Sunday, May 22, The Most Holy Trinity

7:00 Ann Bartik requested by Loving Family

7:00 Rosalie Caiafa requested by Angela & Frank Szemko

9:00 Joseph Molinaro requested by The Di Silvestre Family

9:00 For The People of The Parish

9:00 John Eppolito requested by Carol & Tom Dalton

10:30 Deceased Members of St Regis

Knights of Columbus & Columbiettes

10:30 For Our Beloved Dead

12:00 John & Nadine Beneventi requested by Loving Family

12:00 Mary & John Rigney requested by Loving Family

12:00 For the Intentions of the Celebrant

5:00 Nan Olenick requested by Scott Olenick

5:00 Patricia Seton-Harris requested by Mary, Ken & Carlo

5:00 For Our Beloved Dead

Monday, May 23

7:00 Consuelo Ortiz requested by Loving Family

7:00 Charles Hazzard Jr requested by Cathy Sheehan

9:00 Carmine Somma requested by Loving Family

9:00 Madeline Sandemier requested by Patti Wilson

Tuesday, May 24

7:00 Robert Ortiz & Michael D’Amico requested by

Loving Family

8:45 Raquel Napolitano requested by the Fagan Family

8:45 George Becker requested by Anselm Family

Wednesday, May 25

7:00 Helen Chiplakes requested Marian & Kevin Kelsey

7:00 Raquel Napolitano requested by Camille DeRosso

9:00 Theresa DeFilippo requested by Marie DeFilippo

9:00 Maureen Raab requested by Lucretia Lucivero

Thursday, May 26, St Philip Neri

7:00 Harry Dunlop requested by Carrie & Craig Fleischer

9:00 Jack Clark requested by Florence & Kenneth Marino

9:00 George Marmaro requested by Eleanor Alu

Friday, May 27, St Augustine of Canterbury

7:00 Thanksgiving Mass in Honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary

requested by Rosario Family

7:00 Cordell Kennedy Sr requested by Robert DeRosso

9:00 Robert Hiller requested by The Daniels Family

Saturday, May 28

8:00 Ivan Wesche requested by Christine Dowgiallo

8:00 Genevieve Stegeman requested by Linda & Richie Muench

Anticipated Sunday Mass

5:00 Warren Neal requested by Tom & Millie D’Agostino

5:00 Nancy McKiernan requested by Angelo & Andrea Quagliata

Sunday, May 29, Solemnity of Body & Blood of Christ

7:00 Rosalie Caiafa requested by Marie & Robert Collins

7:00 Kathleen McAteer requested by

Frank & Connie Mangiacapre

9:00 Ellen Tulowitzki requested by Joe & Viv Becker

9:00 Sabina Marino requested by the Goldschrafe Family

9:00 Maria DeSimone requested by Angela & Children

10:30 Frank DeGiglio requested by Kate Serterides

10:30 Alfonse Eusanio requested by Aida Maffeo

10:30 For the Intentions of Celebrant

12:00 For the People of the Parish

12:00 Elizabeth DeMaio requested by Loving Family

12:00 Lorraine Booras requested by Thorsen Family

5:00 Lucas Marrero requested by Doreen & Danny

5:00 Mary Bestler Norma & Doreen Owen

5:00 For the Intentions of the Celebrant


Rosaria Musarra , Anthony D’Amore, Kennedy Cordell,

Ellen Foley, our deceased soldiers and all of our deceased

relatives and friends.


For this week, please pray for the sick, especially:

Michael Ambrosio Maureen Barden Oliver Bouchard

Olivia Marie Devine Mary Ellen Bowers Fr. James Costello

Josephine D'Agostino Alan Delgardo Maggie Errico

James P Evans Howard Ferry Robert Filce

Jennifer Giuliante Catherine Gracey William Guthrie III

Raymond Harold Mary Hickey Gail Karcher

Jack Kelleher Louise LaRocca Georgiana Lopez

Anthony Maiorano Rita Maiorano Tony Maiorano

Michele McGee Juliana McLarney Maureen Melchiona

Betty Mulligan Timothy M Nigro Grace C Peshkur

Bari Pizzurro Bari Pizzurro Arthur Plouffe

Joseph C Poirot Ralph Rivellese Frances Romagnuolo

Salvatore Romagnuolo Barbara Rooney Rose Russo

Joyce Ryan Jeanette Schaffer Linda Stoltz

Antonina Sturiano Peter Tantone Edward Tedla

Veronica Thatch Stacie Tizzard Stephen Walsh

Patrick Woods

PLEASE NOTE: To keep our prayer list current, we will keep names on the

sick list for two months. We ask families to return the bulletin cut-out to

include names of those who are ill for another two months.


This Week End Mass Next Week End

Fr Butler 5:00 pm Fr Thomas

Fr Butler 7:00 am Fr Thomas

Fr Boyle 9:00 am Fr Butler

Fr Maffeo 10:30 am Fr Boyle

Fr Thomas 12:00 pm Fr Maffeo

Fr Maffeo 5:00 pm Fr Boyle




Page 2 St. Joseph’s Roman Catholic Church


The gifts offered at our Masses this


Are Donated in the Memory of

Anna Kenny

Requested by

Friends of

St Joseph’s



God sent Jesus to teach us of His divine love. The Son of

God does not condemn the world but comes to save the

world. Jesus’ words in the Gospel make it unmistakably

clear, “God so loved the world that He gave His only

Son.” The only hint of condemnation is reflected in the

lives of those who refuse to believe in Jesus.

can Jesus both be 100% God and 100% Human, how

could God do that? Of course, through the power of the

Holy Spirit they began to understand that God was

indeed more than even our Jewish Brothers and Sisters

realized. That God existed, as we now know in the

Three Divine Persons.

Now back to the question as to why God made us.

God made us to show forth His goodness and to share

with us His everlasting happiness in heaven. God

creates us to share with us His Eternal life and love, and

He would not have anything interfere with this desire.

Even when Original Sin entered, the Human Family He

would not stop this goal from happening. So, the Father

sent the Son to become one of us and to save us and

restore us. When the Son’s mission is accomplished than

He and The Father, send the Holy Spirit upon the

Church so that we can constantly feel the presence of

the Son who continually leads us back to the Father.

Now, which person of the Blessed Trinity is at

work in achieving our Salvation? The answer is of

course all Three! All of God is actively involved in

our Salvation, for all of God loves us so much that

He will stop at nothing to save us. Thus, it is not just

the work of The Son or The Holy Spirit or The

Father but all of God! We have much to celebrate


Next weekend we celebrate the Feast of Corpus

Christie, The Body and Blood of Christ. As we

mentioned before, we will have a special procession

with The Blessed Sacrament on the grounds of the

Church, following the 12 Noon Mass. We will erect 3

Small Altars in front of Outreach, the Parish School

(lower building) and the Rectory-representing all of

the various ministries that can be found here at St.

Joseph’s. The final Benediction and Reposition of The

Blessed Sacrament will take place on the Main Altar in

the Church. In the event of rain, we will have a Simple

Procession through the Church with the Blessed

Sacrament. We ask that if you are attending the 12

Noon Mass, but are not staying for the Procession,

that you not park your car in the lots behind the

school or rectory-as your pulling out of these lots will

interfere with the Procession and put people at risk

Thank you!

Let us pray, God, we praise you: Father all-powerful,

Christ Lord and Savior, Spirit of Love. You reveal

yourself in the depths of our being, drawing us to share

in your life and your love. One God, three Persons, be

near to the people formed in your image, close to the

world your love brings to life. We ask you this, Father,

Son and Holy Spirit, one God, true and living, forever

and ever. Amen

Fr. Mike

Who made us? God made us. Who is God? God

is the Supreme Being, infinitely perfect, who made all

things and keeps them in existence. Why did God make

us? God made us to show forth His goodness and to

share with us His everlasting happiness in heaven. Is

there only one God? Yes, there is only one God. How

many persons are there in God? In God, there are

three Divine Persons-The Father, The Son, and The Holy


Ok, ok enough of the Baltimore Catechism lesson, but

for those of us who began our Religious Education with

the Catechism it was a trip down memory lane. But, we

should keep in mind, that the Catechism tells us a great

deal of what we are celebrating today-God as God truly

is. Granted we do this every day, but this Trinity

Sunday reminds us in a special way the true nature of the

One God in Three Divine Persons. Our God exist in a

sense as a Community, but of course, there is only One

God not three. And while the 3 Divine Persons are

distinct from one another (in the fact that the Father is not

the Son, The Son is not the Father, The Holy Spirit in not

The Son of The Father, etc) they are still the One God.

As God, all three persons are: all powerful, all knowing,

omnipresent, and perfectly equal to each other-again

because they are all the One God. (Right now, the

computer I am writing this letter on is having a tough time

figuring out what I am saying as the grammar check keeps

coming on-but what do computers know?)

Why is this important to know or at least have an idea

about-because for most of us, it is completely confusing.

It is important because we must remember that we are

made in the Image and Likeness of God, so the more we

know about God the more we know about ourselves!

Now, comes the question-how did we come to know

about God existing in Three Divine Persons? Only

through Jesus Christ! The people of the Old Testament

did not know God in this way, it is only through the

Divine Revelation given to us in the Words and Actions

of Jesus that people began to understand this about God.

The Apostles and the early Church asks the question, how

could Jesus suffer and die on the Cross, Rise from the

Dead and appear to us? The answer they receive is only

through the power of God. For when they saw the Risen

Lord, they realized that He was more than one sent by

God, but was indeed God Himself. They began to better

understand the Words from John’s Gospel when Jesus

told them that He and the Father were one. They began to

better understand the Words that Jesus spoke to Mary

Magdalene on the first Easter Sunday- I am going to my

Father and their Father to my God and your God. They

began to understand that Jesus did have a totally different

relationship with God. So then came the question, how

Sunday, May 22, 2005 Page 3


Parish Confirmation – To all parents, whose child is

entering the Parish Confirmation program in the fall, please

note we have received notice, from the Bishop’s office that

the date for conferring this Sacrament will be Thursday,

November 10th.

We still have some Entertainment Books available - stop

by the office and pick one up for all your summer fun. The

cost is only $18.


The Gospel today is sometimes called “the Gospel in

miniature” because it so concisely sums up the Gospel

message. In even more condensed form, “God loved...God

gave…,” it is the paradigm for stewardship - we give

because we love.

Registered Families 5537

Weekly Env Sent 1560

Monthly Env Sent 690

Total Families receiving Env 2250

Weekly Offering

630 Envelopes $ 13,531

Loose collection 2,422

Total Last Sunday $15,953

Weekly Operating Expenses 21,250

Weekly Excess/Debt (5,297)

Same Sunday last year 14,849

Catholic Communication $670

Same Collection last year 741

Poor Box last weekend $215

Fuel collection to date 12,806

Fuel expenses 9/1/04 - 4/30/05 30,994

Parish Outreach

The Commodity Supplemental Food Program / FAN is

offering free food for income eligible children under six

years of age (not on WIC) plus pregnant and up to one year

postpartum women. The food package includes free baby

formula, cereal, juices, cheese, canned fruits, vegetables,

meat and more.

A family of three with a Gross month income $2,418 and

A family of four with a Gross month income $ 2,984 are

eligible. For each additional family member add $503 for

eligibility. For more information in Nassau or Suffolk call:

(631) 491-4169 or 491-4156.

PREGNANCY CRISIS HOTLINE - We are here to help

you. Please call 981-6888.

School News

May 25th is McDonald’s night - the school gets a

percentage of all sales that evening - so please join

us for some fries and a shake!

Religious Education

Office hours are Monday 9 am to 4 pm

Tuesday and Wednesday 10 am to 4 pm

Thursday from 9 am to 4 pm

Office is closed on Friday

Registration Our new registration procedure is going very

well, classes are filling up quickly. Please return your forms

before our office closes for the summer. Any child entering

first grade in September should be registered for level 1

which is the first year of the two-year communion prep. Just

call our office and we will gladly send them out to you.

Please make sure you are registered in the parish and have

an ID number.

Level 1 & Sacrament Readiness I Parents please make

arrangements to go to the Rectory to have your child’s

prayers heard with one of our priests, this needs to be done

by May 31st.

Do you know St Joseph has a Sunday School program? It

takes place at 9:00 a.m. on Sunday morning. Registration is

now being accepted for this program. Please call the

Religious Ed office for forms at 981-1805.

Mark your calendar St Joseph’s will once again be having a

Summer Vacation Bible school from July 25 –29 for ages 4

through 9. Registration forms will be ready shortly.

Page 4 Sunday, May 22, 2005


Please continue to remember them in your prayers.

CPL Jason Bertran PFC Justin Browne

CPL Michael Bruno PC Michael Dean Cantley

CAPT Kevin Connolly SPC Thomas E. Corcoran

CAPT Edward Cuevas COL Stephen Czerwinski

SGT Ryan Delaney SGT Stephen G DiGirolamo

LT John Kenneth DiNero LT Nancy DiNero

CPL Keith Flick SFC Raymond Fulton

RCT Michael Gabriellini SSG Jeremy Garcia

CAPT Jennifer Gotkin SPC Daniel Heuman

SGT Steven Knight 1SGT John Krumholz

SSG Stephen LeGrady MAJ Kevin McCue

GM2 Gerard McGarity PFC Edward McGinn

SGT Patrick McNally PFC William Meyer

Andy Mezador SGT Glenn Miller

SGT Daniel Montville SSGT Brian Moran

SGT James Munro SSG Joey Napolitano

LCPL Thomas Napolitano LCPL Michael Napolitano

LCPL James Neubauer COP Jonathan Norris

PFC Anthony Notaroberta N/Seal Paul Padro

ENS3 Lucy Padro MAJ Paul E Pinaud

PFC Christopher Reid SGT Edwin Rivera, II

SSGT Jason Schiavo RCT Brian Schildt

SPC James Stanek SSG Thomas J Valentino

SSG Nick Vicale SGT John Thomas Vogt

CPL Mark Ward MAJ Edward Ward

CPL Zachary Wilga SSG Dusty Williamson

(If you would like to include a soldier from your family who is serving, place

their name and rank on a piece of paper and put it in the collection basket)


Understanding Adult Stem Cell Research:

ADULT STEM CELLS come from adult

tissue, for example, liver, bone marrow, skin,

skeletal muscle, intestine, brain, dental pulp,

nasal cavity, placenta, umbilical cord blood,

body fat, hair and more!

Some adult stem cells are undifferentiated and can

renew themselves and differentiate to provide the major,

specialized cell types of tissues or organs. Collecting


In humans, adult stem cell therapy has successfully


Cancers: lymphomas, ovarian cancer, leukemia, breast


Autoimmune disease: multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid


Parkinson’s: retinal stem cells, patient’s neural stem


Wound healing: bone marrow stem cells stimulate skin


New blood vessel growth: for gangrene prevention

Skin: grafts grown from patients’ hair follicle stem cells.


patient’s own, are now the most valuable for therapies as


>Have ability to generate virtually all adult tissues

>Can multiply almost indefinitely, providing numbers

sufficient for clinical treatments

>Have proven successful in laboratory culture

>Have proven successful in animal models of disease

>Have proven successful in current clinical treatments

>Can “home in” and target damage

>Avoid problems with tumor formation

>Avoid problems with transplant rejection

>Avoid ethical quandaries

Source: NYS Right to Life Committee LifeWORKS, April, 2005

Page 5 Sunday , May 22, 2005

Mark Your Calendars

June 5 Unity Sunday

June 11 Anointing Mass 10:30

June 13 St Anthony Mass 7:30 PM

June 24 Volunteer Appreciation

Party 6:30 PM

June 26 Fr. Butler’s Farewell Party after 12 Mass

June 27 Golf Outing

Banns of Marriage

(Third Time)

Melissa Kozak of St Joseph’s and

Robert Nucatola of Hauppauge

Jennifer Greening of Holy Cross, Nesconset and

Robert Sinatra Jr. of St Joseph’s

Valerie Mannino and Robert Massimo

both of St Joseph’s

Michelle Caporino and Walter Schweizer

both of St Joseph

Leigh Ann Zwicker of St Joseph’s and

Matthew Wenchell of Sts Peter & Paul, Manorville

Danielle Castelli of Alexandria, VA and

Michael J Routhouska of Our Lady Queen of Peace, VA

Alaina Woltje and Peter Tabaco both of St Joseph’s

Melissa Jones of Resurrection, Farmingville and

Thomas Tiederman of St Joseph’s

Help Wanted

On May 28th the June issue of LIFE NEWS will be

folded. We need your help, as it is the start of the

Memorial Day weekend and some of our regulars will be

doing other things. So if you can spare an hour or two,

come down to the Old School Gym; we’ll be so happy to

see you we’ll provide late breakfast (coffee and rolls) and

also lunch! Come anytime after 8 AM. Call 588-4437 for



Vegas Nights were mistakenly listed for June 3 & 4.

We will not be having Vegas until the Summer Family

Festival in July. We’ll see you then.


We would like you to join us in congratulating Georgia

Beck and Ed Hughes. Both are parishioners who were

honored with the HEART & SOUL AWARD at a dinner

by the Ronkonkoma Chamber of Commerce. Georgia &

Ed were recognized for all the good works they have done

for our community. We’re very proud to call them family.

Welcome to the Newest Member of Our Parish Family

Isabella Mae Aspris

Shannon Leigh Azzara

Charles Louis DiGiovanni

Halea Patrice Duryea-Stern

Michele Pasquarella

Carter Joseph Pietrowski

Catholic Ministries Appeal 2005

A vital ministry aided by the

Catholic Ministries Appeal is

the diocesan Respect Life

initiative, which addresses the

key issue of emphasizing our

awareness of the culture of

life. In their advocacy role,

Mary Bossart and Madelaine

Willi, our Respect Life codirectors,

coordinate efforts to

gain support among political

leaders in Albany and

Washington. The annual

March for Life in Washington,

which brings together

thousands throughout the U.S.

sharing concerns about the

sanctity of life, always

witnesses a strong presence

from our Diocese. What is

especially encouraging is the

number of young people

responding to the call to action

and participating in this

important event.

Respect Life also sponsors an

annual convocation on topics

of current interest, including

the end-of-life issues of

nutrition and hydration that

arose in the highly publicized

case of Terri Schiavo. If we

are to foster the culture of life,

we need to educate our fellow

parishioners on the sanctity of

life and we are able to do this

because of the Respect Life

initiative. In all that Respect

Life does there is a common

thread—human life from

conception to death is a

precious gift from God and, as

such, is to be accorded the

utmost respect and dignity.

Without your financial

assistance, this critical

ministry could not exist.

Please give as generously as

you can to the Catholic

Ministries Appeal.

Current statistics:

Total pledged: $8,808,904

Number of gifts: 35,734

Average gift: $247

Number of parishes over goal:


We are so very thankful to

everyone for all of their

support and prayers. Please

remember that it is not too late

to help us. Many parishes are

very close to reaching goal.

Whatever the size of your gift,

it is useful and keep in mind

that all monies collected by

the Catholic Ministries Appeal

directly benefit the vital

ministries of Catholic

Charities, religious education,

Catholic schools, pastoral

outreach, formation and our


© Copyright 2004 The Long

Island Catholic

Catholic Ministries Appeal 2005 St Joseph R C Church, Ronkonkoma, NY

Diocese of Rockville Centre

PO Box 4000, Rockville Centre, NY 11571-4000

516 379-5210 ext 2 Fax 516 379-5043 email:

Pledge: $ _________ Initial Payment: $ ________ Balance: $ _______

Thank you for your support. Please make checks payable to: Catholic Ministries Appeal

Name: ______________________________________________________

Address: ____________________________________________________

City_____________________________ State ____ Zip __________

This form can be returned to St Joseph Rectory or put in an envelope and placed in the Sunday collection.

We thank you for your support.

A Guide to Giving

Pledge 10 Payments

$ 300 $ 30

500 50

1,000 100

1,500 150

2,500 250

Page 6

Best Wishes To Mrs. Salvietti

The students, alumni, and parents of St Joseph’s and it’s surrounding

communities are grateful for the many years of service of Mrs. Salvietti.

Please join us in worship and thanksgiving at the 12:00 Mass on May 22.

Immediately after Mass there will be refreshments in Carew Hall to honor

Mrs. Salvietti for her extraordinary dedication and loving guidance to us

and to wish her God’s choicest blessings in her well earned retirement.

Why was there a helicopter circling the Church area on Sunday afternoon? Was it the police

looking for bad guys? Was it an EVAC for Fr. Paul after eating that pepperoni? No, it was our

own Jim Mooney, CEO of Eagle–Eye Aerial Photography. Jim generously donated his time

and resources to provide the parish with 10 photos showing a current aerial view of our parish

plant and its surroundings. Over the years Jim has donated other aerial photos of the Church to

us and it is interesting to see how our plant changes. In this set of photos you can see our new roof in its full

splendor and our two-story school building cleared of an unsightly and aging TV tower. The photos will be

available for all to see on our parish website THANKS, JIM…

From Russia With Love

May the Peace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with you,

Thanks be to God, all together we raised $3700! The Lord is faithful to his people, and you will be truly blessed for your

generosity. Our Lady has a special heart for the conversion and unity of Russia, as made clear by our previous Pope John

Paul II who consecrated Russia and the whole world to her Immaculate Heart! Mary has sent us to Russia through your

humble self-giving! Without you we would be lost. There is no words to describe the joy in my heart for the gift that is

given to the people of Russia, and it is thanks to you. For this reason, we will be continually praying for you and your

loved ones, that your generosity may be blessed many times over.

I would also like to publicly thank my brother Kevin for his generous, and kind heart, and for taking time out in his busy

schedule of work and school to talk on my behalf. I know if it wasn’t for your combined generosity, and the Lord’s

faithfulness this mission would not be a reality.

Sometimes in times of doubt I remember Jesus’ last words on the cross “My God, my God, why have you abandoned

me. I can not look past the cross of his suffering which leads to the resurrection; but then He reminds me to look to the

Lord in thanksgiving as in psalm 22 “For god has not spurned or disdained the misery of this poor wretch, did not turn

away from me, but heard me when I cried out. I will offer praise in the great assembly; my vows I will fulfill before

those who fear him. The poor will eat their fill; those who seek the Lord will offer praise. May your hearts enjoy life

forever!” God Bless you and thank you for being an instrument of God’s faithfulness, and love!

Sincerely, Bryan G. Kwasnik


Richard Caporaso Kevin Cardona Crystal Cartlidge Kelly Chichester

Kevin Flaherty Jordan Garrido Dominic Loweth Lisa Loweth

Theresa Loweth Katina Lown Alyse Marrero Kellianne Marrero

Joseph Martell III Richard Maxwell Alyssa McKinley Jennifer Prieter

Nicholas Rivera Tracey Rohring Kevin Rosales Stacey Rosales

Keri Simone

Who Received Confirmation on Pentecost Sunday

May you continue to grow in your faith and May our Blessed Mother keep you in Her

loving care always. Amen.

Page 7

Around The Parish

Spring Blood Drive On Monday, May 23rd from 4PM until 9PM. St. Regis Council Knights

of Columbus will host a community blood drive at their Council hall located on Pond Road.

Persons over 18 years of age are encouraged to make an appointment to donate by calling.

Coordinator Karl Sundquist at 631-265-2691 or you may just stop in. All are welcome.

St Joseph’s Playgroup invites children from birth to age 5 and their parent /grandparent/ caregiver to join us

Friday mornings from 9:30 to 10:45 for an informal playgroup. We meet in Fr Carew Hall (church basement) every

Friday except for school holidays and church holy days. For more information, call Sally Miller at 737-5120.

Wanted: Worn American Flags for proper disposal. Girl Scout Troop 256 is collecting worn flags for Flag Day

ceremony. Please deposit flags in marked box in Church Lobby. For more information call 467-1683. Thank You!

Courtesy Announcements

Brian McGee Memorial Golf Outing will be held on Monday, June 13 at the Swan Lake Golf Club in

Manorville. The cost for golfers to participate in the outing is $130 per golfer. This includes full check in

lunch, green fee, cart and the awards dinner held at Swan Lake. Check in will begin at 11:30, which includes a

full lunch prior to tee time. There will be a 1:30 shotgun start . Dinner will be from 6-9PM. The cost for family

and friends who would like to attend the dinner only is $50. Please contact Millie D at 585-2753 for any

questions or information.

Retrouvaille is a program for marriages that are in trouble. It offers a lifeline to couples suffering with

relationship problems. The nest weekend will be held at Montford Missions, Bay Shore on June 17-19. For

further information and/or registration please call 1-800-470-2230.

Positions Available - the following positions are available with the Diocese of Rockville Centre at the

Pastoral Center - Building Services Manager, Accounts Receivable Clerk, Operations Coordinator, Auditor,

Senior Secretary and IT User Support. Please forward resume, cover letter, salary requirements & three

professional references to: Director of Human Resources, DRVC, PO Box 9023, Rockville Centre, NY 11571-

9023 or email:

Adult Education program at the Joseph M Barton District Building in Smithtown is providing English as a

Second Language classes, High School Equivalency Preparation and a Senior Citizen class for adults during

the day and evening. The courses are federally funded and free to all Suffolk residents. For more information

please call 631-382-2181.

Natural Family Planning is a holistic approach to family planning. Both husband and wife come to

understand their fertility, emotions, and family planning intention. The next class Natural Family Planning will

be held Friday, May 27th at Christ the King, Commack beginning at 7:30 PM. For more information call John

and Mary Linge at 631-543-3452.

Calling All OLMA Graduates! Our Lady of Mercy Academy, Syosset, is planning Fall 2005 Reunions for

the following classes: 1955,1965,1975,1980,1985,1990 and 1995. For more information call 516-921-1047

extension 38.

Family, Marriage and Individual Therapy is available at The Catholic Counseling Center. Professional

therapy, provided by New York State licensed or certified therapists, is available to our parish. Most insurance

policies are honored. Confidential information and appointments are available by calling Dr.Giuliani at 631-


Page 8

Feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary


June 4, 2005

12:00 Noon Mass 1:00 Lunch

1:30 Rosary / Benediction

Celebrant : Fr. Ken Hand

Shrine of Our Lady of the Island

Eastport, Long Island, NY

Exit 70 L.I.E.

Families Conference

The Family Apostolate, Franciscan Friars of the Renewal, and the Sisters of Life invite you to enjoy an

uplifting day for the entire family - filled with fun activities for the children, drama and music for the

teens and inspiring speakers for the adults. Families will pray together and learn together as they are

drawn closer through the sacraments of Reconciliation and the Mass.

Where: Kellenberg Memorial High School in Uniondale

When: Saturday, June 11th from 9AM to 9PM (evening concert for all).

Cost: $35 per family (discount before 5/9/05) $20 per single.

$45 per family (after 5/9/05 and on site) $30 per single.

Meals can be brought or purchased on site.

Contact Felicia at 516-705-8111 for a program.

Register on line at or e-mail


Make checks payable to “Family Apostolate” and mail to 126 Pearsall Ave, Freeport, NY 11520



Serengeti Track

“Where Children are Wild about God”

July 25th - 29th 9:30 - 12 Noon

Pre-K (4 yrs old) to 4th Grade

Fee: $50 one child

$60 family of 2

$ 120 family of 3 or more

For registration contact the Rectory or Religious Education Office

Page 9


I/we would like to register as members of St. Joseph Parish.

NAME (s): ____________________________________________

ADDRESS:__________________________________ _________

PHONE: _______ - _____________ unlisted? (Yes) (No)

I/we would like become members of the parish. ( ) Yes

I/we would like to receive contribution envelopes. ( ) Yes ( )No

We make our donations each Sunday ( ) Weekly

We make our donations once a Month ( ) Monthly

( ) I would like to become an usher

( ) I would like to become a lector.

( ) I would like to become an altar server.

( ) I would like to become a Eucharistic Minister.

( ) I would like to become a choir member

( ) I would like to become a Catechist

( ) I would like to help maintain the parish plantings

( ) I would like to offer my following talents to the parish

(Please return to the Church Office or place in Collection Basket)


I/we wish to pledge (or increase our pledge to)

___ $5,000 ___ $4,000 ___ $3,000 ___ $2,000 ___ $1,000

to St. Joseph’s Parish Restoration Campaign.

I/we would like to make payments

___Annually ___Semi-Annually ___Quarterly ___ Monthly

spreading the payments over

___One year ___ Two years ___ Three years ___ Four years

NAME (s): ________________________________________



PHONE: ______ - _________


(Please return this form in the collection basket or

to the Church Office)


Please include the following in the bulletin sick list:


Name of person who is ill:

_____________________________ ____________________

Person making this request: Relationship to ill person

Your Phone #: _____________________

(Please place in collection basket or return to Church Office)

One Person’s Trash, Another’s ...

BOX TOPS from cereals for Educational purposes are always

welcomed. Please drop them in the collection.

DEPOSIT BOTTLES AND CANS—Please place them in the

white trailer that is located on the school side of the Church on

weekends or behind the rectory during the week.

CELL PHONES—Please bring your no longer used or needed

cell phones and deposit them at the Scrip table in the Church


Travel Soccer:

Gene ?467-0541

Intramural Soccer:

Beth ?737-6299


Karen ?588-8636

Chairman: Henry


Gene ?588-1879

Girls Basketball:

Christine ?737-3142

Boys Basketball:

Frank ?585-6921

Melchiona ?676-6347

Sport for all Seasons



Cub Scout Pack 272

Boy Scout Troop 272

St. Joseph’s Cub Scout Pack 272 and Boy Scout Troop 272

have fun, exciting, educational, character building programs

for boys, age 7 through 17 (first grade and up).

For more information or to enroll your child,

contact Dr. Louis Scotti at 656-8428

or e-mail

Even Used Inkjet Cartridges,

Have Their Uses

We have found a way to help St Joseph and keep those

complicated pieces of plastic, metal and printed circuit

boards out of the land fill. Drop them off (in a plastic

baggie) when you come to mass. We will send them to a

company who reuses them and gives the parish a bounty for

each. One note, to clear confusion, if it is larger than a fist,

it is not an inkjet cartridge!!!

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