Sunday, August 14, Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary Time

7:00 Lillian Sansone requested by Pat Carucci

7:00 Christina Poggilli requested by Jessica Smith

9:00 Pete & Mary McQuillan requested by Claire & Jim

9:00 John W Biglin Jr requested by The John Kelly Family

10:30 For the People of the Parish

10:30 Daniel P Henderson requested by Robert Smith

10:30 Veronica Aquavita requested by Frank Tantone

12:00 Grace Sheehan requested by Loving Family

12:00 Michael Romolo requested by Mr & Mrs Mayo

12:00 Agnes Meehan requested by Loving Sister Peggy

5:00 Christopher DeMarinis requested by Congema Family

5:00 Rose Pranzo requested by Anita Verbeeck

5:00 Agnes Meehan requested by Loving Family

Monday, August 15, Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

7:00 For the People of the Parish

7:00 Vincent Cerullo requested by The Devenney Family

9:00 Lucielle Grosso requested by Bob Brown

9:00 Carmine Somma requested by Loving Family

7:30PM Brian, Carol & Eileen Cleere & Family (living)

requested by Timothy Cleere

7:30PM Gloria Miranda requested by Madeline Miranda

Tuesday, August 16, St Stephen of Hungary

7:00 For the Intentions of the Celebrant

9:00 Barbara Ulitto requested by The Flynn Family

9:00 Elizabeth Dowling requested by Joan & Angelo Tropeano

Wednesday, August 17

7:00 Gwendolyn Taylor requested by Sandra Bedwell

9:00 Richard Osborne requested by Greg Ferraro

9:00 Adelaide Corno requested by Stephen & Stephanie

Thursday, August 18, St Jane Frances DeChantal

7:00 Kay Donnelly requested by The Devenney Family

7:00 Joe Ryan requested by The Devenney Family

9:00 Edward Raymond Hess requested by Irene Kubisa

Friday, August 19, St John Eudes

7:00 For the Intentions of the Celebrant

9:00 Louis Galiero requested by Camille Vicale

9:00 Grace V Hackett requested by Frank Mangiacapre

Saturday, August 20, St Bernard

8:00 Albert Kepko requested by Mr & Mrs Arthur Rowland

Anticipated Mass for Sunday

5:00 Deceased Members of the Cusanelli Family requested by

Loving Family

5:00 Rose Russo requested by Mr & Mrs Richard Delamater

Sunday, August 21, Twenty First Sunday in Ordinary Time

7:00 William J Schaudel requested by Loving Wife & Family

7:00 Shirley Murray requested by Patti & Joe

9:00 For An End to Abortion requested by

Respect Life Committee

9:00 John Biglin Jr requested by The Michael Jozwiak Family

10:30 Rose Pranzo requested by Anita Verbeeck

10:30 Rev Raymond Nugent requested by Wimpleberg Family

12:00 For the People of the Parish

12:00 Manuela A Sanchez requested by Betty Reddington

12:00 Mrs Costello requested by Maureen & Walter Aebly

5:00 Msgr Achille D’Anca requested by Ventola Family

5:00 Jessie Lerro requested by Joe & Joyce Ando





John Johnson, John Conrad, SSgt James McNaughton,

Dino Beiso, our deceased soldiers and all of our deceased

relatives and friends.


For this week, please pray for the sick, especially:

Michael Ambrosio Maureen Borden Oliver Bouchard

Mary Ellen Bowers Mr. Michael Boyle Sr Elsie Bratisax

Emmanuel Coby Fr James Costello Karen Ann Cronin

Robert Daly Angelina DeSimone Olivia Marie Devine

Anna Dorney Geraldine DuBritz Kristine Duschenchuk

Maggie Errico Robert Filce Maria Goncalves

Catherine Gracey Raymond Harold Jack Kelleher

Joseph Kelly Helen Kwiathouski Georgiana Lopez

Anita Louise Dominick Mariano Elizabeth Mauro

Allison McAteer Maureen McCann Ann McGnagle

Howard Meeks Josephine Mileto Sam Monte Leone

Tom Nanry Timothy M Nigro Vincent Palladino

Edward Percesepe Grace C Peshkur Arthur Plouffe

Joseph Poirot Joan A Reilly Barbara Rooney

Rose Russo Joyce Ryan Lorraine Schaffer

Sharon Schneider Marie Schwind Lorraine Stiefel

Antonina Sturiano Stacie Tizzard Patrick Woods

PLEASE NOTE: To keep our prayer list current, we will keep names on the

sick list for two months. We ask families to return the bulletin cut-out to

include names of those who are ill for another two months.


This Week End Mass Next Week End

Fr Maffeo 5:00 pm Fr Liu

Fr Thomas 7:00 am Fr Boyle

Fr Boyle 9:00 am Fr Maffeo

Fr Liu 10:30 am Fr Thomas

Fr Boyle 12:00 pm Fr Maffeo

Fr Maffeo 5:00 pm Fr Thomas

Page 2 St. Joseph’s Roman Catholic Church


The gifts offered at our Masses this


Are Donated in Honor of

Vincent Pantaelo

Requested by

The DeLisio Family


The prophet Isaiah gives voice to God’s great promise

that all people may participate in a covenant relationship

with God. We see this wonderful possibility played out in

the encounter between the Canaanite woman and Jesus.

Her faith is undeniable, even in the face of initial

rejection, and Jesus reaches out to her with healing for

her daughter.

matter what their race,

nationality, language, etc., etc.

is! What is needed is for us to respond to this gift

and put it to good use-for the more we use this gift

the more and more it grows, and the more we can

share it with others.

Speaking of faith filled and determined mothers,

tomorrow (Monday) August 15th, we celebrate the

great Solemnity of the Assumption of The Blessed

Virgin Mary, Body and Soul into Heaven. Due to the

fact that this Solemnity occurs on a Monday this

year, it is not a Holy Day of Obligation. While it is

not a day of obligation, we will still celebrate this day

throughout the whole church. Here at St. Joseph’s

we will have our 7 AM & 9 AM Masses and we

will have Mass at 7:30 PM. We will also pray the

Rosary on the Rectory Lawn at 7 PM and then we

will move from the Lawn to the Church for the

7:30 Mass-fellowship will follow in the Church

Lobby after the 7:30 Mass.

Next weekend our new school principal Mrs.

Leona Arpino will be introducing herself at all of the

Masses. She will be sharing with us some of her

plans for the school and its wonderful future. Let

us all give her a warm welcome. We are sorry for

the short notice on the cancellation of last week’s

Blood Drive, but the workers for NY Blood Services

went out on strike and we did not think it was right

for our parishioners to get stuck in the middle of their

negotiations. Thanks, to all who were ready to give

the great gift of life, and we will keep you informed

on future drives. The Football Pool Tickets for this

year are on sale either at the Rectory or after the

weekend Masses. They are only $5 a ticket, and the

more you purchase, the more chances you have to

win. Take some with you and sell them at work, sell

them to your friends, neighbors, even your relatives!

As of now, we seem to have made a profit of

$42,000.00 from the Summer Family Festival. Again

thank you to our sponsors, staff members,

volunteers, and all who came out to make this a

great success!

Let us close this week with the Opening Prayer

from the Mass for the Assumption of The

Blessed Mother: All-powerful and ever-living

God, you raised the sinless Virgin Mary, mother

of your Son, body and soul to the glory of

Heaven. May we see Heaven as our final goal

and come share her glory. We ask this through

Jesus Christ, your Son, who lives and reigns

with you and the Holy Spirit, one God forever

and ever. Amen

We see two major themes at work in our readings for

this week, one being the universality of the God and

the Christian Message, and the other, you better not

stand in the way of a mother when she is looking out

for her child.

Now, you may say, universality? Doesn’t Jesus tell

the Canaanite woman that He has come for the lost

sheep of Israel and not to give to dogs that which is

holy and meant for the children. Well yes, He does

say that, and He does appear to be driving her away,

but it appears that Jesus has a reason for acting this

way. Time and time again, we see in Mathew’s

Gospel an emphasis on the shortness of time in

Jesus’ Public Ministry. Mathew gives us the idea that

Jesus during His Earthly Mission only wants to speak

to the Lost Sheep of Israel. He does this, because He

intends that the Apostles and the Church will go out to

the rest of the world after His Ascension into Heaven

and sending out of the Holy Spirit. So, we could think

that’s what is at work in this account, and Jesus is not

ready to help this woman, for she in fact is a

gatecrasher. But, Jesus also might have taken these

actions to make a point to those gathered around

Him. The point of what true faith in Him and The

Father is really all about and how the prayers of those

who are determined and have faith are indeed

answered. For the woman’s faith in Jesus’ power and

her love for her daughter were so strong, that she

would not allow any restrictions to get in her way-not

the crowd’s, the Apostles, or even Jesus’ own words.

However, we get the impression from what Jesus

says, that He approves of her actions and

determination. Jesus uses her and her faith as an

example for those gathered how they should

approach God through Jesus Christ.

Notice (now) that Jesus does not let her nationality

or her pagan beliefs stop Him from responding to her

request. This theme is also seen in our reading from

3rd Isaiah (when God through the Prophet tells the

Jewish People that He likewise accepts the offerings

of the foreigners who are making them with true love

and faith), and it is seen in Paul’s Letter to the

Romans. In today’s reading of the letter, we see Paul

praising the Gentile Christians who came to know

God through Jesus for their faith and ability to be

open to the Spirit calling them to something new.

Something he wishes his Jewish brothers and sisters

(who rejected Jesus) would do. Maybe, Paul hopes,

that the example set by us the Church can lead the

Jewish People to follow.

Remember, that God’s gift of Faith is given to all

freely and God listens to the prayers of all people no

Sunday, August 14, 2005 Page 3


necessary, we adapt our materials and strategies to meet

the needs of the child. In most cases, we use the same

text/materials as the coordinating grade level in order to

maintain the importance of faith community. The students

participate in the Living Rosary and have an opportunity

to receive Reconciliation.

Registration forms are available on line at :


The summer inquiry schedule is as follows:

Meetings on 2nd & 4th Thursdays of August and

September from 7:30 - 8:30 in the Rectory basement

meeting room.


In today’s second reading, St Paul tells the Romans,

“God’s gifts and His call are irrevocable.” To what is God

calling me today? What gifts are mine to share?

Weekly Offering

618 Envelopes $ 11,804

Loose collection 3,170

Total Last Sunday $14,974

Weekly Operating Expenses 21,250

Weekly Excess/(Debt) -(6,276)

Same Sunday last year 15,089

St Joseph’s School

We still have some openings in our

Nursery School and Pre-K programs.

Please call the school for more


Summer hours for the school are

10 AM to 3PM.

The office will re-open on Tuesday

August 16th.

Religious Education

The Religious Ed Office is closed for the summer we will

reopen on August 22nd.

Since our office is closed during the summer months we

would like to take this opportunity to welcome the new

families who will be moving into our parish and inform

you about our Religious Education program. Each week

we will give you a heads up on the different levels of our


Level Eight -Confirmation The students in this level

will be informed on ways to put their faith into service

and action. They will also discover that the gifts of the

Holy Spirit will help them in their decision making

process. The Sacrament of Confirmation will be

celebrated in the Fall. Our students will have the

experiences of a retreat They will have the opportunity to

receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation prior to receiving

the Sacrament of Confirmation. Parents and students will

be interviewed by a members of the parish ministry.

Sacrament for Teens I This program is for those

students who did not receive any formal religious

instructions and have reached their teenage years. This is

the first year of a 2 year program. They will prepare to

receive Reconciliation and First Eucharist.

Sacrament for Teens II This program follows the

completion of Sacrament for Teens I. It will prepare the

students to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation.

Special Ed Our program strives to accommodate all

children, regardless of their limitations and wherever

Page 4 Sunday, August 14, 2005


Please continue to remember them in your prayers.

CPL Deborah Alfieri PFC Justin Browne

PC Michael Dean Cantley SPC Thomas E. Corcoran

SGT Ryan Delaney LTCOL Kurt Diehl

SGT Stephen Gene DiGirolamo CPL Keith Flick

RCT Michael Gabriellini SPC Daniel Heuman

SGT John W Keohane SGT Steven Knight

1SGT John Krumholz SSG Stephen LeGrady

PFC Edward McGinn SGT Patrick McNally

PFC William Meyer Andy Mezador

SGT Glenn Miller SGT Daniel Montville

SSGT Brian Moran SGT James Munro

LCPL Thomas Napolitano LCPL Michael Napolitano

LCPL James Neubauer N/Seal Paul Padro

ENS3 Lucy Padro MAJ Paul E Pinaud

SGT Edwin Rivera, II SSGT Jason Schiavo

RCT Brian Schildt SPC James Stanek

SSG Nick Vicale SGT John Thomas Vogt

(If you would like to include a soldier from your family who is serving, place

their name and rank on a piece of paper and put it in the collection basket)

Andrew William Bryant

Ava Nicole DeMicco

Katelyn Rose Fox

Scott Tyler Northrop

Dillon Christopher Osorio

Kiera Alyssa Mina Salerno

Thomas Michael Stack

Haylee Agnes Strazza

Joseph Paul Strazza

Kayla Rose Swanwick


It’s summertime and the livin’ is easy;

however the pro-life community has more

than a few things for you to do. Here are one

or two which may interest you, and you may

want to mark your calendar:

Our Lady of Guadalupe Missionary Image will be

visiting several abortion sites here on Long Island and all

are invited to come see it and join in prayer for an end to


∗ Wednesday, August 17, 70 Maple Avenue,

Smithtown 7:00 am to 11:00 am

∗ Saturday, August 20, 42 First Avenue,

Brentwood 8:00 am to 9:00 am

This pro-life image will also visit some Suffolk churches

and nursing homes. For more information please call


Rachel Vineyard Day Retreat for Men is an occasion

for post-abortion healing for men. It will be held at St.

Joseph Renewal Center, 1725 Brentwood Road,

Brentwood on Sunday, September 11th, beginning at

11:00 am. Hosted by the Life Center. Call Frank

Gariboldi at


Regifting Sale - if you love bargains, garage sales,

etc., this may be for you. The Life Center in Massapequa

will be having their 2nd annual “Re-gifting” Sale, mostly

new and unwanted items which were given to the Life

Center, including knick-knacks, appliances, toys and

clothing, which will be sold, proceeds going to benefit

this group which counsels and cares for expectant

mothers and mothers in need. Come to The Life Center,

35 E. Willow St., corner of Carmans Road, Massapequa

on Saturday and Sunday (weather permitting) September

10th and 11th, 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. They are still accepting

new gift donations. If you have something you would like

to re-gift, please call 516-798-9100.

On a very serious note, except for one senator, ALL

Nassau/Suffolk senators voted against bill S.3661/A.116

which would allow young girls to obtain high hormone

drugs without parental knowledge and without physician

oversight. Also, as an over-the-counter drug it has not

been approved by the FDA. This drug is popularly known

as “the morning after” pill. We were going to ask for

letters/faxes/e-mails to the Governor encouraging him to

veto this bill, but on August 4th, he did so.

Kathleen M. Gallagher, Director of pro-life activities

for the NYS Catholic Conference, writing in Newsday on

August 5th says “Pataki has taken a first step toward

restoring sanity and control to an out-of-control abortion

industry. Now the public must convince the rest of our

elected officials that common sense is a majority

Page 5 Sunday , August 14, 2005

Banns of Marriage

(Second Time)

Michele Monks of Our Lady of Lourdes and

Robert Hoin of St Joseph’s

Stephanie Virag of Greenlawn and

James Ihriskey of St Joseph’s

Christine Wakefield of St Joseph’s and

Gregory Peante of St John’s Bohemia

Alison Lorigan of St Joseph’s and

Colby J Rowe of Mt Sinai

Jhoanne Yu Chong of St Joseph, Hartford, Ct and

Robert Dubinsky Jr of St Joseph’s

Jennifer Bakke of St Joseph’s and

Vincent Boscaino of Infant Jesus

Parish Outreach

Last week’s Blood Drive was canceled due to a strike by

the phlebotomists. We hope to reschedule in the fall.

Many thanks to all those who signed up to donate.

PREGNANCY CRISIS HOTLINE - We are here to help

you. Please call 981-6888.


Girl Scout Troop 1644 is having a

Car Wash on Sunday, August 21st

from 9AM to 1:30PM. Please

support our girls as they are

working toward their Gold Award.


Prayer is not asking. Prayer is putting oneself in the

hands of God, at His disposition, and listening to His

Mark Your Calendars

August 15 Rosary (on the lawn) 7PM

August 21 Girl Scout Troop 1644 Car Wash 9-1:30

August 22 Rosary (on the lawn) 7PM

August 27 Right to Life Newsletter Folding


August 29 Rosary (on the lawn) 7PM

Sept 5 Labor Day

Sept 7 School Opens

Page 6

Catholic Ministries Appeal

St. Joseph’s by the Numbers






of Goal

71.3 %

Rebate Received


Catholic Ministries Appeal 2005

St Joseph, Ronkonkoma, NY

Diocese of Rockville Centre

PO Box 4000,

Rockville Centre, NY 11571-4000

516 379-5210 ext 2 Fax 516 379-5043

Pledge: $ __________ Initial Payment: $ ________

Balance: $ _________

Thank you for your support.

Please make checks payable to:

Catholic Ministries Appeal




State________ Zip________

This form can be returned to St Joseph Rectory or put in an

envelope and placed in the Sunday collection. We thank you for

your support.

“A Man Who Became Pope”

Aug. 15, Hallmark Channel

New York (CNS) — With memories of a frail and

infirm Pope John Paul II still vivid, it takes some

adjustment to accept a young Karol Wojtyla, here

vigorously embodied by Polish actor Piotr

Adamczyk. But the moving “A Man Who Became

Pope,” airing on cable’s Hallmark Channel Monday,

Aug. 15, 8 p.m.-midnight EDT, is, in fact, an

account of the early days of the young playwrightactor

who turned priest in Poland, first under the

brutal heel of the Nazis, and after the war the

communists. (It will be rerun Sunday, Aug. 21,

9 a.m.-1 p.m. EDT.)

This theatrical-quality production - Italian-made but

filmed on location in Poland with a largely Polish

cast — was based on Gian Franco Svidercoschi’s

book “Stories of Karol: The Unknown Life of John

Paul II.”

Pope Benedict XVI commended in June the film’s

focus on Karol’s early heroism for “reviving in

every right-minded person the duty to do what he or

she can so that such inhuman barbarism never

happens again.” He also discerned a “divine plan” in

the ironic fact that a “Polish Pope ... (has been)

succeeded by a citizen of that country, Germany,

where the Nazi regime was the most vicious,

attacking the nearby nations, Poland among them.”

“A Man Who Became Pope” was screened for Pope

John Paul II shortly before his death and the pontiff

was said by Vatican spokesman Joaquin Navarro-

Valls to have been “very impressed” with the


Occasional lapses into sentimentality

notwithstanding, the narrative is well-told and

absorbing. Even with its undoubted dramatic license

and telescoping of events, you’ll readily succumb to

the compelling story of a man whose steadfast

courage and ideals — particularly his idea of love as

the paramount

virtue — never wavered even in the face of the evil

and hysteria around him.

The film contains wartime violence, including

firing-squad executions, and scenes of dead and

wounded, partial prison nudity, some unsavory

verbal imagery, some crude language and brutal

beatings, and as such is best for older adolescents

St. Joseph’s 2005

Football Benefit Fund

It’s A Parish Fund Raiser

It’s Fun And Exciting

It’s Only $5

Here’s how it works:

You buy a ticket for $5. It will have a 3-team code. It is good for all 17

weeks of the NFL regular Season. Each week the combined high score

wins: $100; Second: $85; Third: $70; Fourth: $50 and the lowest score

wins $35. So for just $5 you have a chance to win one of 5 cash prizes

for each of the 17 weeks. At the end of the season, there will be a

drawing for 10 $50 prizes from the tickets that did not already win a

prize. Buy more than one, get friends, family and coworkers to buy

some. It’s a great way to help support St. Joseph’s Parish and enjoy

the Football Season. Please note, once the season begins, any unsold

tickets remain the property of the contest and any winning prizes of

these tickets remain in the fund. These tickets remain open for

purchase, but the holder is entitled only to those prizes awarded after

the purchase date.




Number of tickets: Amount:

Mail tickets to: 45 Church St, Ronkonkoma, NY 11779 or come in to the Rectory office.

Page 7

Around The Parish

Courtesy Announcements

The Missionary Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe will be visiting Sts Philip and James Parish

in St James on the evening of Wednesday, August 17th. Mass will be celebrated at 7:30 PM

followed by Veneration of the Miraculous Image.

Andy Cooney will be appearing in Concert at the Church of the Most Precious Blood, Davis

Park, Fire Island on August 27th at 7:00 PM. Tickets are $25 per person. For more information ,

please call 631-928-2377 ext 22 or 631-597-6163.

The Long Island 2005 Scottish Games will be held at Old Westbury Gardens in Nassau County

on August 27th. All friends of Scotland, young and old, are invited to attend and enjoy a funfilled

day of Scottish fanfare and games. Please visit our website for information and directions at

Ronkonkoma Cenacle is looking for volunteer drivers for August 27-30th & September 7-10th

to take groups to and from Islip MacArthur Airport. Interested volunteers please call 471-0024.

St Joseph the Worker is celebrating their 50th Jubilee Anniversary as a parish and are

having a reunion of all students of the former St Joseph the Worker School on Saturday, October

1 at the 5:30 Mass with a reception to follow. If you or someone you know attended classes at the

school please call 758-6061 or 654-0379.

Adult Education program at the Joseph M Barton District Building in Smithtown is providing English as a

Second Language classes, High School Equivalency Preparation and a Senior Citizen class for adults during

the day and evening. The courses are federally funded and free to all Suffolk residents. For more information

please call 382-2181.

Family, Marriage and Individual Therapy is available at The Catholic Counseling Center. Professional

therapy, provided by New York State licensed or certified therapists, is available to our parish. Most insurance

policies are honored. Confidential information & appointments are available by calling Dr.Giuliani -243-2503.

Secular Franciscan Day of Recollection will be held on Saturday, August 20th from 9:30 AM to 3 PM at the

Shrine of Our Lady of the Island, presented by St Lawrence of Brindisi Fraternity. The Director will be Fr

Matthias Wesnofske OFM,CAP. The cost is $10 per person. Come join us !!!

Our Lady of Grace Center, Manhasset ( offers days and evenings of prayer, weekend

retreats, holistic spirituality and wellness services and workshops, space for groups to meet, and a hermitage

for private days of prayer. For brochure call 516-627-9255.

St. Joseph School

Visit teacher pages for summer reading

lists, summer news, and back to school

supply lists. Shop early and take

advantage of the sales.

Page 8

Religious Education Center

2005/2006 Calendar

Late Registration- info and forms

Seminary of the Immaculate Conception

offers the following Graduate Degrees:

Master of Arts in Theology

Master of Arts in Pastoral Studies

The seminary is located at 440 West Neck Road in Huntington

For further information, contact : Academic Office at 631-423-0483

ext 147 or ext 112

Registration for the Fall semester closes August 26, 2005

Box Tops for Education

The students of St Joseph School would like to thank the parish family for

helping us with our Box Tops for Education collection this past school

year. We earned $1963.02, of which the parish collected $245.40. This was a great help to the


We are already collecting for the ‘05-’06 school year, so please keep those box tops coming.

They can be left at the rectory or dropped in the Sunday collection basket. There are also

other contests being held for chances to win bonus Box Tops for our school. Please visit for all the details and become a Booster Club member while

you’re at it. Each new Booster Club member will earn our school 5 bonus

box tops.

Thank you for your support. In addition to the Box Tops please collect

the General Mills “whole grain” logo found on all General Mills cereal

boxes, from now until Dec. 31. Each logo will give us one entry into a

contest where 100 schools

will win 10,000 bonus Box Tops or $1,000!

School begins on September 9th !!

Less then a month away.

Outreach has begun to collect school supplies

for the needy in our community.

Your generosity not only enables us to send the

children to school with the supplies they need

but also to remind them that they are not


All donations can be left by the Blessed Mother

statue in the church or brought to either the

Page 9


I/we would like to register as members of St. Joseph Parish.

NAME (s): ____________________________________________

ADDRESS:__________________________________ _________

PHONE: _______ - _____________ unlisted? (Yes) (No)

I/we would like become members of the parish. ( ) Yes

I/we would like to receive contribution envelopes. ( ) Yes ( )No

We make our donations each Sunday ( ) Weekly

We make our donations once a Month ( ) Monthly

( ) I would like to become an usher

( ) I would like to become a lector.

( ) I would like to become an altar server.

( ) I would like to become a Eucharistic Minister.

( ) I would like to become a choir member

( ) I would like to become a Catechist

( ) I would like to help maintain the parish plantings

( ) I would like to offer my following talents to the parish

(Please return to the Church Office or place in Collection Basket)


I/we wish to pledge (or increase our pledge to)

___ $5,000 ___ $4,000 ___ $3,000 ___ $2,000 ___ $1,000

to St. Joseph’s Parish Restoration Campaign.

I/we would like to make payments

___Annually ___Semi-Annually ___Quarterly ___ Monthly

spreading the payments over

___One year ___ Two years ___ Three years ___ Four years

NAME (s): ________________________________________



PHONE: ______ - _________


(Please return this form in the collection basket or

to the Church Office)


Please include the following in the bulletin sick list:


Name of person who is ill:

_____________________________ ____________________

Person making this request: Relationship to ill person

Your Phone #: _____________________

(Please place in collection basket or return to Church Office)

We’re Looking For…

BOX TOPS from cereals for Educational purposes are always

welcomed. Please drop them in the collection.

DEPOSIT BOTTLES AND CANS—Please place them in the

baskets that are located on the school side of the Church on

weekends or behind the rectory during the week.

CELL PHONES—Please bring your no longer used or needed

cell phones and deposit them at the Scrip table in the Church


Travel Soccer:

Gene ?467-0541

Intramural Soccer:

Beth ?737-6299


Karen ?588-8636

Chairman: Henry


Gene ?588-1879

Girls Basketball:

Christine ?737-3142

Boys Basketball:

Frank ?585-6921

Melchiona ?676-6347

Sport for all Seasons



Cub Scout Pack 272

Boy Scout Troop 272

St. Joseph’s Cub Scout Pack 272 and Boy Scout Troop 272

have fun, exciting, educational, character building programs

for boys, age 7 through 17 (first grade and up).

For more information or to enroll your child,

contact Dr. Louis Scotti at 656-8428

or e-mail

Even Used Inkjet Cartridges,

Have Their Uses

We have found a way to help St Joseph and keep those

complicated pieces of plastic, metal and printed circuit

boards out of the land fill. Drop them off (in a plastic

baggie) when you come to mass. We will send them to a

company who reuses them and gives the parish a bounty for

each. One note, to clear confusion, if it is larger than a fist,

it is not an inkjet cartridge!!!

Page 10