle

Fr Butler 9:00 am Fr Thomas

Fr Boyle 10:30 am Fr Maffeo

Fr Maffeo 12:00 pm Fr Butler

Fr Boyle 5:00 pm Fr Thomas

Page 2 St. Joseph’s Roman Catholic Church


The gifts offered at our Masses this


Are Donated in the Memory of

Maria & Savino Saraceni

Requested by

Loving Family


After the Ascension of Jesus into heaven, the Apostles

return to Jerusalem and devote themselves to prayer as

they await the coming of the Holy Spirit. Peter teaches

that those who are insulted because of their faith give

glory to God. Jesus concludes his farewell discourse with

a prayer to his Father on behalf of all those who believe in


better meet the needs of those

who are wanting to move closer and closer to God with

out any unnecessary delays.

If you know of any young adult or not so young adult

who has received First Communion, but has not been

Confirmed have them call the Rectory for more

information about next year’s preparation for Adult

Confirmation at Pentecost 2006.

On Sunday May 29th, we will celebrate the

Solemnity of the Body and Blood of Christ- Corpus

Christi. On this day, especially during this Year of the

Eucharist, we will have a Eucharistic Procession with

the Blessed Sacrament following the 12 Noon Mass weather

permitting. We will process with the Blessed

Sacrament from the Church along the sidewalk to Parish

Outreach where there will be a small Altar erected for

our 1st Benediction. From Outreach we will go to the

Main Entrance of the Lower School Building for our 2nd

Benediction then processing through the back parking lot

around to the Front Door of the Rectory for our 3rd

Benediction, and from there we will go back into the

Church for our 4th and final Benediction and the

Reposing of the Blessed Sacrament. Each of the stops

represents one of the vital ministries of our parish.

Please join us if you can, in the case of rain we will have

a modified procession inside the Church-so pray for

good weather!

It’s Summer Family Festival Time. Yes, that’s right,

and before you know it, our Annual Summer Festival

will be upon us. So, mark your calendars for July 20th-

24th. As always this promises to be a wonderful event

for fun, community, and raising much needed funds for

the running of the parish. We can’t do it without your

support, so come out for all of the nights or just some of

them. Remember we will have rides, games, Vegas

Nights, Food, Nightly Give-A-Ways, Limited Raffle

Drawing (with Raffle Tickets going on sale in the near

future), and as mentioned last year, we will begin selling

our Football Pool Tickets for this years upcoming NFL

Season. We also need the help of many volunteers to

make this event a great success for St. Joseph’s. If you

can help for some of the days or even one day please fill

out the form on the bulletin’s last page.

And last but not least, on behalf of the Priests,

Deacons, our Seminarian Lee, and the entire St.

Joseph’s Staff, we wish to all of our MOTHERSHAPPY


May God bless you always and may our dear Blessed

Mother Mary pray for you.

Holy Mary Mother of God, pray for us sinners now and

at the hour of our death. Amen.

“Now this is eternal life, that they should know

you, the only true God, and the one whom you sent,

Jesus Christ.” Today’s Gospel Reading takes place just

before Jesus’ betrayal and death on the Cross.

Jesus, knowing what was about to happen gives His

farewell address to the Apostles. But he does not do it like

Washington addressing his troops in New York City; no,

He does it in the form of a prayer. Jesus prays to the

Father thanking Him for the earthly mission He was about

to complete, and for allowing Him to be the instrument

that shows forth His Glory. Jesus, likewise, thanks the

Father for giving Him the Apostles and the other

Disciples. But keep in mind Jesus is also thanking the

Father for us who will come to know Him through the

Apostles. As Jesus prays for the Apostles, He also prays

for us His Church. He prays that they (and we) will

always be one with each other-just as the Father and the

Son are one.

Of course, the only way that we can be one with each

other and in turn with God is through Jesus Christ. Thus,

when we are one with each other through Christ, we are

also one with Christ and one with the one who sent Him

(more on this is when we come to Trinity Sunday). But in

order to be one with and in Jesus, we must know Jesus.

And I don’t mean know about Jesus! After all anybody

could pick up a history book or a theology book, or even

the Bible and can gain an academic knowledge of Jesus,

but that’s not knowing Jesus. To know Jesus is to know

Him in your heart and soul. To know Him, is to feel His

presence and hear his voice in your daily life, and to see

Jesus at work in the holy actions of others. We also need

the Holy Spirit, who is sent by the Father and Son to

complete the Son’s work on earth through us. (That we

will focus on next week when we celebrate Pentecost

Sunday.) Focus again on the prayer the Son offers for us

to the Father; focus on what He wants for all of us-Eternal


As we mentioned above, next Sunday is Pentecost

Sunday and it the last day of the great 50 Days of Easter.

At the 10:30 and 12 Noon Masses we will celebrate the

Sacrament of Confirmation for some adults in our parish

who for whatever reason were not able to do it at the usual

time. These people were baptized and received Holy

Communion but were not confirmed. This is indeed a

great day for them as they move into full communion with

the Church and receive the rest of the wonderful gifts of

the Holy Spirit. It is also a great day for us, as we help

several members of our parish move closer and closer to

God who loves us and saves us-what a blessing God has

bestowed on Saint Joseph’s. Just for your information,

each year Bishop Murphy gives the priests of the Diocese

the faculty to administer the Sacrament of Confirmation

on Pentecost Sunday. This is done so the Church can

Sunday, May 8, 2005 Page 3


Thursday May 19th at 5PM Please call our office and let us

know when your child will be coming.

Reminder to our Catechists : Year end meeting to be held on

Wednesday at 7:00 p.m. in Carew Hall. Please return your

manuals and binders. Please call and let us know if you

cannot come.

Do you know St Joseph has a Sunday School program. It

takes place at 9:00 a.m. on Sunday morning. Registration is

now being accepted for this program. Please call the

Religious Ed office for forms at 981-1805

Mark your calendar St Joseph’s will once again be having a

Summer Vacation Bible school from July 25 –29 for ages 4

through 9. Registration forms will be ready shortly.

Parish Confirmation – To all parents whose child is

entering the Parish Confirmation program in the fall, please

note we have received notice, from the Bishop’s office that

the date for conferring this Sacrament will be Thursday,

November 10th.

Happy Mother’s Day to all our Mothers in St Joseph’s



In today’s Gospel, Jesus prays, “I have given You glory on

earth by finishing the work You gave Me to do.” Good

stewards follow His example by using their gifts for the

glory of God.

Registered Families 5537

Weekly Env Sent 1560

Monthly Env Sent 690

Total Families receiving Env 2250

Weekly Offering

644 Envelopes $ 13,302

Loose collection 2,634

Total Last Sunday $15,936

Weekly Operating Expenses 21,250

Weekly Excess/Debt (5,314)

Same Sunday last year 16,956

Poor Box last weekend $453

Fuel collection to date 12,416

Fuel expenses 9/1/04 - 4/1/05 30,983

Parish Outreach

During the months of March & April

parishioners donated $9,758 to Outreach

which will be matched by the Fienstein

Foundation. The Foundation may be

able to match the dollar amount but no

one can ever match your generosity!

Thank you on behalf of all those who benefit from your

kindness. May God continue to bless each of you.

PREGNANCY CRISIS HOTLINE - We are here to help

you. Please call 981-6888.

Religious Education

Office hours are Monday 9 am to 4 pm

Tuesday and Wednesday 10 am to 4 pm

Thursday from 9 am to 4 pm

Office is closed on Friday

Registration Our new registration procedure is going very

well, classes are filling up quickly. Please return your forms

to the office as soon as possible. Any child entering first

grade in September should be registered for level 1 which is

the first year of the two year communion prep. Just call our

office and we will gladly send them out to you.

Level 1 & Sacrament Readiness I Parents please make

arrangements to go to the Rectory to have your child’s

prayers heard with one of our priests, this needs to be done

by May 31st.

Reminder for Level 2 Communion rehearsal in Church on

Monday, May 9 at 7:00 p.m. for the May 14th 10 a.m. Mass.

Tuesday, May 10 at 6:45 p.m. for the May 14th 11:30 a.m.


Sacrament for Teens Reminder Confirmation Rehearsal

for Candidates and Sponsors on May 12th at 7:00 p.m. in


Reminder for Home Study students, testing will be held in

the Auditorium Tuesday, May 17th at 4:15 p.m. and

Page 4 Sunday, May 8, 2005


Please continue to remember them in your prayers.

CPL Jason Bertran PFC Justin Browne

CPL Michael Bruno PC Michael Dean Cantley

CAPT Kevin Connolly SPC Thomas E. Corcoran

CAPT Edward Cuevas COL Stephen Czerwinski

SGT Ryan Delaney SGT Stephen G DiGirolamo

LT John Kenneth DiNero LT Nancy DiNero

CPL Keith Flick SFC Raymond Fulton

RCT Michael Gabriellini SSG Jeremy Garcia

CAPT Jennifer Gotkin SPC Daniel Heuman

SGT Steven Knight 1SGT John Krumholz

SSG Stephen LeGrady MAJ Kevin McCue

GM2 Gerard McGarity PFC Edward McGinn

SGT Patrick McNally PFC William Meyer

Andy Mezador SGT Glenn Miller

SGT Daniel Montville SSGT Brian Moran

SGT James Munro SSG Joey Napolitano

LCPL Thomas Napolitano LCPL Michael Napolitano

LCPL James Neubauer COP Jonathan Norris

PFC Anthony Notaroberta N/Seal Paul Padro

ENS3 Lucy Padro MAJ Paul E Pinaud

PFC Christopher Reid SGT Edwin Rivera, II

SSGT Jason Schiavo RCT Brian Schildt

SPC James Stanek SSG Thomas J Valentino

SSG Nick Vicale SGT John Thomas Vogt

CPL Mark Ward MAJ Edward Ward

CPL Zachary Wilga SSG Dusty Williamson

(If you would like to include a soldier from your family who is serving, place

their name and rank on a piece of paper and put it in the collection basket)


Today, Mothers’ Day, seems a good time to

report a little good news concerning “mothers’

rights”. The U.S. House of Representatives on

April 27th passed a bill (270-157) which would

make it illegal to take a minor across state lines

for an abortion, which is done to dodge parental

consent laws.

The House sent the bill to the U.S. Senate, where it has

new momentum as an item on the Republicans’ top 10 list of

legislative priorities. Reflecting rising public support for

recognizing and requiring parents’ involvement in their

pregnant daughters’ decisions, the bill would impose fines,

jail time or both on adults and doctors involved in most

cases where minors were taken out of state to get abortions.

Majority Leader Bill Frist (R-Tenn) has pledged to bring

this bill up for a vote this summer.

In another sign of the measure’s new support, a

Representative who staunchly favors abortion rights and

voted against the bill in the past, voted for it this time

because as he said, “This bill simply says that a parent has a

right to know if their child is having surgery”.

If passed by the Senate and signed by the president, the

bill would represent the fifth measure since 2001 aimed at

reducing the number of abortions.

Newsday, 4/28/05


The six most important words … “I admit I made a mistake.”

The five most important words … “You did a good job.”

The four most important words … “What is your opinion?”

The three most important words … “If you please.”

The two most important words … “Thank you.”

The one most important word……. “We.”

Christopher News Note, January 2005

Page 5 Sunday , May 8, 2005

Mark Your Calendars

May 8 Baby Clothing Collection in Lobby

May 15 Pentecost

10:30 Mass - Teen & Adult Confirmation

May 18 Catechist Meeting 7:00

May 22 Farewell Party for Mrs. Salvietti after

12:00 Mass

June 3 & 4 Vegas Nights

June 5 Unity Sunday

June 11 Anointing Mass 10:30

June 27 Golf Outing

School News

St. Joseph School is proud to announce that artwork

submitted by the following students Jonathan

Sanders, Stephan Brandt, Kimberly Poccia and Kelly

Lussier to the 2005 Disabilities Awareness Art

Contest will be part of an exhibit at the NYS Empire

State Plaza. Visitors to the Plaza will have an

opportunity to learn from the students’ art how the

inclusion of people with disabilities is taking place in

the community.

We thank these students for their posters, which will

enrich understanding of how similar we all are.

May 25th is McDonald’s night - the school gets a

percentage of all sales that evening - so please join

us for some fries and a shake!

Banns of Marriage

(First Time)

Melissa Kozak of St Joseph’s and

Robert Nucatola of Hauppauge

Jennifer Greening of Holy Cross, Nesconset and

Robert Sinatra Jr. of St Joseph’s

Valerie Mannino and Robert Massimo

both of St Joseph’s

Michelle Caporino and Walter Schweizer

both of St Joseph

Leigh Ann Zwicker of St Joseph’s and

Matthew Wenchell of Sts Peter & Paul, Manorville

Danielle Castelli of Alexandria, VA and

Michael J Routhouska of Our Lady Queen of Peace, VA

Alaina Woltje and Peter Tabaco both of St Joseph’s

Welcome to the Newest Member of Our Parish Family

Thomas Joseph Buzzitta

Victoria Isabelle Buzzitta

Connor James Daly

Ricky Lawrence Forster

Joshua Martin Godek

Michael Gene Licari II

Mikayla Rose Romano

Catholic Ministries Appeal 2005

Heather is one of five siblings

who spent much of their young

lives moving from one welfare

motel room to another before they

were placed in foster homes.

When Heather became pregnant,

she was put out of her foster home

and had nowhere to turn for help

until she entered Regina

Residence. She is now the mother

of a very active, eight-month-old

daughter she loves very much.

Heather finds that being at Regina

Residence, as a new mother, gives

her the opportunity to give her

baby and herself a warm, safe

place to live and thrive. A bright

student, Heather has written

poetry and was a finalist in this

year’s Respect Life contest. She

hopes to receive her high school

diploma in 2005 but that will not

be easy for her with her new

responsibilities. Along with

having her daughter to care for,

she needs to double up on many

courses because she was not

always able to attend school

during the years that she lived in

welfare motels. She wants to

continue her education after

graduating and would like to

become either a registered nurse

or a fashion designer. She wants

to be able to give her daughter the

privileges and security she did not

have when she was growing up.

Regina Residence runs a

wonderful program for expectant

or new mothers and their babies.

In a meticulously kept, tenbedroom

house in Merrick, six

new mothers and their babies are

presently living along with three

young women expecting babies.

The all-female staff, headed by

Kathleen Ryan, program

administrator, share the duties of

caring for these residents, 24

hours a day, making sure they

keep all their appointments and

overseeing the teen-age mothers

and mothers-to-be as they cook,

clean and do laundry, and learn

the parenting and homemaking

skills they will need once they are

on their own. Every evening they

sit down together to a dinner they

have prepared. This event is one

that is somewhat unusual for

many of the residents; most of

whom come from broken or foster

homes and may not have

experienced family life before

coming to Regina Residence.

All the residents and their children

attend the Nassau County BOCES

TAP program (Teenage Parenting

Program) in Seaford, where they

continue their high school

education and learn to become

responsible, competent mothers. If

they have earned their high school

diploma, they begin vocational

training to prepare themselves for

a successful future.

There is almost always a waiting

list for this facility in Nassau

County run by Catholic Charities

of the Diocese of Rockville

Centre. We must provide a life for

these young girls who have

chosen to keep and love the young

life they now care for.

Heather and her daughter, as well

as the other young mothers, are

grateful for the assistance they

receive. This is only one program

of Catholic Charities that the

Catholic Ministries Appeal helps

to fund through your generous

support of the diocese’s annual


Catholic Ministries Appeal 2005 St Joseph R C Church, Ronkonkoma, NY

Diocese of Rockville Centre

PO Box 4000, Rockville Centre, NY 11571-4000

516 379-5210 ext 2 Fax 516 379-5043 email:

Pledge: $ _________ Initial Payment: $ ________ Balance: $ _______

Thank you for your support. Please make checks payable to: Catholic Ministries Appeal

Name: ______________________________________________________

Address: ____________________________________________________

City_____________________________ State ____ Zip __________

This form can be returned to St Joseph Rectory or put in an envelope and placed in the Sunday collection.

We thank you for your support.

A Guide to Giving

Pledge 10 Payments

$ 300 $ 30

500 50

1,000 100

1,500 150

2,500 250

Page 6

Happy 25th Anniversary

Deacon James Altonji


Deacon Joseph Dougherty

We wish Deacons Altonji and Dougherty much happiness and many blessings as

they celebrate 25 years in the Diaconate. Our parish family has been blessed with

their presence here as they have shared our joys and sorrows. We look forward to

spending many more years together.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our Deacons, past and present ,

for their presence in the life of our parish.

Deacon Joseph Califano Deacon Michael DeBellis St. Stephen the Martyr

Deacon Michael Devenney Deacon John Erdman Patron Saint of Deacons

Deacon Joseph Maffeo Deacon Joseph Pagano

Please keep Deacon Altonji , Deacon Dougherty and all our Deacons in your prayers.

The Diaconate

The diaconate began as a separate order in the early church, but evolved into a transitional stage in the

process to the priesthood. In 1967 Pope Paul VI approved the restoration of the diaconate as a permanent order

in the church as called for in Vatican II. After several years of development and review, the late Bishop John

McGann approved a diocesan program of study in 1976. The first class of 48 permanent deacons was ordained

in June of 1979; many of these dedicated men continue to minister in the diocese today.

Bishop McGann envisioned the vocation of a deacon as different and distinct from their fellow clergy in

the priesthood. In an interview with The Long Island Catholic in 1976 he said “I think it will bring some very

dedicated laymen into active ministry. It will give us the benefit of the specialties the lay people have that

they’re willing to contribute to the Church.” Many deacons are married, have children, and work in secular


Bishop William Murphy recently noted the importance of the role of deacons in the Church, saying “I

am so grateful to God for the men of our Diocese serving as Deacons. They are a gift to the Church.“

The 260 men ordained as permanent deacons for the diocese currently serve in over 100 parishes and

other ministries on Long Island. They can administer the Sacrament of Baptism and preside at weddings, wake

and burial services as well as other liturgies. They can also preach at Mass. However celebrating the

Sacraments of Penance, Confirmation, Annointing of the Sick and the celebration of the Eucharist remain a

part of the ministerial life of priests only.

Page 7

Around The Parish

St Joseph’s Playgroup invites children from birth to age 5 and their parent /grandparent/ caregiver to join us

Friday mornings from 9:30 to 10:45 for an informal playgroup. We meet in Fr Carew Hall (church basement) every

Friday except for school holidays and church holy days. For more information, call Sally Miller at 737-5120.

Wanted: Worn American Flags for proper disposal. Girl Scout Troop 256 is

collecting worn flags for Flag Day ceremony. Please deposit flags in marked box

in Church Lobby. For more information contact 467-1683. Thank You!

Cub Scout Pack 272 News Flash ….Ahoy Matie! This month’s theme was Waterways. We built sailboats to

race in the Raingutter Regata. We kicked off the evening with a Songe Bob Sing-a-long. Arghhh!! We had to

walk the plank to get our awards. Officer Wimpleberg did fingerprinting with us. We had a lot of fun and can’t

wait ‘till this month’s pack night. If you would like to - please come down and check it out. Our next Pack

night is on May 13th. See you there.

Courtesy Announcements

Brian McGee Memorial Golf Outing will be held on Monday, June 13 at the Swan Lake Golf Club in

Manorville. The cost for golfers to participate in the outing is $130 per golfer. This includes full check in

lunch, green fee, cart and the awards dinner held at Swan Lake. Check in will begin at 11:30, which includes a

full lunch prior to tee time. There will be a 1:30 shotgun start . Dinner will be from 6-9PM. The cost for family

and friends who would like to attend the dinner only is $50. Please contact Millie D at 585-2753 for any

questions or information.

Retrouvaille is a program for marriages that are in trouble. It offers a lifeline to couples suffering with

relationship problems. The nest weekend will be held at Montford Missions, Bay Shore on June 17-19. For

further information and/or registration please call 1-800-470-2230.

Suffolk Catholic Singles Dance Saturday, May 21st from 9 to 12:30 at the Holiday Inn at MacArthur Airport.

Admission is $20 at the door. Neat Casual Attire. For ages 30’s through 60’s. Admission includes DJ, Deli

buffet, snacks and raffle tickets.For more information call Jerry at 516-520-9385.

Positions Available - the following positions are available with the Diocese of Rockville Centre at the Pastoral

Center - Building Services Manager, Accounts Receivable Clerk, Operations Coordinator, Auditor, Senior

Secretary and IT User Support. Please forward resume, cover letter, salary requirements & three professional

references to:Director of Human Resources, DRVC, PO Box 9023, Rockville Centre, NY 11571-9023 or email:

8th Annual Cenacle Golf Classic, May 18, 2005 at Long Island National Golf Club in Riverhead. All proceeds benefit

Ronkonkoma Cenacle. Individual golfer $200, prepaid foursome $700. Call 631-471-0024 for more information.

Adult Education program at the Joseph M Barton District Building in Smithtown is providing English as a Second

Language classes, High School Equivalency Preparation and a Senior Citizen class for adults during the day and

evening. The courses are federally funded and free to all Suffolk residents. For more information please call


Spiritual Spa Day at Our Lady of Grace Center, Manhasset on Wednesday, May 11 from 9AM - 3PM. For more

information or to register, call 516-627-9255.

Marriage Enrichment Day on Saturday, May 21 at St Patrick’s Church in Smithtown. Come to nurture and

“cultivate” your marriage. The day begins at 9AM and will end at 5PM in the Emmaus Room. The cost is $50 per

couple which includes breakfast, lunch and refreshments. For information please call the Nadler’s at 631-979-6481.

Calling All OLMA Graduates! Our Lady of Mercy Academy, Syosset, is planning Fall 2005 Reunions for the following

classes: 1955,1965,1975,1980,1985,1990 and 1995. For more information call 516-921-1047 ext 38.

Family, Marriage and Individual Therapy is available at The Catholic Counseling Center. Professional therapy, provided

by New York State licensed or certified therapists, is available to our parish. Most insurance policies are honored.

Page 8

Fatima Day - Friday, May 13

at the

Shrine of Our Lady of the Island, Eastport

11 AM Stations 12 noon Mass

1PM Lunch 2 PM Rosary

3 PM Rosary

Families Conference

The Family Apostolate, Franciscan Friars of the Renewal, and the Sisters of Life invite you to enjoy an

uplifting day for the entire family - filled with fun activities for the children, drama and music for the

teens and inspiring speakers for the adults. Families will pray together and learn together as they are

drawn closer through the sacraments of Reconciliation and the Mass.

Where: Kellenberg Memorial High School in Uniondale

When: Saturday, June 11th from 9AM to 9PM (evening concert for all).

Cost: $35 per family (discount before 5/9/05) $20 per single.

$45 per family (after 5/9/05 and on site) $30 per single.

Meals can be brought or purchased on site.

Contact Felicia at 516-705-8111 for a program.

Register on line at or e-mail


Make checks payable to “Family Apostolate” and mail to 126 Pearsall Ave, Freeport, NY 11520


Holy God,

You compare Your own love for Your people to the love of a mother for

her children.

Look with kindness on these mothers, give them comfort in moments of

sorrow, and joy in her their work for her their families.

Listen to their prayers, and bless + them in all they do for You.

Let them share with Jesus Your Son and Mary our mother in the

everlasting happiness of Heaven.

Father, we ask this grace through Christ our Lord.


Page 9


I/we would like to register as members of St. Joseph Parish.

NAME (s): ____________________________________________

ADDRESS:__________________________________ _________

PHONE: _______ - _____________ unlisted? (Yes) (No)

I/we would like become members of the parish. ( ) Yes

I/we would like to receive contribution envelopes. ( ) Yes ( )No

We make our donations each Sunday ( ) Weekly

We make our donations once a Month ( ) Monthly

( ) I would like to become an usher

( ) I would like to become a lector.

( ) I would like to become an altar server.

( ) I would like to become a Eucharistic Minister.

( ) I would like to become a choir member

( ) I would like to become a Catechist

( ) I would like to help maintain the parish plantings

( ) I would like to offer my following talents to the parish

(Please return to the Church Office or place in Collection Basket)


I/we wish to pledge (or increase our pledge to)

___ $5,000 ___ $4,000 ___ $3,000 ___ $2,000 ___ $1,000

to St. Joseph’s Parish Restoration Campaign.

I/we would like to make payments

___Annually ___Semi-Annually ___Quarterly ___ Monthly

spreading the payments over

___One year ___ Two years ___ Three years ___ Four years

NAME (s): ________________________________________



PHONE: ______ - _________


(Please return this form in the collection basket or

to the Church Office)


Please include the following in the bulletin sick list:


Name of person who is ill:

_____________________________ ____________________

Person making this request: Relationship to ill person

Your Phone #: _____________________

(Please place in collection basket or return to Church Office)

One Person’s Trash, Another’s ...

BOX TOPS from cereals for Educational purposes are always

welcomed. Please drop them in the collection.

DEPOSIT BOTTLES AND CANS—Please place them in the

white trailer that is located on the school side of the Church on

weekends or behind the rectory during the week.

CELL PHONES—Please bring your no longer used or needed

cell phones and deposit them at the Scrip table in the Church


Travel Soccer:

Gene ?467-0541

Intramural Soccer:

Beth ?737-6299


Karen ?588-8636

Chairman: Henry


Gene ?588-1879

Girls Basketball:

Christine ?737-3142

Boys Basketball:

Frank ?585-6921

Melchiona ?676-6347

Sport for all Seasons



Cub Scout Pack 272

Boy Scout Troop 272

St. Joseph’s Cub Scout Pack 272 and Boy Scout Troop 272

have fun, exciting, educational, character building programs

for boys, age 7 through 17 (first grade and up).

For more information or to enroll your child,

contact Dr. Louis Scotti at 656-8428

or e-mail

Even Used Inkjet Cartridges,

Have Their Uses

We have found a way to help St Joseph and keep those

complicated pieces of plastic, metal and printed circuit

boards out of the land fill. Drop them off (in a plastic

baggie) when you come to mass. We will send them to a

company who reuses them and gives the parish a bounty for

each. One note, to clear confusion, if it is larger than a fist,

it is not an inkjet cartridge!!!

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